What Is Your Top Spiritual Brand Values? Why identifying your brands soul values and core values are so powerful and so important to your soul clients if you are a spiritual business.

What is A Business’s Brand Values?

A Business Brand Values is the core beliefs and ethics you and your business is built on that you promise to your audience. The moral compass and foundations of your business.

My Top Business Brand Values

Even though I have a few different areas to my business my main brand values are around integrity, compassion and generosity.

In my Stress Coach Training business safety and effectiveness has been extremely important especially due to many of the horrendous challenges I faced in my own healing journey. As a Caregiver Brand, I never wanted to be one of those therapists or healers so I spent the last 30 years highly investing in as much as I could in extensive and deep training as I could. With a variety of different master healers, therapists and spiritual teachers from around the world.

My compassion and generosity comes from having very strong dominant Caregiver Brand Traits, as a natural nurturer. Identifying my most dominant Brand Traits and Values helped me make huge shifts in my business and marketing. It doesn’t matter if you are an Alchemist Brand, Spiritual Leader Brand or a Spiritual Explorer Brand your ideal audience and soul audience want someone with values that are integral to them.

Why A Spiritual Business Needs To Be Crystal Clear In Its’ Core Values

Running a business is never easy, it comes with all sorts of challenges. Running a spiritual business comes with a whole new level of challenges especially around integrity.

That is why being authentic and clear about your business’s core values should be of vital importance.

Through the years I have witnessed so many holistic and spiritual business lose their reputation and customer trust overnight by compromising on core values that were fundamental to their audience, work or industry.

For example if your are nutritionist who talks a lot about the importance of clean eating, your audience expects you and your business products to be 100% aligned with clean eating. If you start selling products that contradict this message, you are going completely against what appeared to be your brand values.

How to Identify Your Business Spiritual Brand Values For Your Spiritual Business
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Spiritual Brand Values Must Be Based On Truth

You cannot base a spiritual brand value on something that is not an integral part of your business. If your main message in your business is about how the mind can fully heal the body, your idea audience are going to expect you to be living and breathing that message.

If not your audience are going to feel that misalignment, be the first to notice if you compromise that message when it doesn’t suit you.

For example, I found it mind blowing over the last few years for so many supposed health, wellbeing and top master healers who had made so much money on building brands, selling books and programs said to potentially heal the mind and body of all ill’s.

Then suddenly do a complete u-turn in their brands ethics by actually promoting an unproperly tested medical procedure containing all sorts of manmade toxins that turned out for people I know, clients of clients to cause very serious, some life threatening and horrendous side effects.

For me this demonstrated how misaligned they truly were to their products and supposed brand values or brand ethics.

It left me very sad, disappointed and disillusioned in the actual backbone of the holistic and spiritual industry. And made me question the integrity of so many holistic businesses and spiritual businesses who had spent decades promoting in many ways something they never truly believed in.

That is why your spiritual brand values have to be built on truth, no what you want your audience to believe your business is built on.

What Is Your Most Important Spiritual Brand Values?

A business most important Spiritual Brand Values are the core spiritual beliefs that you naturally live by and that your business or spiritual business is built on. They are innate spiritual values that are a big part of they way you life your life and do business.

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Identifying Your Top Spiritual Brand Values

The more you know yourself the easier it is to identify your personal core values which are going to be an integral aspect of your business’s brand values.

Identifying your business why, the main motivation behind your business can also help you identify some of your main brand values, especially those you know you will never compromise on.

Also it is extremely important to know your ideal clients and customers core values, especially your soul clients core values, they should match up. As your personal and Spiritual Brand Values are going to be one of your brands biggest game changer when it comes to soul client alignment.

Archetypal Brand Personality Tests can help, but many are not aligned, accurate or relevant enough to the holistic and spiritual industry. That is why I created my own

Spiritual Brand Values Testing for the Spiritual Marketing Club through my Spiritual Brand Quiz below.

Top Tips To Identify Your Spiritual Brand Values

1. Take the Spiritual Brand Quiz

2. Identify Your Top 2 Brand Archetypes And Main Archetypal Traits

3. Write down the Core Values that are most important to you and your business, journal on your why.

4. Journal about the Core Values that you are NEVER going to compromise on. Those that are going to build trust and confidence with your soul clients.

5. Create a Mission Statement around your Business Brand Values aligned with your ideal clients.

6. Share Your Brand Values In our Marketing Message.

Brand Personality Quiz For Healers
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