Spiritual Business Brand; How To Stand Out From The Crowd. Learn how a strong spiritual business brand can help increase your visibility and engagement online. Start to understand why an ineffective business brand may actually be lowering your engagement and losing your potential clients and customers

The Challenges Of Standing Out In The Online World

As the online world becomes increasingly competitive and on some level over-saturated, one of the biggest complaints people have about social media right now is the overwhelming amount of adverts they have on their feeds.  No matter if we like it or not, businesses only get to use the free features on social media platforms because of someone else’s investment.  One analysis in 2017, demonstrated that it costs around £7-8 million a day to run Facebook. Online advertising and busy online feeds are unlikely to decrease.

So how do I market my spiritual business? How do I reach my ideal clients and soul clients?

Well, that is why it is more important than ever for a spiritual business to have a strong spiritual brand.

Creating a Spiritual Business Brand
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What is a Spiritual Business Brand?

A business brand is basically a clear message or promise, showing your audience what they can expect from your business. It should represent your business identity, reflecting the values of your business and the solution you solve.

In a spiritual business, your brand has to be as clear, honest and transparent as possible. That is why I LOVE teaching my clients how to apply spiritual marketing and spiritual branding strategies to their spiritual businesses. Because this can really help your business attract and nurture soul clients much faster than normal branding strategies.

An Effective Spiritual Business Brand

An effective spiritual business brand stands out from the crowd in a busy online feed. With a clear concise message, that speaks to the heart and soul of its audience.

Great spiritual brands have clear brand colours and a clear logo as well as fonts, images, and themes that represent the energy of the business and the solutions that you solve. It should attract, inspire and engage your audience.

What Are Examples Of Spiritual Brands?

Today there are many different examples of Spiritual Brands such as Unifyd, Colette Baron Reid, Gaia, Hay House…

Poor Spiritual Business Branding

An ineffective or poor spiritual business brand will seriously struggle to stand out, attract, engage and convert its ideal audience or soul clients.

A common cause of ineffective branding in spiritual entrepreneurs is choosing colours, fonts, and aesthetics you love, rather than a consistent message that is aligned with your products, services and audience.  Or choosing a branding style that represents who you would like to be, rather than who you or your business already are.  So many spiritual workers underestimate their own spiritual gifts or don’t recognise their business’s own secret sauce, they try to shine like someone else.

A good brand can seriously increase client attraction and conversion, a poor or ineffective brand can actually confuse or repel your audience.

How To Stand Out As A Spiritual Business Brand
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Top Tips For An Effective Brand To Stand Out From The Crowd

Identify your business’s dominant brand archetype and its strongest most positive archetypal traits.

Know you and your business’s “zone of genius”, your life and soul purpose.

Understand the key pain points your business solves really well.

Identify your soul clients and create a brand that focuses on them

Choose the right brand colours that match the energy of the solution you are offering. Colour psychology. plays a huge part in marketing, selling, and even resonance. This can help you choose the right colours for your spiritual brand clothing as well as the colours for your spiritual website, spiritual business cards, flyers and brochures.

Invest in a high-quality, clear and simple logo, using no more than 3 colours, (not something that depicts a story or picture)

Build your brand around a theme that represents your business’s core values

This is why I help my clients identify their top brand archetype most aligned with their spiritual business. It is why I am passionate about helping clients unlock more of their life and soul purpose.

If you would love to learn more about your spiritual business brand identity in many ways personality, take my spiritual brand archetype quiz below.

Take the Spiritual Brand Personality Quiz
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