7 Ways Your Spiritual Business Can Grow Updated August 2020, Originally Published Dec 2016.

Powerful ways your spiritual business can grow and change in a healthy and spiritual way.

In the holistic, spiritual, and self-development journey our business has to evolve as we develop and grow with more awareness, understanding, education, and even wisdom.

Challenges Of Building A Spiritual Business

Every business has it’s challenges, but a business that has been born from the desire to help or serve others has its own set of problems. Mainly because a spiritual business’s main motivation is never about money, a spiritual business is often all about heart and soul.

A big reason why so many spiritual businesses struggle with boundaries, struggle around charging, struggle with the important foundations that are vital so your spiritual business can grow.

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A Spiritual Business Can Grow With The Right Elements

Like everything in life, your spiritual business can grow and evolve if it has the right access to the right elements. If one or more key element is missing your business will struggle to survive. Like every living thing, we all need certain things to survive and thrive.

If you are a healer or coach you need the right skills, the right tools and the right support so your spiritual business can grow in a healthy way. You also need the right knowledge, and awareness when aspects of your business are challenges by outside influences or external elements.

One of the reasons that the most successful powerful healers, coaches, and spiritual constantly invest in themself and their business. They want to wake up and grow, move with the flow, move their business with the times. They also want to truly live their life’s purpose and be where they are supposed to be right now.

7 Ways Your Spiritual Business Can Grow Healthy And Spiritually - Spiritual Marketing Club

7 Ways Your Spiritual Business Can Grow In A Spiritual Way

Healthy and spiritual ways your Spiritual Business can grow 

  1. Wake Up; Don’t get stuck into one way of thinking, one modality or one way of teaching. Reiki was my first modality and although I still cherish this journey deeply, I knew it was simply the start of my journey. I was very fortunate enough to have come across many teachers who didn’t proclaim to know everything. Or believe that one modality worked for everything. The most powerful healers and teachers give the power back to the student and encourage different thoughts about what specific teachings mean. They know that most of us are only scratching the surface. You can only fully wake up when you open up and allow other insights, ideas, and wisdom to come in. So many spiritual businesses fail to grow because they can’t see out the box or are so caught up in one way of teaching. 30 years later I look back and realise that a lot of what I was taught in my early years as a healer was in many ways a very very limited and distorted aspect of the truth. The ability to open and wake up will help you see more possibilities and solutions that can support your spiritual business to grow.

  2. Don’t Hide Your Head In The Sand; If things aren’t working they way they used to or the way you thought it would face the situation head-on. Look more closely, inspect why something may not be working. Are you offering what your clients want and need? Are you 100% sure who your ideal customer or clients actually are? Is it where you are promoting your product or services or the way you are promoting, selling your products or services?  When a lot of people seem to be offering the same or a similar product or service, you need to stand out. You have to show what is different, unique, special, or more relevant to your ideal audience. You need to fix what is not working so your spiritual business can grow and heal.

  3. Time To Do What You Are Here To Do: Maybe it’s time to do what you are really here to do. It doesn’t matter if your a qualified healer, coach, therapist, counsellor. Today that can fall into thousands of different strands or specific niche’s. It took me literally many thousands of hours studying and training in different modalities to find my unique niches. To then realise who my ideal clients and soul clients were. But it doesn’t have to take you as long as that is one of the biggest areas I help my clients with. When you start doing what your here to do, live more of your Life, and Soul Purpose things get so much easier. 

  4. Smell And Love The Roses; Sometimes you have to actually see and appreciate what you have to help your spiritual business grow. Sometimes we don’t see or appreciate what is right under or nose. The energy of gratitude helps us resonate at a higher vibration.  It can help us actually look closer at all the gifts, experience, wisdom we have and can actually offer.  A spiritual business can grow more naturally when you are doing what you love. In my opinion re the holistic and spiritual industry, you should do what you love doing and are really good at. When you love what you do, you will do it with such a natural state of grace that the energy of passion and love will ooze out of you. When you do something mostly for the money, stature or respect you think it may give you, you will be in a constant battle with your ego. You will constantly struggle to prove your worth, your value.

  5. Start At The Beginning; Trying to tackle the end of the problem, the end of the goal or story never works, you need to start back at the beginning of the issue. Go back to the beginning of the problem and look at your business from a more objective perspective, one step at a time. So many coaches and therapists try to take the shortest way to grow their business that they soon fall flat on their feet. They haven’t taken the time to implement any structure or strong foundations into their business.

  6. Build A Strong Foundation; Always build your business on your biggest strengths, biggest experiences. Do not build your business around things you don’t really fully understand or wish you were good at. Start with your strongest skills even if that is your personality or your life experience.  For example, maybe you are a great nurturer like me who helps people feel safe, supported, cared for build your business around that. Or maybe you have always been a great listener, a motivator… If your unsure Identify Your Life and Soul Gifts.

  7. Choose Your Teachers Wisely; Although everyone we meet is a teacher, when we are actually investing in training and skills, choose very wisely.  The healer, therapists and even coaches journey is a continual journey of learning the more you invest in quality training, the more likely you offer a quality product or service. But sadly every week I see or meet someone in this industry who has wasted a lot of time and energy on poor or inadequate training, that ended up being of little use to them. Do your homework, ask questions, don’t just believe what a teacher or training school implies. Find out how qualified and experienced the school and trainers actually are? Find out who they trained with and how long their training was? And if the training you do will be recognised enough for example by organisations you want to work with. Sadly more and more training courses and training schools are being run and facilitated by people who aren’t even fully qualified or experienced in the topics they teach. Be extra careful of fast-track online training organisations that tell you their training is worth £3000 but you can get access to their training for £100 and it will only take you a few months to complete while other training in the same subject will normally take at least 12 months. Your clients deserve a highly qualified coach, healer, or therapist. You deserve to be a highly qualified coach, healer, or therapist. 

Running a spiritual business can be extremely challenging but no matter what challenges your business is facing, your spiritual business can grow. It may need to grow in a new way or in a new direction but like everything in life nothing stays the same. If you would love some help or support with any present business or marketing challenges. BOOK A DISCOVERY CHAT