What is the key elements that make a spiritual or heart based business successful?

Heart based and spiritual businesses can be hugely rewarding in job satisfaction but not as often in financial gain.


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So much so that many heart based and spiritual businesses struggle to survive financially. Despite the fact  a spiritual business has far more energy, passion and drive. The main motivation of a spiritual business is to be of service in a very natural and authentic way. As they are doing something they love that totally resonates with their values. I know I have been lucky to have had that passion in all of my business ventures.

But if you don’t charge what you need to or don’t run actually treat your business as a business you will more likely struggle to survive. I loved being a self employed healer, therapist and coach for 16 years but I didn’t always get the balance right especially around boundaries and value in many ways it was a miracle I survived. But deep passion sustained my motivation to stick to my values despite many very large bumps along the road because of my own personal circumstances.

But when your main motivation or drive in your business is for power, status, monetary gain, respect, prestige or similar you are usually coming from a fearful egoic state  of already not having enough that causes more anxiety and stress than passion and bliss. So it is always worth checking in with your motivation or drive before making any major career or business decisions.

As I say running a heart based or spiritual business can be extremely rewarding and challenging its never about the money, but we all need to survive and we all deserve to have a live filled with abundance. So its more important than ever to get your business head on or get someone else you trust to help you make certain business decisions like help with pricing, accounting, budgeting, marketing…

But no matter what I would urge you to stop wasting time on those things that don’t make your heart sing and focus your energy on that heart based business you really wanted to do but make sure you take your business head along too.

I believe a heart based business will keep flourishing with the balance of the key elements below

Heartfelt Passion; the fire, the drive, a mission that comes deep from the heart. A sense of heartfelt motivation and energy that keeps flowing through the hardest challenges.

Your Greatest Gifts and Skills; a combination of one’s most natural and greatest resources, gifts, abilities, experience and skills put into a product or service that serves a particular need that will be valued and invested in.

A Soulful Experience; a calling that is so natural, yet so deep, in a way you most naturally share, use and pass on your wisdom, knowledge and learning.

Authenticity; being natural, transparent, authentic and unique. No room for deception, imposter syndrome or manipulation. A role where you are completely and naturally you, where you can market the naturally you.

Relationships; it is all about trust and relationships with your clients or students, the consumers, your audience, your fans, your potential customers. That niche audience that really resonate, connect and love what you do.

Connection; it grows, develops and reaches that audience through the connection, through caring, sharing. Building stronger reach and connection through different paths of networking,  local and online marketing.

Eileen offer spiritual mentoring and marketing support to help coaches, healers and therapists identify their life purpose, greatest passion or niche within your heart based business. And teaches them ways how to shine their magic to reach their ideal audience. She offers one to one online sessions and online courses. Contact Eileen for more information Email

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