What Is The Heart Of A Successful Spiritual Business? What are the most important elements that help your spiritual business grow?

The Heart A Successful Spiritual Business depends on a holistic approach, a balance of spirit,  good business, and marketing sense. Anyone who runs a heart-based or spiritual business will tell you running a more soul led business can be hugely rewarding in job satisfaction. But making a heart-led or soulful business financially viable or successful takes a lot more than passion and purpose. So much so that many heart-based and spiritual businesses struggle to survive financially.

What Makes A Succesful Spiritual Business?

The Heart Of A Successful Spiritual Business - Spiritual Marketing Club

A successful spiritual business is motivated by an equal balance of heart, soul, and earth.

The successful spiritual entrepreneur needs passion, purpose, and motivation led from integrity.

That is why spiritual entrepreneurs have far more energy, drive, and determination to move through challenges and obstacles that they need to overcome.

But equally, they are a successful spiritual business because they are guided by spirit.The main motivation of a spiritual business is to be of service in a very natural and authentic way. As they are doing something they love that totally resonates with their values. I know I have been very grateful for the passion and purpose I have had in my business ventures.

Successful Spiritual Businesses Know They Are A Business

A successful spiritual business needs to learn if you don’t charge what you need to or don’t run your business like a business you will struggle to survive never mind thrive. I have loved being a self-employed healer, therapist and coach for the last 20 years but I struggled to get the balance right. Like many healers, therapists I struggled to charge not just what I should have been charging but what I needed to charge.

I had so many serious issues around boundaries and values. In many ways, it was a miracle my business survived. But deep passion and determination sustained my ability to stick to my values and move through many very large bumps along the road. Business challenges, health challenges, and disability challenges that had a huge impact on what I could do and couldn’t do in my business.

Successful Spiritual Business Needs A Healthy Ego

In the world, as we know it knows every successful spiritual business needs a healthy balanced ego to survive financially. But when your main motivation or drive in your business is for power, status, monetary gain, respect, or prestige it will eventually lead to your own downfall. As human beings, we are being more finely tuned at recognising when someone’s motives are not pure, even in business.

Egoic issues in business come from the egoic states of not feeling you’re enough. The unhealthy ego can actually show up in two ways, the desire for control, power, or manipulation, or being the victim, martyr, even the unconscious saboteur. So it is always worth addressing any egoic wounding. And regularly checking in with your motivation or drive before making any major career or business decisions.

Successful Spiritual Business Needs To Know It’s Value

It’s important for a successful spiritual business to know its value. Every business has to know what its products and services are worth to their ideal client.  But this is where many healers tend to struggle, coaches not so much, in-fact I see polar opposites. Many coaches assume just because they are a qualified coach t they can charge premium services for almost anything. While in-contrast powerful highly evolved healers who are successful in supporting health transformation in clients with very serious, life-threatening conditions are charging bargain-basement prices.

It’s not often because they don’t have the skills or gifts but because they are seriously undercharging or not marketing their business effectively.

So its more important than ever to get your business head-on or get someone else you trust to help you identify the value of your skill-set, products, and services.  Get other help to make certain business decisions like help with pricing, marketing…

Successful Spiritual Follows The Gifts Of The Heart And Soul

The spiritual business that thrives is a business that follows the heart and soul while working on their own spiritual growth and spiritual development. So no matter what you are doing right now I would urge you to stop wasting time on those things that don’t make your heart and soul sing and focus your energy on those that do.

You are here to share your most natural powerful gifts that naturally flow.

I believe a heart-based business will keep flourishing with the balance of the key elements below

Heartfelt Passion; the fire, the drive, a mission that comes deep from the heart. A sense of heartfelt motivation and energy that keeps flowing through the hardest challenges.

Your Greatest Gifts and Skills; a combination of one’s most natural and greatest resources, soul gifts, abilities, experience, and skills put into a product or service that serves a particular need that will be valued and invested in.

A Soulful Experience; a calling that is so natural, yet so deep, in a way you most naturally share your gifts, share your wisdom and knowledge.

Authenticity; being natural, transparent, authentic, and unique. No room for deception, imposter syndrome, or manipulation. A role where you are completely and naturally you, where you can market the naturally you.

Relationships; it is all about trust and relationships with your clients or students, the consumers, your audience, your fans, your potential customers. That niche audience that really resonates, connect and love what you do.

Connection; it grows, develops, and reaches that audience through the connection, through caring, sharing. Building a stronger reach and connection through different paths of networking,  local, and online marketing.

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