The Power Of Brand Archetypes If You’re A Healer Or Coach

Why Brand Archetypes can help you stand out in your marketing. Why using archetypal marketing is a powerful way to attract and connect with your ideal audience on a deeper level. Especially if you are the business, your gifts and skills are the service.

So What Is An Archetype?

An archetype is basically viewed as a universally recognised character or situation, usually evolved from stories, myths, religions, dreams or art. Something symbolic that actually surpasses time, history, culture, age, and gender. Think of the mother, father, hero, the alchemist or magician, the sage…

Carl Jung is widely known for introducing us to archetypes through Jungian psychology. He viewed archetypes as highly developed elements of the collective unconscious and conscious. But if we look back, archetypes stem back as far as Plato.

Since then the main archetypes have expanded and tend to be mostly categorised into 12 Main Archetypes; the caregiver, creator, explorer, hero, innocent, jester, lover, magician, orphan, rebel, ruler, sage.

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So what is a Brand Archetype?

Brand Archetypes - How to use archetypal branding and marketing in your healing or coaching business

A Brand Archetype is basically using archetypes to put human personality, conscious or unconsciousness into your marketing. If you are a healer or coach who wants to stand out more authentically. Archetypal branding is probably the most effective way to achieve this.

Most marketing we see at the cinema or on T.V. uses archetypal marketing. Archetypal marketing helps build client connection and trust. Clever archetypal branding and marketing will help trigger conscious and unconscious emotions and desires. That is how many big brands motivate people to buy certain products or services from them. For a spiritual business, it can help express not just the solutions your offering, but help express your business’s values and ethics.

Brand Personality Using Brand Archetypes

A brand personality can help healers, spiritual teachers and coaches reach their ideal clients and soul clients more effectively. Especially if you are using an authentic archetypal strategy that represents your business offerings and you. The brand archetype helps to make your online business and marketing more personable. When you choose the right archetypal marketing blend you can connect with your soul tribe on a much deeper level. more quickly.

The reality is with so many people trying to create careers in the well-being and spiritual community. And in some ways, more people trying to sell more products and services than people are buying. You need to find ways to shine out amidst the noise of social media. In many ways, you have to be able to capture someone’s attention, make a great impression right away. So Spiritual and Archetypal Marketing is one of the most effective and authentic ways holistic and spiritual businesses can do this. A way to attract more of your ideal audience while reducing marketing costs.

Common Brand Archetypes

Common brand archetypes in the spiritual and holistic industry often include the alchemist also known as magician or wizard, the sage, the nurturer or caregiver, the artist or creator, the innocent…

I LOVE helping healers and coaches create their own unique archetypal brand. A brand that represents them and their unique business offerings. Because proper archetypal work helps a person unveil their greatest gifts and strengths. Often your most magical gifts are those you are hiding, not owning or are afraid of. And that is why I have included my Identify Your Souls Gifts and Your Main Power Archetype Session in my Soul Purpose To Soul Client Magnet Program. The Identify Your Soul’s Gifts Course; guided meditation and workbook helps you identify your unique gifts, that are part of your life purpose.

Something really magical happens when you help a lightworker really see and own their superpowers. Too many healers, coaches I see are too busy focusing on other people’s gifts and strengths they are failing to see their own. This can lead to all sorts of sabotaging behaviours in your business, especially offerings that are not your biggest strength. Believe me, when you start to really see your own greatest strengths things can get so much easier in your business.

The Alchemist Brand [Magician]

You know most of the clients that I work with are alchemists. The alchemist or magician is the type of healer, coach or mentor that helps people transform or transgress their perceived limits. If you are an alchemist your marketing can be so enchanting, magical and engaging.

Typical alchemists I work with are the psychics, psychic art, mediums, hypnotherapists, transformational coaches, spiritual teachers.

The Creator Brand

The creator artist brand is the type of healer that uses creativity or creative expression through art, music, writing, innovation to supporting heal or empowerment.

Typical creators in the coaching and healing industry are the art therapist, creative therapist or coach, music therapist, play therapist, psychic art.

The Sage Brand

Another healer archetype is the Sage, the truth seeker or often known as the wise one. The sage archetype is often either enlightened or awakened or dedicated their life seeking universal wisdom think Eckart Tolle, Thich Nhaht, Hanh, Dalai Lama. They are often the true masters, teachers those who have dedicated their lives in contemplation, meditation or learning.

The Sages are the spiritual teachers, meditation teachers, the spiritual writers, spiritual authors who help us see the truth. Who help expand our consciousness.

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The Nurturer/ Caregiver Brand

My main archetype is the nurturer also known as the caregiver. This archetype is very heart-driven, motivated by service the mother type figure, supporter, helper, healer.

Interestingly most of the work I attracted for years through referrals was teaching holistic wellbeing and stress management to the charity, health, and education sector. My greatest skill in this field was empowering and supporting people of all ages especially the more vulnerable. I worked with children and teenagers in various capacities. I supported and taught self-care and empowerment skills to the ill, disabled, carers. A combination of the nurturer and my own experiences living with chronic and serious health challenges from a young age.

Why I Love Working With Brand Archetypes

Over the years my work changed as the trainer, coach, and supporter to other healers, and coaches. This work has helped me use and develop my other strong archetype traits which include the creator and alchemist. That is why this side of my business is aimed at supporting healers, the wounded healers in a creative and spiritual way.

I LOVE helping dedicated healers like you start to see and own your magic. I love to make marketing in your business more fun, more engaging, more YOU.

If you want to learn how to create your own powerful brand using Archetypal Branding checking out my program Archetypal Branding For Coaches, Healers, Creatives

If you would love one to one help on how to create a powerful Spiritual Archetypal Brand and Marketing Campaign BOOK a Free Discovery Session to explore more

Archetypes Course For Therapists, Healers

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