5 Free Marketing Tools For Therapists, Healers, Coaches. Free Marketing Tools that will help you seriously add more than a little magic to your marketing

If you can’t afford a marketing expert and you are doing most of your marketing yourself you want to find the BEST and easiest marketing tools and resources you can get your hands on.

5 Free Marketing Tools

Here is five free marketing resources that can help you save you thousands of pounds and a lot of hours, whilst giving your marketing that professional edge.

5 Free Marketing Tools For Therapists by Spiritual Marketing Club

Canva- This fabulous free online graphic software tool helps you create all sorts of powerful eye-catching adverts, social media banners, graphics, memes around your own unique themes and brand. It is SO EASY to use and most of the tools are absolutely FREE. Remember powerful visuals are the easiest way to GRAB your viewer’s attention.

Free Slogan Maker by Shopify- I have my own title generator software programme that I bought years ago that helps gives ideas for headline-grabbing titles or slogans. But this free online tool is ideal to help give you ideas on how to  create taglines or slogans for your business, your products, or services that really sell what you do.

Hootsuite– is a great social media planning software that saves so much time, you can manage all your social media platforms from one place. I use the paid version as I have various sites and social media platforms as well as clients that I manage. But the FREE version is ideal for most coaches, healers, and therapists you can automate posts of up to 3 different social media platforms at the same time. I tend to create and schedule my posts a few days or even a few weeks ahead so when I am sleeping, eating, taking clients my posts are still getting promoted.

Mailchimp every serious marketing campaign should have the right email mailing list and marketing software, so you have the tools to capture every potential client. Mail chimp provides a way for your clients to sign up for your latest offer, latest FREEBIE or download. I recently changed to convert kit after a lot of years with MailChimp as I needed something more complex to work with a lot of my automated courses but I still miss the great newsletter templates and editing options for their sign up forms.

Wordstream- when writing quality content for your blogs and your website, keywords are the secret key for the right traffic and clients to find you. The use of popular and relevant keywords can seriously help raise your SEO and google rankings.  This FREE keyword search tool at the moment gives you 30 of 30 free keyword suggestions for your topic or industry. 10 on the first 10 then one a day.

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