Each and every holistic therapist is unique, with their own unique gifts and skills, and expertise. But so many therapists and coaches sabotage their business, by focusing on other therapists’ business or therapists’ gifts.

Why Every Holistic Therapist Is Unique

Every single coach or holistic therapist is simply different, yes some may be more qualified, even more experienced than you but the reality is you are totally unique, there is no one like you.

You have your own unique life experiences, unique traits, and unique gifts.

So many therapists and coaches struggle to get clients because they are focusing on all the wrong things. They are focusing on what appears to be competition rather than just being the best therapist they can be. By recognising every holistic therapist is unique with their own passions and purpose.

Why Many Holistic Therapists Struggle In Business

So many alternative therapists and holistic therapists are struggling in their holistic business because they

Why Every Holistic Therapist Is Unique And Has Different Skills Gifts And Expertise

Your Unique  Selling Points As A Holistic Therapist

Every single coach, holistic therapist, and healer I have ever met ( and believe me I know a lot) has different qualities, that suit different types of clients. Every one of them has different life experiences, skills, and different degrees of dedication. And no matter what you think, you are not in competition with others. You are just different, you have your own unique purpose. Some are helping people at the start of their journey, some in the middle, and some at the end.

I regularly contracted holistic therapists and trainers out to different sectors for ten years, I always tried to choose the most suited therapist for each job. Some were great at networking and events, some were better teachers, some were better suited working with young adults or vulnerable sectors…all had a unique purpose with all different right clients.

But some were trying to be something they were not because they believed they weren’t enough. Or believed someone else was getting more than them. I met a few who lied to get specific work and contracts. But in the process ended up being found out, seriously risking sabotaging their reputation.

Not Being Visible and Authentic Enough 

So many businesses fail due to a lack of visibility. You have to reach out and be seen by your potential clients, they won’t come knocking on your door and a few sales posts on a business page with a few hundred viewers on Facebook aren’t going to do it. If you aren’t willing to invest in someone else to do the business or marketing you have to learn how to do it.

You are a business, every business has to invest in its visibility, their marketing, the biggest companies like Microsoft and Apple have to invest in marketing, and so do you.

And you have to market authentically as yourself, you are the product or service, and if your marketing doesn’t reflect you, you are going to attract the wrong clients.

Lack or Fear

If you are coming from a fear of not being enough, not having enough you are coming from a place of lack, rather than abundance and gratitude.

Now when anyone is constantly in a place of fear, lack or uncertainty they can more easily fall into states of insecurity and can begin to compare themselves to others in their fields. Instead of focusing on your own greatest selling points.

And if you are simply focusing on the money, you are not focusing on being of service, your motives are not naturally aligned to your higher purpose or the right here, right now.

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Understanding The Basic Principles Of Business

How To Build A Holistic Business Out Of Your Strengths

Now in business, you have to know how to make a profit out of a great product or service. If you fail to recognise your biggest business asset you may struggle to get off the ground.

When you know yourself well enough, you know your strengths and weaknesses, and can focus on your strengths. It is far easier to build a successful business around your strengths.

Products And Services Accessibility

Your products and services must be easily accessible to your clients, if for example many of your clients had serious back injuries there would be no point having a clinic that was a few floors up with no lift. If you want to sell holistic products to a local national or international audience you would need to know if you could ship those products out easily. If you want to provide online training for all different disabilities, you would need the right platforms and software for student accessibility.

How To Make A Profit As A Holistic Therapist

You have to know specifically what you will need to charge and make sure it aligns with what your clients will pay if not, you have a serious financial problem.

Now if you run a spa or clinic in an expensive part of the city your charges would acceptably be higher to cover higher rents, rates, electricity, and staff… than if you are running a service from home.

Pricing has to reflect the perceived value and worth and of the products and services, what clients are willing to pay. Now just because someone charges more than you, doesn’t mean they automatically earn more than you. Some types of businesses have far more expensive outgoings than others.

I was a Stress Management Consultant/Trainer for a number of years now on more than one occasion I would get a new holistic therapist or healer who was contracted by the same organisation ask me what I charged. Assuming they should be getting the same rate as what I was charging as a trainer.

Now my business costings to provide those training sessions were often at least ten times more than these therapists’ costings. Due to additional extras that were provided, as well as high professional, CPD, and insurance costs.

I would be going in as a trainer with 20 years of experience, tens of thousands of pounds, and hours’ worth of training under my belt. While some of these healers or therapists had just a few weekends or weeks’ worths of training under their belt worth only a few hundred pounds worth of investment.

One healer actually said to me were all love and light so we all should be getting the same pay. Now the ironic thing is they were actually going to profit from that particular job far more than me as they had very little outlays.

Every Holistic Business Is Unique

It is important to understand that every holistic therapist and holistic business is different. Every business is different, every ideal audience is different, and what they are willing to invest in is different.

There will always be different views around charging, pricing, and perceived value. You have to be objective and clear about what solutions you solve and exactly what you will need to and are going to charge.

You have to charge enough to make a healthy profit to make a successful business. It is okay when starting out to start more introductory offers, especially early in business to build your confidence and to encourage potential clients to try out your products and services.

Like many jobs being a great holistic therapist takes time, it takes not just the right training and right skills, but experience which takes time.

Focus on where you are, right here right now, focus on your uniqueness, and your gifts, and your business value will grow.

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