Are Using Enough Powerful Visuals In Your Marketing?

Images are now vital in any marketing campaign, in-fact posts with visuals in your marketing are 95% more likely to be read. Images also act as a memory trigger by helping 65%  of readers remember content for up to 3 days. One of the reasons the right logo can help people to remember you and your brand.

The Power Of The Rights Visuals In Your Marketing

With so much information and noise overload, it can be difficult to stand out to potential clients, never mind get them to take that next step, to book an appointment, or even like your page.

One of the main reasons why it is so important to choose powerful visuals in your marketing campaign.

So important that you post engaging, attention-grabbing, or thought-provoking visuals that align with your audience, that get your ideal audience to actually stop, notice, and take the time to read.

Taking the time to choose the right images, graphics, and videos for your spiritual brand that can help you shine. If you add a message that resonates with your client’s core needs or desires this helps increase the chances of being remembered.

Good visual marketing increases conversion if it’s done at the right place, right time with the right message, and product. Just like the quality of your products and services, the visibility of your professional image and branding can actually sell or repel.

Your marketing must align with the psychological beliefs of your potential clients. So choose wisely the words and images in your advertising.

Visual Marketing Infographic -  Tips For Using Images In Your Marketing

Choosing High-Quality Images For Your Website, Posts

The great news today is you can get access to amazingly stunning high-quality images for free and from as little as approx £10 a month from Canva. I remember having to pay £90 for just one stock image for marketing my meditation classes over 15 years ago. Today stock images are not just much cheaper but there is a much wider choice of great stock photo images to suit every sort of business. Many images, backgrounds even video backgrounds you can get creative with, something that will help you get your message clear.

Choose Colours, Images, And Themes That Mach Your Brand

When choosing the right images for your business make sure you choose colors, images, and themes that match your brand. In many ways, your brand should tell a story. Consider the emotional impact you want to have on your audience. Choose your colours wisely; look into the psychology of colour in your marketing.

Things To Consider When Buying And Using Stock Images

Just make sure that you choose the right option when you are buying images on products, downloads, books, cd’s, clothing. Make sure you buy the right license for the images that you are using on the products you are selling. These images are strictly copyright and you can be legally fined a few thousand pounds for using an image you don’t have the right license for.

Never just use an image you find online or on social media again you can be legally fined a few thousand pounds for using an image that is copyrighted. As someone who helped build websites for therapists, friends, and family over the last 20 years. I was nearly fined 3 times  $25000 each. Because I designed websites for therapists on my own hosting space using images therapists said we’re free to use when they weren’t. I immediately stopped using my hosting space to hold other people’s websites and made sure I was shown the source or invoice of the image.

Software Tools To Help You Create Great Visuals

You can make amazing images, social media posts, graphics, and memes on the free and paid version of Canva and Visme. There is so many free video making software app’s you can get online and for your phone. I create everything on my laptop so I enjoy using video software like Lumen 5 and Clip Champ


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[Originally written and published July 2016 updated 17th June 2023]