What is a Spiritual Entrepreneur? What makes a Spiritual Entrepreneur different from any other type of Entrepreneur? 8 Signs Your Probably A Spiritual Entrepreneur.

So What Is A Spiritual Entrepreneur?

No someone may say a Spiritual Entrepreneur is someone who runs a Spiritual Business, who sells Spiritual Products or services. Their business is based on spiritual products. But I would say a Spiritual Entrepreneur is who runs their business from totally Spiritual Principles.

According to Richard Branson “Being an entrepreneur simply means being someone who wants to make a difference to other people’s lives.”

But is that the whole story? Now although many entrepreneurs want to make a difference the reality is most entrepreneurs today are motivated by profit first and foremost. They are focused on how much money they can actually make. Than actually how much of a difference they can make on humanity,

One of the reasons we have so many companies that don’t care how they treat their employees, or how many toxins they have in their products. Or how high their carbon footprint is.

A Spiritual Entrepreneur Is Soul-Led

A Spiritual Entrepreneur whose business is motivated by their heart, the soul, and spirit. A business that is based on strong ethics and values. Who is dedicated to being of service usually sharing the gifts or products they are best suited and best qualified to share.

“Life-fulfilling work is never about the money — when you feel true passion for something, you instinctively find ways to nurture it.” – Eileen Fisher

8 Signs You Are A Spiritual Entrepreneur

You Put People Before Profit: Now even though it is important for a Spiritual Entrepreneur to make a profit, the Spiritual Entrepreneur’s focus is people before profit.

Your Spiritual Business Was Inspired By Personal Challenges, Tragedy, Or Transformation: Your business path was born from a personal challenge, tragedy, or transformation. A way to help, support, motivate, inspire or empower others.

8 Signs Your A Spiritual Entrepreneur. What is a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

A Spiritual Business Is Born From A Strong Inner Calling: you know without a doubt this is what you are supposed to be doing right here and now. You may just know this is part of your life and soul purpose or a vital part of your journey. Many times that calling came after some personal challenge see above.

The Products Or Services You Sell Support Or Empower Humanity: Your products or services are all about helping, support and or empowering humanity without harming anything or anyone.

Your Zone Of Genius: Your business is perfectly aligned with your Zone Of Genius, you are giving and receiving in relation to the divine laws of the universe. In perfect alignment with your Souls’ Gifts.

You Seek Spiritual Or Inner Guidance For Most Of The Business Decisions You Make: You make most daily and important business decisions through intuitive and spiritual guidance.

High Ethics, Values, and Authenticity Are A Vital Part Of Your Business: You understand and value the importance of transparency with your audience.

You Know That You Are Not Here To Serve Everyone: You are mature enough spiritually to recognise you have a specific ideal client or soul client to serve and that there are other clients or consumers you are not here to serve. For example, you are honest about what your products are ideal for and who they are not.

I am honored to have met hundreds of Spiritual Entrepreneurs not just in my own work but through my own healing journey. And every single one of them is unique with their own unique, soul gifts and soul purpose. A true Spiritual Entrepreneur is not in competition with anyone else because they are so aligned with what they are here to do there is no room for competition or comparisonitis.

As Marie Forleo states “The world needs that special gift that only YOU have.”

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