The Value of Creating a Manifesto In Your Business. Core Ethics, Values and Boundaries is something therapist’s think of in the client and counsellor/therapist relationship. But these are a key part of any successful business.  Especially in the holistic and spiritual business where we are being of service , support people with their health and wellbeing.

Your business manifesto is a powerful declaration of it’s core values and beliefs and on how you intend to practice within your business. It serves as a statement of your companies ethical foundations and what it serves or offers to do. It basically can make clear what you will make sure you do and more importantly what you won’t do. Or it can be a statement of your vision, what you are growing towards.

Why Creating A Manifesto Can Support Your Marketing

how to create a manifesto for your business

A manifesto can be part of your advertising campaign i.e. in your business brochure, on your website… 

When your business stands up, owns and promotes its values, you attract clients with matching values, who will stand by you…

So make sure you post your manifesto somewhere visible in your place of work. A manifesto reminds you, your staff and clients of your businesses core values. As this is part of your message, it is part of you.

Creating A Manifesto Creates Healthy Guidelines In A Business

Creating a manifesto can help prevent you or your staff making rash decisions in challenging situations. It can be tempting in stressful situations to do something you wouldn’t normally do to please a client. A staff member may make a  compromise just to get that extra promotion. A business owner may make rash decisions to get out of a financial swamp…Your reputation, trust and ethics is everything in this line of work. Make sure your manifesto is something you will naturally adhere to, driven by your core values not temporary ones.

Why Creating A Manifesto Creates Trust

Most of my work has always involved aspects of teaching/training. I was very fortunate to get asked to do all sorts of very interesting and rewarding work. But at times even when my business was struggling I would refuse specific work;

A/ If I felt someone else was more suitable for this contract, so would refer on the work.

B/When I wasn’t sure I could give the job 100% due to health challenges I employed other therapists

C/ If I didn’t think the work I was asked to do was right for the client, service users, the organisation or my businesses reputation.

Working With Intengrity And Discernment

In many situations organisations would initially challenge my decision saying I had just talked myself out of a sale. Some were very surprised or initially disappointed I wouldn’t do it. And yes I lots on some great contracts. But you know what, I gained so much more back from all of these organisations.  I gained so much respect and trust, they came back at a later date or highly recommend me to someone else for my honesty and integrity.

As  a healer and therapist our clients or students well-being has to be the main focus of our decisions.  Sometimes in business that means discernment, other times we have to learn from experience when something isn’t quite right. One issue that often came up many years who when I was teaching reiki. Was organisations and once a college asking me to teach reiki  in a way which didn’t fit with the values I was taught in regards to reiki.  And in relation to what was actually in the best of interests of the students. This  opinion actually thwarted a lot of work and a lecturers post I had been originally head hunted for. But I am so glad I stuck to my core values.

Clear boundaries in ethics and values strengthened my business reputation, let your mainfesto strengthen yours.

So what is important to you in your business? 

Maybe your like NYROrganics or The Body Shop and want to source only the highest ethical resources and products

Today, our commitment is stronger than ever; to enrich, not exploit….Enrich Not Exploit™. It’s in our hands.” The Body Shop, Manifesto.

It doesn’t matter what others think…your business is yours and what you value is part of the core of your business, part of your life experiences. Your Manifesto is your business’s inner compass that keeps your business vibrating at the right energy in the right direction. My original Business Manifesto for my Holistic Business Advice Group  I used to run years ago was ” To help support spiritual business owners work together in community, co-operation and contribution”

My Stress Coach Training manifesto is all around ensuring students who training with me receive professional training and do no harm first. The reasons for this is that sadly there is a lot of harm being done in the holistic and spiritual sector today. A lot of dangerous practice through mainly lack of ethics, standardisation and adequate training.

Your core values, your ethics, your manifesto can be one of the most powerful things you do to create a strong business. A business that is known for a specific set of core values.

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