Want To Attract Soul Clients? Why Marketing Your Soul’s Essence Is A Powerful Way To Attract Your Ideal Clients And Soul Clients.

Why you want to attract soul clients, not just attract ideal clients. If you are a coach or therapist you want to attract soul clients, those clients you are perfectly aligned with. Clients that are part of your soul tribe.

Why? Because Soul Clients are the perfect consumer relationship in the coaching or healing industry. They are the clients who really get what you do. Soul clients love what you do and share what you do.

One way to attract soul clients is to represent you, your soul essence in your branding and marketing. In many ways you are the product or service, you are very much your brand, and your traits, your life experience, and your skills are what your soul clients want.

Why Your Marketing Has To Represent The Essence Of You

In the healing and coaching industry, it can be very difficult to stand out. Both coaching and healing in many ways are very personal services. Clients want to feel aligned with the healer and coach they buy from. So to attract soul clients your branding and marketing needs to represent you.

More than ever consumers want transparency and authenticity. Consumers have woken up from many veils of dishonesty in marketing and media. They are fed up with the false promises that too many in the well-being and spiritual industry have been making. They want more than ever that know, like, and trust.

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To Attract Soul Clients You Need To Shine In Your Marketing

Ideal clients and soul clients want to feel your energy of you in your marketing. So to attract soul clients, you need to represent your energy of you alongside the energy of the solutions you offer.

Consumers have more choices than ever, on the type of coaching, healing, or therapy to go to. It is now very much about who is visible, and who stands out and resonates with their wants.  You need to show up, and take enough time and care to nurture that connection and trust in your branding and marketing.

Now if you can capture yourself and your soul essence in your marketing, you will be at least one step ahead of the crowd. When you can demonstrate your unique essence in your marketing it is easier to attract soul clients. You are far more likely to attract the perfect match for each other. 


attract soul clients by sharing your souls essence

The No 1 Way To Capture Soul Clients

To capture your soul clients, you first need to really know and recognise YOU. You need to be able to accept both your shadow and light traits. Knowing your strongest archetypal traits and your soul’s essence can help reveal so much about you and your gifts. It can help you identify and capture the most powerful traits in your business and marketing. It can help you use more spiritual and archetypal branding to get your unique message in your marketing.  This is something I regularly work with my one-to-one clients and marketing courses.


Do you know yourself?

Do you really know yourself, as a coach, healer, or therapist?

Self-care along with self-awareness, self-inquiry, and introspection is a major part of any healer’s or therapist’s journey. It should be part of your daily and weekly practice. This process helps us be more connected and guided by the flow of our divine purpose. It helps cultivate a deeper appreciation of ourselves and helps us show up more authentically and spiritually. attract soul clients with more ease. It is one of the reasons I encourage people to sign up for my  Identify Your Soul’s Gift Course

Sharing Your Core Values And Ethics Helps Create Client Trust

Sharing the core values and ethics of your business helps create client and customer confidence and trust. Clear core values, standards, and ethics in your business help highlight your professionalism and can be a huge deal-breaker.

Help Clients  And Customers Know What You Stand For

Just like any relationship, helping your clients know what you stand for, can actually create instant bonds. So dig deep and explore what really matters to you in your business. Being highly qualified in the healing and therapy services I offered was very important in the work I was contracted to do. It was also vital for those I hired and employed to work with me.

What will you not compromise on?

What is really important to you? So important that it needs to be in your business? The more you understand and know yourself, attracting soul clients get much easier. If you are unsure, the Identify Your Souls Gift- Mini Course can really help.


[This blog was originally published in August 2017 and was updated 21st Feb 2020]