What Is A Soul Client

What Is A Soul Client Free Course

My What is a Soul Client Course

Is a Free Course For Holistic And Spiritual Business Owners who want to create a more soul-aligned business serving the clients you were born to help.

STOP spending your precious time on the wrong clients

STOP wasting energy on clients you are not aligned with

STOP spending money on the wrong marketing approaches

Start ATTRACTING soul clients who LOVE what you do

Start ATTRACTING soul clients who will buy your products or services

Start ATTRACTING more clients who will share your products or services

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Testimonials – Spiritual Marketing Club Sessions & Courses

“I’ve had the honour and pleasure of working with Eileen on and off for the past few years through Spiritual Marketing Club. I’m so grateful to for all the great advice and help she has given me that have been invaluable to improving my business. Eileen really knows what she is talking about in all aspects of building and marketing a successful business. What I love about Eileen is her calm and gentle approach that puts you at ease. Her courses are easy to use and gently guide you step by step to greater awareness and understanding of what is important when coming to creating a successful business. Even her free courses are packed full of valuable content. I could not recommend a better person than Eileen to help you make your business venture a great success!” Janine Rose Keall

” I had a 30 minute breakthrough call with Eileen and got more golden nuggets in half an hour than I did in 12 weeks coaching with a well-known coach!! Came away with an action plan and clarity about where me and my business are now and where we are going. Huge thanks Eileen Burns you’re a superstar mentor!” Fiona Kyle

Thanks Eileen. Your course is fantastic and it will be worth its weight in gold. I’m very grateful to you for your generosity – thanks again Lesley Scott, Hypnotherapist & Coach

I have paid hundreds of pounds in the past for courses with much less content and much less heart… David Rabone, The Soul Healer

“Your 3-day challenge has helped me so much. I loved the daily tasks. It really made me think where is my ideal client hanging out. That for me was the biggest aha moment. I’m busy working away with my lists and pulling together my ideal client profile. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge I really appreciate you letting us have a glimpse of your experience in marketing” Carolyn Bradshaw, 3 Day Ideal Client Challenge

“Many thanks to Eileen Burns for a useful telephone session last Thursday! We talked about: 1) How to identify my ideal client6 by looking at my own experience and the kind of clients I was successful with in the past. 2) How to market my services to my ideal client: work out how my skills and services are a solution for clients, and promote that, rather than advertising the modalities I use 3) Match my solutions with the ideal client, then work out how I am going to package the solutions. This was very helpful in working out my priorities, and gave me a process for organising my business and my marketing strategy. “Iain Layden, Healer & Therapist

This course with Eileen has given me the confidence I need to carry on my journey in Reiki Healing….so I thank you very much Eileen, you are a wonderful and very talented lady and I am so proud to let people know that I have had the privilege to work with you and thank you for the support you are giving me….. NAMASTE x” Elaine King, Shining Light Holistic Therapies, Lanarkshire

Hi Eileen I have loved the course – I have found it difficult to keep up just with juggling other demands but know I will go back and work on everything. I’m generally feeling a lot more confident and the support and encouragement you have given us all has been amazing. Massive thank you Lynn Sutherland, Hypnotherapist & Health Coach