Alchemist Branding and Marketing For Your Spiritual Business. The power of archetypal and alchemist branding and marketing in modern-day marketing. And why Magician- Alchemist Branding can help you attract soul clients more easily if you have strong alchemist traits, especially if you are a coach, healer, or therapist.

The Alchemist or Magician archetype goes by many names in some teachings and work. But for this article, especially around marketing concepts, we will be viewing the magician archetype, mostly as the alchemist, wizard, and in some ways shaman.

Understanding Your Main Archetype

Every single one of us is a unique mixture of different archetypal and personality traits. And no matter what type of personality, psychometric or archetypal test you take, one label or categorisation on many levels does not define us. But when we can recognise and understand our strongest innate tendencies or traits, especially those since childhood. It can help us understand both our biggest strengths and biggest challenges.

Every individual shows up in life with a mixture of personality, archetypal traits, gifts, and your own life story. These combined elements make you unique. You have your own unique life experiences, your beliefs, your unique gifts, unique levels of skills, training, and expertise. And all of these play a part on how we show up in the world.

Awaken Your Magician Archetype

Carl Jung Main Archetypes

Carl Jung in many ways introduced us to the concept of archetypes that are seen today. His first 4 main archetypes the Self, the Persona, the Shadow, and the Anima/Animus. Jung defined these further into twelve primary types, three sets of four, namely Ego, Soul, and Self.

He viewed archetypes as the person’s psyche; the collective unconscious, the consciousness, and personal unconscious. In many ways, his view of the psyche was very different from how we perceive it today. He believed that the psyche referred to the whole personality of the individual. And that these 3 elements constantly interchanged.

Archetypal Branding And Marketing

Archetype branding and marketing alongside spiritual marketing is a powerful way to market the energy, persona of a business and if you are a service provider the person behind the service. If you are a healer, coach, therapist, or spiritual teacher who is struggling to stand out, struggling to attract your soul clients. Archetypal branding and marketing when done effectively can really help you make that connection.

As humans, most of our beliefs and behaviour are very much unconscious. Effective archetypal branding helps you reach the psyche of your ideal audience, especially your soul tribe. Those ideal clients and soul clients who desire and or need what you can provide.

The main difference between archetypal testing and most other types of personality-psychometric testing is archetypes are very strong elements of the collective unconscious. We can all relate to or recognise strong archetypal traits, for example, the hero, the joker or fool, the mother figure (sometimes also viewed as aka the nurturer, caregiver.)

Even if the spiritual work you do is around loosening our attachment to our identity. Archetypal marketing and branding can still be effective at reaching out to your audience because of our links to the collective unconscious. Even spiritual teachers who are masters of detachment are recognised archetypes of the collective. Many of you who are healers, spiritual teachers, and transformational coaches reading this will have strong alchemist traits, that is why alchemist branding is so common in the spiritual and coaching industry.

12 Main Archetypes

Carl Jung’s 12 Main Archetypes are the Creator, Caregiver ( nurturer), Explorer, Heron, Innocent, Jester ( Trickster), Lover, Magician (Alchemist), Realist, Rebel, Ruler, Sage.

Your Main Archetype

Usually, your main archetype is that one archetype that has remained strong throughout your life. Some of your secondary archetypes may get less or more prominent at certain stages of your evolution or awakening. But most people usually have at least one very strong archetypal trait from childhood.

If you are a healer, spiritual teacher, coach it is so important to recognise, understand own and accept those aspects of your psyche. Most of us have some sort of shame, pain, or wounding in relation to our archetypal traits. Because it is very much what drives and can make us unique in our family unit.

Magician Archetype – Alchemist Archetype

The magician archetype as a strong masculine element of self-power and strength.

Throughout time, stories and myths different cultures have collectively viewed the magician type archetype as someone with “super powers”, “super natural knowledge” or even “unnatural”.

It has both negative and positive associations, it’s link with black magic, occult, miracles, transformation, hope, and dreams.

Like every archetype the magician has strong light and shadow elements

Shadow Elements Of The Alchemist – Magician

The shadow elements of the alchemist – magician can be the strong instinct for self-preservation. Which can show up in seduction by glamour, glitter, power, money or success. Or of self-sabotage, procrastination, fear of the power of your gifts.

The shadow traits can cause the magician to be fearful and cautious or ungrounded and reckless in both business and life. Like a fearful child they will hide in the shadows or the impatient child, can tread dangerously, run before they can walk.

In business, this may show up in situations where they will do anything to avoid the day to day elements of running a business. Or hide their head in the sand. Or too easily hypnotised by the power of their skills or training but never truly mastering their trade. Think of the sorcerer’s apprentice who just wants to perform magic without mastering the sacredness and wisdom of their trade. Some magicians are like impatient children, so in awe of the possibility of magic, they are blind to the dangers.

But the alchemist – magician archetype in its purest light, has the most tremendous capacity for bringing light, transformation, and childlike wonder into the most painful and darkest of places. Especially when they can truly cultivate more self-awareness, discipline, and transcend the different rites of passage, that help them truly master their gifts. That is why magician alchemist branding and marketing can be extremely effective and emotionally engaging with your ideal clients and soul clients. That is alchemist branding and marketing helps you stand out from the crowd.

Awaken Your Magician Archetype

Modern Day Magician- Alchemist Archetype Personalities

 Colette Baron Reid, Gandalf The Grey, Merlin,

Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney

Modern Day Magician – Alchemist Archetype Brands

Smirnoff, Linx, Mindvalley, Tesla

Modern Day Roles Of The Alchemist – Magician Archetype

Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Homeopath, Pharmacist, Scientist, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Art Therapist, Creative Therapist, Music Therapist, Shaman, Healer, Mystic, Psychic, Medium, Channeler

Main Goal & Core Desire Magician Archetype:

The Magician Archetype’s main goal is usually related to help with transformation, help make dreams come true.

At your core you have a much stronger connection to the universe than other archetypes. And strong desire to understand the main law and principles of the universe.

Often a strong attraction to success, shiny objects, wealth, power.

Magician Archetype Main Talents:

Is about finding win-win solutions for the whole, yourself and others

Turning something mediocre into something wonderful – lead into gold.

Helping others see the magic in life ( think Walt Disney)

Helping others believe in miracles ( think Mindvalley)

Working With Magician Alchemist Branding

Interestingly in my work helping spiritual businesses with their marketing and business I mostly attract alchemists. Healers and creatives with strong alchemist archetypes, every single one of them uniquely different and with powerful gifts to share. All able to create a very unique yet powerful alchemist brand through the use of colour, imagery, and words. Alchemist branding is all about magic, dreams, and transformation, in many ways it can be an easier brand to pull off in a powerful way. Especially today when we have so much access to mystical, magical even fairytale imagery and video backgrounds.

As someone who’s main archetype is the Caregiver Nurturer with strong Creator and Alchemist traits. I just love helping the magician archetype with their marketing it is so much fun. Especially for those lightworkers who are so ready to crack open, ready to own their most beautiful and powerful magical gifts.

Each archetype has it’s own wonderful soul essence, it’s own unique gift for the world. Every individual every magician is also very unique, on so many levels, even when they can’t see it I can. I meet so many healers, teachers, creatives, psychics, mediums, intuitives all very uniquely different.

That is why I LOVE helping spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers, or creators with their branding and marketing. And I do that through not just business marketing and coaching but my unique gifts as a healer, creator, and alchemist.

if you are an Alchemist who is ready to up-level your branding check out my in depth course Archetypal Branding Course

Awaken Your Magician Archetype

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