Putting yourself in your client’s shoes doesn’t just make you a better therapist or coach.

But it can also gclients-shoesive you greater insight into what your ideal clients want and need,what will make them buy your services and remain loyal.

But you need to know who your ideal client is before understanding their issues and believe me it isn’t just anyone that needs your techniques. In-fact the ironic thing is, the far more narrow and specific you get (niche), the better chance you have of getting lots of the right clients.

Why do you chose one coach or healer over another?

From my own personal experience as a client I know why I clearly choose one healer, therapist or coach over an other do you?.

And what reasons made me go back or not go back.

I know why I would invest a certain amount of money on one type of modality and on that therapist than an other. It often comes down to priorities and resonance. The solution that you are offering and how closely you match that.

I have spent tens of thousands on my health and holistic education so after 28 years of using complementary healthcare my main buying decisions are usually built on the results I am more likely to get. Having lived with very rare and serious health complications I choose to invest my money on highly experienced and competent therapists in the industry who have dealt with clients like myself, because that is what suits my needs and what my past experiences have taught me.

Most consumers are similar, most people are looking for a solution to  a problem but they want evidence in your marketing that says you will match up to their expectations, claims or desires.

So in an industry that it is saturated, clients are looking for evidence why they should go to you rather than someone else especially when consumers are sick and tired of psychological manipulation in marketing, unrealistic promises and claims from mass media, they are looking for authenticity, a real human person behind the marketing that they can make a connection with.

I have personally have had some horrendous experiences with different therapists and healers.  I have lost count of the amount of clients who have told me they felt totally bullied, manipulated or even conned by a healer, therapist or spiritual teacher. We assume  in this industry that all holistic experiences are positive but just like mainstream medicine and other types of businesses out there clients have both positive and negative experiences, some even dangerous.

I had one particular experience where a well reputed holistic practitioner told me to put an aloe vera product in my eye, now he assured me he had researched my eye condition thoroughly checked with medical research and it was all safe and well stupidly, very stupidly I put this in my eye. I know, why on earth would I put something in my eye,  well I was desperate in my late twenties I was given the shocking news that I may lose my eye, I had a mysterious hole in the back of my eye and I suffered extreme low eye pressure and badly wanted a solution. I trusted his expertise but this  practitioner didn’t really listen to me, well he presumed I had got my diagnose wrong, he  assumed I meant high eye pressure so what he was actually treating me for was the exact opposite. Very fortunately for me I had an appointment with a top specialist just a day or two after I started this treatment, for him to notice my eye pressure had dropped even more seriously, alarming me it could have moved out  of the eyeball.

Now this therapist didn’t listen, made presumptions and took a huge gamble with my health, this happened to me many times, therapists making assumptions, not listening to the client and not putting them self in their clients shoes. I had one reiki master actually not so long ago say in front of many contractors I did work for,  comment that if I actually got some healing myself I would be able to do … Now I had just spent a few thousands pounds on private testing and holistic treatments what he didn’t know was at the time as I was being tested for a severe form of cancer. And I am someone who had spent most of my income on weekly healing’s or therapies just so I could work part time. Now this person hadn’t been in the healing industry very long so I understood that this person was coming from a lack of awareness and lack of experience but that sort of assumptions could cost him dearly in his business.

So I can’t stress highly enough, how much clients want that sense of connection and trust. Even taking something like the reiki principles and apply that to your business ethos will remind you to come from a place of service, we are meeting our clients needs not our ego’s needs.

Now if you still don’t know who your ideal client is I will give you a huge hint  it is usually those people who have worn similar shoes, that are in similar situations, life challenges where you have found yourself or are still in. If you need some help why not Book a Session
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