What is Spiritual Marketing? And why is spiritual marketing becoming increasingly popular with the spiritual entrepreneur? What are the main differences between modern marketing and more spiritual marketing approaches?

What Is Spiritual Marketing?

Learn why I believe Spiritual Marketing is about more transparency, and honesty in your marketing. Why I believe spiritual marketing has more soul and spirit.

Spiritual Marketing is for the healer, spiritual teacher, spiritual coach who wants to be authentic in their marketing. It is for the spiritual entrepreneur who refuses to make promises or implications they cannot deliver.

Spiritual Marketing is very much about sharing the essence of your core values, ethics in your marketing. Its main focus is focusing on the ideal clients and soul clients or customers you are best suited to serve.

The Origins Of Modern And Online Marketing

Modern marketing as we know it today started at the time of the Industrial Revolution from the end of the 18th Century to late 19th Century.

At a time when there was a massive increase in manufacturing. Easier transportation of goods provided more choice for the consumer. This led to great leaps in more sophisticated media and advertising. By the end of the twentieth century to the late ’40s competition in business became fierce, selling became more difficult.

Marketing techniques became much more clever at targeting our unconscious, as psychology and science of the mind evolved. Companies started to use psychological marketing and branding strategies aimed at their ideal audience’s unconscious wants and needs.

Then came the explosion of online digital marketing, so much so that we can order whatever we want from where ever we want at the push of a button. But at what cost? Online marketing today is, even more, evolved, it knows what you like, you don’t like, it knows your interest, age, sex, where you live, your buying habits and so much more…

Unethical Marketing Strategies

Look at the marketing campaigns aimed at children before Christmas. Marketing that psychologically seduces the child to feel all sorts of emotions, to feel they want and need something. Think fast-food advertising and branding, toy adverts. Think about all those warm fuzzy characters used in marketing to sell breakfast cereal, to sell toys. My generation was exposed to Tony the tiger in frosted flakes, the warm glow kid in the ready break adverts, the family Sunday dinner adverts marketing Oxo Cubes, Gravy…. Even the marketing tactics used by Disney.

You might not think a cartoon or fuzzy character really makes a difference in someone’s buying motives. But different research and studies demonstrate how much these adverts tap in and play with the unconscious. One study demonstrated that children actually believed that the snack that had a cartoon character on it actually tasted better.

We have all seen the TV or social media adverts that use sexual and sensual images. Marketing aimed at triggering your unconscious to believe this will make you look, feel, or be sexier. The celebrity ad that use some famous celebrity or sportsperson to sell a car, a holiday, a high-interest loan, or perfume. All different degrees of manipulation in their marketing. Some more ethical than others.

Unethical Marketing In Health, Wellness Industry

Every day we are exposed to some form of unethical marketing that is based on dishonesty. Sadly unethical marketing is everywhere and is huge in the spiritual, holistic health and wellness industry.

We have all been marketed health products that guarantee improved health and wellbeing no matter what problems we have. Even those that imply longevity, miracles, for the vulnerable very sick, even dying consumer. Some of us have spent thousands of pounds on products that said more than their prayers, and too many that do more harm than good.

As someone who has had rare complex health challenges most of my life, I can honestly say most of the health and wellbeing products I have bought in the last 30 years did not deliver what it said on the packet. And there lies the problem, most companies even small businesses market like everyone else does. Their sales copy is normally written by someone who actually doesn’t know if your product or program does what is states or implies. Their only focus is writing content that sells. Not content that is 100% true.

The reality is this type of marketing has actually been the norm for so many many years. That as consumers and business owners we unconsciously repeat many of these tactics and language in our own marketing.

But as a spiritual business owner, we want to be honest, we want to do no harm. We don’t want to imply something that we could never guarantee or deliver. If you are a healer, spiritual teacher or coach you want your business, your marketing to be as transparent and ethical as it can be. You want to focus on your ideal audience, the audience that you are here to serve. In many ways not just ideal clients but soul clients.

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Spiritual Marketing And Soul Clients

Spiritual marketing helps you attract not just ideal clients but soul clients, the clients that you can help the most. No one want’s a client or consumer who is disappointed with their purchase. We all want to attract consumers who will be happy with our products and services. And that is why spiritual marketing approaches make it easier for someone to see if you and your product are the right fit for them.

It is about moving away from unethical dishonest marketing. And learning how to market, your products and services in a more authentic transparent way that speaks to your audience at a soul level. That is why I help my soul clients use archetypal branding in their marketing. And love helping the alchemists, the creators, the nurtures with their marketing.

Archetypal And Spiritual Marketing

If used wisely archetypal marketing can be an extremely powerful way for the spiritual business to share what they do. As someone who has studied counselling and then psychology at university, I was familiar with Carl Jung’s archetypes. And when I started to look into Archetypal Marketing more deeply over 7 years ago, I started to see marketing for my own business and other spiritual businesses differently.

One of the biggest things I see with the most dedicated and highly evolved healers is their struggle how to market themself. Many feel very uncomfortable with many aspects of marketing I think because at their core they don’t want to be that dishonest marketer. They see every day training schools, other coaches, healers stating things that they know no one cannot honestly claim.

Is All Marketing Manipulative?

On one level we could argue that all marketing is manipulative even archetypal marketing because it is all aimed at connecting to your audience’s unconscious. Certain words, imagery will trigger a thought, then feeling and even behaviour. But for the spiritual business owner, the key here is to use your marketing to benefit your audience. To ensure you are focusing on the audience that you can help. And even in your marketing being clear who your product or service is not for.

The difference with Spiritual Marketing is that we don’t promise what we cannot deliver. We don’t imply we can heal everything, we don’t make claims about our products or programs we cannot guarantee. And that is why spiritual marketing fits well with your more ethical spiritual business.

And is embraced by the experienced healer, spiritual teacher, and coach who simply wants to be of service, share their gifts and skills in a honest way.

Is Spiritual Marketing Becoming The New Marketing?

I think spiritual marketing is naturally becoming the new norm for most spiritually conscious business owners. As consciousness changes, I believe marketing will start to evolve in a more pure and authentic way. As lightworkers, healers, spiritual teachers, and conscious creatives it is up to us to lead the way. If you would love some help in marketing your business in a more spiritual way. Let me help you with a Free Discovery Call.

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