10 Marketing Tools For Social Media Marketing I wouldn’t be without. We all know how many hours can be spent just doing our online marketing, especially social media. As someone who runs different online businesses and help’s other spiritual businesses. These 10 marketing tools for your online marketing are a must.

top marketing tools for social media marketing for healers coaches spiritual business owners

10 Top Marketing Tools You Will Love

Canva is a graphic design tool that most online marketers love. There are so many features on the Free Canva version that you may not need the paid version. It has a lot of different images, fonts, templates which make it super easy to use and create presentations, documents, memes, inspirational posts, website graphics, and social media graphics.

Grammarly is an online writing assistant that helps improve your writing skills; grammar, spelling, and wordiness. It is great for those of us whose grammar or spelling is not our greatest strength. The Grammarly free app that can be added to your browser means it can not only be used directly on your social media posts like Facebook and Twitter. Grammarly can also be directly used on your WordPress site posts and pages when building your website. Grammarly can highly grammar mistakes or typo’s on your PowerPoint documents.

Planoly helps you plan, manage and schedule your Instagram posts. I find it difficult to use mobile phone apps due to fine motor skill issues. This visual planning tool gives me a way to schedule and post on Instagram posts on my desktop without having to go on mobile. It has a Free and Paid Version.


Microsoft PowerPoint is an extremely versatile presentation program that I use to create educational and training presentations in my courses and marketing. Powerpoint can be used to create how-to-do videos for your marketing. Also’s Canva’s new presentation templates make it even easier and better to create beautifully branded content which if you want can be directly downloaded as videos or to PowerPoint

Screencast-o-matic is a very cheap and cheerful amazing video editor and video creator that has a long list of fabulous features and intuitive tools which include options to add subtitles, call to actions, add music and so much more. This is a great time-saving tool for any coach or healer who creates online presentations and videos.

Socialbee App is a fantastic auto-scheduler that rotates your social media posts, this can literally save your business hundreds of hours of scheduling. I have quite a few different social media pages for different accounts and this makes life so much easier. I have tried lots of different social media platforms over the years and this has to be my favourite.

Stock-Free Images are a must for those of us who are highly creative or spiritual who need powerfully emotive images that speak to our audience. Other than the fabulous and extensive images you can get through Canva’s paid packages, there is a wide range of free and subscription stock free images that you can buy a license for online. I hear a lot of business owners moan about having to spend a dollar or two on an image. Over 15 years ago I had to pay about £90 for a stock-free image license, so be grateful. But if you’re like me and tend to go a bit mad with images or don’t have half the budget try Unsplash, and Pexels. Just don’t be tempted to just use any image you find online unless you have the creator’s permission as this is usually an infringement on copyright.

Tailwind is a must if you are a blogger, Pinterest is one of the best ways to start growing organic traffic to your website. It is basically a Pinterest auto-scheduler and it’s a fab way to help your blogs to go viral.

Viral Content Buzz is a great way to get traffic to your blogs through social media promotion. This is a great way to help your blogs go viral. You get to share your blogs through paid credits or by building up credits gained through sharing others’ blogs on your social media.

New Zenler is the fabulous online platform I use to create landing pages, lead magnets, my online courses and training. The fab thing about this platform is that it is constantly being updated and improved. And the main reason that has to be in my top 10 Marketing Tools

I hope you get to try out some of these 10 marketing tools I use to market my spiritual business. I don’t just create fabulous and engaging content to help attract my ideal audience and what I call soul tribe. But I create engaging content for my clients and students. Engaging visuals are a great way to increase learning.

If you would LOVE some help in creating an effective marketing plan or help to identify your Soul Clients I have some fantastic free and paid marketing courses and programs. If you would like more 1-2-1 help. Book a Discovery Call.

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