Why sharing your spiritual brand’s top core values and ethics is such an important part of branding and marketing. Why aligned core values between you and your soul clients can be a huge game changer when it comes to client attraction and conversion.

Learn one of the most powerfully effective ways for you to identify your and your spiritual brand’s strongest values that are soul aligned with your client’s needs and desires.

What is Your Spiritual Brand?

Your Spiritual Business Brand is your business identity, it is the qualities and traits that separate you from other similar spiritual businesses. The key qualities that make your spiritual business unique from the other healers, coaches, therapists spiritual teachers trained in similar modalities, therapies, or spiritual teachings to you.

If you are a spiritual solopreneur your business brand should align with your business’s main core values and often your personal core values. Beliefs and principles that are important to you and how you conduct your business or professional practice.

But brand values also represent important principles related to the type of products and services you are offering, especially those important to your ideal audience. They can include principles and core values that you have taken on from certain training, teachings, and experience, and from certain levels of awareness to ensure safe, effective, and empowering practice. They can be related to the products you use, your customer service, the important things that will reduce clients’ and customers’ fears and doubts.

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Why Brand Core Values Matter In Business

Your business values matter a lot more than you may consciously realise. Because at the other end of any purchase is a consumer who wants to buy the right product or service for them, a product or service they feel they can trust. And the reality is that trust is built on emotion.

For most clients and customers buying from a spiritual business, it is all about alignment, especially in a business where the individual is part of the product or service.

Your brand’s ethics and values are a fundamental part of that alignment. This is why it is so important as a spiritual entrepreneur that you know yourself, you know your audience and the most important core values of your offerings.

Why Different Businesses Can Have Different Top Values

The Importance of Sharing Your Spiritual Brand's Core Values
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Even though you may have very strong personal core values, you may have more than one business or two different sides of your business that in many ways need different top core values.

For example in my Accredited Therapist Training in the Stress Coach Training side of my business, two of my brand’s key core values I teach my students are doing no harm first and safe and effective practice. It is vital in this form of mental health training that all students are knowledgeable and trained in-depth enough to make sure they practice in a safe therapeutic way.

In my Spiritual Marketing Club, one of my biggest key core values is spiritual integrity and authenticity, leading by example. Especially as I am working with spiritual entrepreneurs whose core values are about living their life and building their businesses in a more spiritual way.

When running any business it is important to know what is important to your ideal audience. The more you understand your ideal’s needs and desires the easier it is to make that deeper connection and help them see why your products or service can help solve their problem in a way that feels aligned with their values.

When running a spiritual business, your own spiritual brand’s core values must be aligned with your soul clients. That is why the more you know yourself, your business’s purpose, and your soul clients things get so much easier.

Common Holistic and Spiritual Brand Core Values

  • Do No Harm First
  • Safe And Effective Practice
  • All Therapists are Fully Qualified
  • All Healers are Fully Insured
  • All Products Suitable For Vegans
  • All Products Are Properly Tested
  • Organically Sourced
  • Honesty And Transparency
  • Money Back Guarantees
  • Invest In Continued Personal Development
  • Invest In Regular Supervisory Support
  • Sustainability

How To Identify Your Spiritual Business Brand’s Top Key Values

One of the simple and easy ways to help identify your brand’s top key value is to identify your brand’s most dominant archetypes. Brand archetypes are an easy way to get clearer about your business’s strongest core values important to your ideal audience. Be able to identify the most dominant core values that are important to your soul clients.

In many ways, your main business archetype is your business’s persona which in many ways represents certain common key traits of your business’s unique energetic blueprint.

Many orphan brands’ top core value is inclusiveness and equality, the caregiver brands’ top value is around safety, whilst the alchemist brand also known as the magician brand’s main value is usually around creating change for the better. The hero brand’s top core value is courage, while the Queen Brand or Leader Brand is about

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Eileen Burns is a highly experienced soul purpose mentor, healer, and spiritual business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. She loves helping spiritual entrepreneurs create and grow a truly soul-aligned spiritual business. For more information how to Work with Eileen on a more personal basis CLICK HERE