STOP Relying On Social Media Giants To Grow Your Holistic Or Spiritual Business. And learn how to start finding alternative and more soul-aligned ways to market your spiritual biz.Why we should all become less dependent on Social Media Corporations that are trying to manipulate, control and program their users. Why no business should ever rely on one form of marketing and what to do instead.

STOP Relying On Social Media Platform Facebook For All Of Your Marketing

One of the things I have said for years, since social media platforms became the No 1 thing to market your business. Was never to rely on one form of advertising and marketing for your business and do not put all your eggs into Facebook or any other social media platform. We have to stop relying on social media giants to grow her business when they have so much power and control.

A healthy sustainable knows how important it is to have a number of different types of advertising and marketing strategies going into their business. Not just using different social media platforms to market their business. They will also have a healthy and clear customer pathway that has clear touch points that helps convert your audience into leads, then into customers or clients.

We just need to see the amount of businesses who had their social media pages shut down in the blink of an eye. How many of us have had huge bans and censorship issues. Been told our content was going to be served to a lower audience. That is why I use all different ways to reach my ideal audience and soul clients. And why as a spiritual entrepreneur or holistic entrepreneur you should…

STOP Relying On Social Media That Censors And Controls

We all have to stop relying and giving over our power to social media giants that censor and control important information, freedom of speech. As a soul-aligned business owner truth and transparency is vital in your business. It is important to reach and connect with the audience you are truly here to serve.

We just need to see how many holistic, spiritual and even medical professionals have been censored, shut down and banned on social media. How many businesses have lost access to tens of thousands of followers over night that many have took a lot of time, money some a decade to build up to be gone over night.

START Looking At Different Ways To Reach Your Ideal Audience

It is time to start look at alternative ways to market your spiritual business and holistic business.

It is time to support and move your audience’s towards more alternative social media platforms that are not bought and paid for. Seek other marketing outlets and marketing platforms that promote and support humanity instead of fuelling and funding those with pushing the world globalisation agenda.

You maybe surprised how many businesses actually manage to stop relying on social media giants to grow their business. By just getting creative and smart in their marketing and advertising tactics.

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6 Alternate Ways To Market Your Spiritual Business

So you can stop relying on social media bullies to grow your holistic business or spiritual business.

Build Connections – More Conscious Networking

Invest in making heart-felt connections with other people, other types of businesses and organisations . If you approach it from a what can I do to support or help this person, business or organisation you will build genuine trust, than just approaching any connections or networking as what is in it for me.

Genuine networking is getting to know others, asking the right questions, sharing what you do without any expectation, coercion or pressure. Engage in joint business networking events, community projects, charities and support organisations you are passionate about.

If you are a local based business nothing beats live networking events, meeting people face to face. So take a stall at a local fayre, gala, festival and use it to get to know other people. You are supporting the community and helping others get to know what you do and get a feel for you and your business.

Become A Guest Speaker / Guest Interviewer

Become a guest speaker for other groups, communities, businesses and invite them to be a guest speaker to your audience to. This is a great win win situation for both businesses. Host a podcast or micro-summit, look for opportunities to speak on other people’s podcast or summit.

Become A Guest Blogger

Become a guest blogger for other bloggers who have a similar audience. Or host guest bloggers on your own website or blog. This can be a great way to reach a wider audience and improve your SEO for free. Stop relying on social media posts to share your knowledge and expertise and reach a wider audience through effective evergreen blogging strategies.

Advertise On Business Directory’s

Advertise and promote your business on business directory’s, local business directories, national and international directories if appropriate. Main business directories can help attract a much wider audience and help boost your website SEO. There are many successful holistic and spiritual business’s who have successfully began to stop relying on social media to grow their business and are maximising their reach through different types of business, spiritual and holistic business directories.

That is why if you are health or wellness practitioner, healer etc you should check out the Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Email Marketing

Although you need to have connect with an audience to actually get those emails. Email marketing can be a powerful way to nurture and grow your business. It is one of my main business’s strategies especially as I LOVE to share lots of advice and tips with my audience. With the right lead magnets and email automation software you can immediately start collecting potential leads every time someone comes across your website or business. I get leads daily through my websites through good organic search engine optimisation.

Alternative Social Media Platforms

There are so many alternative platforms to choose from that we can help support and grow. That we can stop relying on social media platforms that don’t have our interests at heart. Even though some of the alternative platforms don’t have as big a reach as the bigger social media corporations.

The more we actively support these alternative platforms and encourage our audience over to these media platforms we help create social media change.

We help guide others away from the brainwashing, conditioning and programming. And help grow our businesses in a more soul-aligned small length ethical way. While actually supporting the owners of alternative social media platforms who often take a huge financial risk, and a lot of personal time and energy to create these platforms.

Also consider using social media platforms that are being under optimised by your niche, I use Pinterest to get more traffic than Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

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