Why Building A Relationship With Your Ideal Client, Ideal Audience Is Vital. Like any relationship there has to be the likability, connection and trust between you and your ideal client. The relationship you build with potential clients through your marketing is exactly the same

Now more than ever wellbeing consumers are overwhelmed with choice. So many healer, coaches and therapists trying to sell their products and services.  Constant bombardment of emails, newsfeeds full promises of this and that. Consumers are becoming far more cautious who to trust. Marketing in many ways is like a courtship, a journey to build that know, like and trust.

Your Ideal Client

In the marketing industry we talk about your ideal client, your ideal audience, your target marketing. And although you may think you know your ideal clients clients age, sex, location, physical, mental or emotional issues. Do you really know what they need, want  on a deeper level, what motivates them to buy? Do you know their lifestyle, interests,  even values what makes them tick? I believe most healers and coaches should focus on soul clients but for now let’s focus on ideal clients.

What Would Make Your Ideal Client Buy From You? 

Well the first important thing is resonance, and likeability. If you don’t resonant with someone, it is much harder to build trust and connection. And just like any relationship it won’t grow or sustain it self, if you don’t give that relationship, the TLC it needs

I have been a big consumer of the holistic industry for 25 years because of rare health conditions mainstream medicine couldn’t treat. So I know very well how it feels to be the consumer, looking for that ideal healer, coach and therapist.

Now recently I went for an osteopath treatment. Now because of noxious hypercausis and seizures triggered by specific vibrations, sound,  going out is very challenging fo me. The nearest osteopath wanted to charge £160 for a home visit. I knew I would need several appointments so I chose to visit him. Now although I felt a bit better physically his bedside manner and the way I was treated was let’s say very  poor and discerning. In-fact he appeared nervous and ill-equipped to deal with many of my symptoms. His clinic was in a noisy, busyhealth centre,  filled with fluorescent lighting, not ideal for someone who has any type of seizures. Now I realised I wasn’t his ideal client.

building relationships with your ideal audience

Who Is Your Ideal Therapist, Healer Or Coach?

Now normally when I look for a therapist, healer or coach I look for qualifications and experience. Checking out the type of conditions etc they have worked with and their results. I don’t want a therapist with only a few days or a few weeks training in this and that. I am looking for a healer,  therapist who has dedicated years in the industry, has a great reputation. To receive this, I am willing to pay for that expertise. My ideal therapist is one who knows what they are talking about, who is honest and authentic.

A therapist I can see in their marketing that has the experience, knowledge or wisdom to help me effectively.  I want to see the  evidence , the testimonials clients have given. Now if I have to scan through lots of websites or facebook pages I am more likely to click through a business who looks professional. A business that takes their marketing, their business seriously. It’s amazing how much the right colours, brand, logo and information can make one website or facebook page look more professional. If you have a poor looking or free website you may struggle to get clients to pay more than budget prices for your services.

Your Marketing, Products And Prices Must Be Aligned 

Marketing and business is all about alignment and connection. If you want to charge premium prices you have to provide the service and business to match,  It’s okay to start of small when you first start, but don’t get lazy, show as much attenion to detail and care as you can.  If you can make a great first impression in your marketing, your far more likely to make that sale. You then have the opportunity to show them how great you are even a BFF Business Forever Fan or Friend. I know when I find the right coaches or therapists I become a BFF who recommend’s and promote’s them .

So what sort of coach, healer or therapist would you want to work with? Especially if you were in the circumstances your ideal clients are, what would you pay, what do you pay?

What sort of coach, healer or therapist are you?

Does your marketing and products match up with the clients you are trying to attrac? If not you seriously need to reidentify who your ideal client is and even better who your soul client is.

Does your marketing help create connection, build that trust factor? Are you doing enough in your marketing for them to get the right impression about you? Can they feel you in your marketing? Can they see benefits and evidence of your results?  Or is your online marketing simply full of adverts, selling, selling, selling? 

Like any relationship, trust and connection takes time. The more care and genuine effort you put into your marketing, the stronger your marketing and business grows.

For Your Business and Marketing To Be Successful You Need To

  1. Know who your ideal client is, just like any relationship who are you best suited for. 
  2. Build that know like and trust factor
  3.  Offer a product or service that they want to buy.
  4.  Be visible, shine and stand out amongst the noise of online marketing and social media,
  5. Be able to shine you need to know what makes you unique, what is your greatest gifts?

Now the hard reality is that in the therapy and coaching industry there is a saturation of certain type of coaches and therapists. If you don’t know how to market your business effectively your far more likely to struggle to make a living. I get too many coaches, who come to me who were told by their training school they have to charge this and that. All advised to focus on high end clients that were not their ideal clients. Now I do believe we shouldn’t put limits on our self. But on a practical level I have witnessed so many coaches and therapists business fail within their first year. Most didn’t understand  basic business and marketing. Most didn’t aim at the market they were a perfect match for at that point of their career, their life. So they didn’t survive never mind grow.

Are You 100% Sure Of Your Ideal Audience?  

Your ideal client is someone that wants your services. They are not the same ideal client of  the friend that you went to college with. If you don’t know. You can learn more about not just ideal clients but soul clients in my Free Course – What Is A Soul Client?


Who Is Your Soul Client- Mini Video Course

what is an ideal client a soul client



[This article was originally published March 2017 and was updated and re-published February 2020]

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