How To Build A Relationship With Your Ideal Client In Your Spiritual Business. Why Coaches, Healers and Therapists need to build trust and connection with their audience in their marketing

Your Ideal Client Needs That Connection And Trust

Like any relationship we make in life, there has to be a certain amount of connection and trust. The relationship you build with your ideal clients in your business and through your marketing is exactly the same.

Now more than ever holistic, spiritual, and well-being consumers are overwhelmed with choices.

So many healers, coaches, and therapists trying to sell their products and services. And unfortunately too many bold claims, overwhelming social media feeds, confusing terms, and sometimes a bombardment of emails. 

Making consumers today are far more cautious about who they trust and buy from for many good reasons.

As a big consumer of the spiritual and holistic industry for 30 years I know all the things that can go wrong, all the things that you can be sold that never do what they guarantee or imply.

, As a healer, coach, and therapist myself I know what questions to ask. I tend to know what to look for and know more than most how to identify if someone really has the expertise, skills, and training that I want and need. Or if someone just thinks they have the right expertise and products I need.

But the reality is too many consumers get burnt, and get sold products and services that were never right for them which tends to make them more cautious about the products and services they invest in.

Marketing Is Like A Courtship

Marketing in many ways is like a courtship, a journey to build that know, like, and trust. It has a nurturing period where you help your ideal client get more information about what they are actually investing in. An education process to help them identify if what you are offering is the right fit.


Your Ideal Client

In the marketing industry, we talk about your ideal client, your ideal audience, and your target marketing. And although you may think you know your ideal client’s age, sex, location, and physical, mental, or emotional issues.

Do you really know what they need, and want on a deeper level?

Do you know what motivates your ideal client to trust enough to buy?

Do you understand their fears, doubts, and concerns that may be really important to their purchase?

Have you any idea about their typical lifestyle, interests, or values?

I believe the more you understand about not just your ideal clients but soul clients business and marketing get a whole lot easier.

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What Would Make Your Ideal Client Buy From You? 

Well, the first important thing is resonance and trust. If you don’t resonate with someone, it is much harder to build trust and connection. And just like any relationship it won’t grow or sustain itself if you don’t give that relationship, the TLC it needs

As a big consumer of the holistic industry since the eighties mainly due to a wide range of rare health conditions mainstream medicine couldn’t treat. I know how it feels to be a consumer seeking the right solutions for my needs. 

As a coach, healer, and therapist I know how many choices there are for the consumer. I am perfectly aware of and have been a victim more times than I care to remember of too many bold claims. And at the other side of the coin had so much help from healers and therapist who completely undersold the effectiveness of their treatments or services.

Now at the time of first writing, this post went for an osteopath treatment to help treat noxious hyperacusis, which was going all sorts of complications including non-epileptic seizures triggered by specific vibrations and sounds. Which made going out in the world exposed to so many vibrations and sounds very challenging fo me.

The nearest osteopath wanted to charge nearly £200 for a home visit. Knowing I would need a lot of appointments I chose to visit him even though it was deeply challenging.

Now although I felt a bit better physically his bedside manner and the way I was treated was let’s say very poor and discerning. In fact, he appeared nervous and ill-equipped to deal with many of the symptoms and conditions I had. His clinic was in a noisy, busy health center,  filled with fluorescent lighting, not ideal for someone who has any type of seizure.

There were more than a few errors he made in relation to treating me safely and effectively. I also realised very quickly I wasn’t his ideal client and the way he dealt with me implied I was not the ideal client he wanted to treat.

Building A Relationship With Your Ideal Client - Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Who Is Your Ideal Therapist, Healer Or Coach?

Now normally when I look for a therapist, healer, or coach I look for a certain depth of awareness and expertise even awakening. I often check out someone’s qualifications and try and get a feel for their depth of knowledge.

Because of my own personal circumstances and the preferred type of therapists I want to work with. I like to find out the type of conditions etc they have worked with and their results.

I don’t want a therapist with very little experience or who just invests in fast-track training in this and that.

I am looking for a healer, and therapist who has dedicated years in the industry, and has a great reputation and takes their business seriously. To receive this, I am willing to pay for that expertise and level of dedication.


Now Your Ideal Client Is Unique To You

Now your ideal client is aligned with you, the type of products, and services that they feel aligned with, that they resonate with. Your ideal client is unique to you. The more you know your ideal client or soul client, the type of clients that are a perfect match for you the easier it gets. Your ideal audience is attracted to your vibration, your level of expertise, your innate gifts, skills, and insight. 

How To Be Visible, Be Seen By Your Ideal Client

The challenge is being able to make an impact and being able to stand out to your ideal client or soul client. With such an explosion of healers, therapists, and coaches in the spiritual and holistic sectors. It can be hard to be seen, and be visible above the overwhelming noise of social media.

That is why it is important to have a strong business brand that aligns with your ideal clients, an authentic business brand that powerfully aligns with your soul clients. 

It’s amazing how much the right colours, brand, logo, and brand message can help make an impact, and can help resonate with your ideal clients’ needs and wants. That is why I love helping clients using archetypal branding.


Your Marketing Must Be Aligned With Your Ideal Clients

Marketing and business are all about alignment and connection. If you want to charge premium prices you have to provide a premium service and premium products to match. If you want to attract awakened clients, you need to be highly awakened yourself.

First impressions count in marketing, and you are far more likely to make a stronger connection and make that sale much quicker when your brand values and brand message aligns with your ideal clients’ desires.

What sort of coach, healer, or therapist are you?

Do your marketing and products match up with the clients you are trying to attract?

If not it is time to identify who your ideal client even better who your soul clients are.

The more care and genuine effort you put into marketing to your ideal clients, the stronger your marketing and business grows.

Top Tips To Attract Your Ideal Client And Soul Clients

  1. Know who your ideal client is, just like any relationship you need to know who are you aligned with. 
  2. Build that know-like and trust factor by providing Inspiring, educational and informative blogs and vlogs.
  3.  Offer a product or service your ideal clients want to buy.
  4.  Be more authentic, shine, and stand out to your ideal clients using more archetypal and spiritual marketing approaches.
  5. Know what makes you unique, what are your greatest gifts?
  6. Attract and nurture your ideal client with great freebies, valuable lead magnets.


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[This article was originally published March 2017 and was updated and updated April 2023 ]