Do you know who is and who is not your ideal client? I do and so should you. Knowing who is not your ideal client makes your marketing so much easier. And here is why.

My Ideal Client 

My ideal client in my Spiritual Marketing are the giver, supporter, sharer because I am the giver, supporter, sharer.

My ideal client is motivated by passion and service because I am motivated by passion and service.

My ideal clients invest in their business because I invest in my business

The type of clients I work with want to authenticallly stand out from the crowd in their marketing. So that is the service I provide.

If you don’t know who your ideal client or ideal audience is, you are wasting a lot of time, energy and money. When you could in-fact be reaching and focusing on potential clients that are desperately looking for you.

Who Is NOT My Ideal Client

If you don’t know who your ideal client is start eliminating who is not your ideal client. I know my ideal clients are not the spiritual entrepreneur who’s main motivation is money and success. You see my ideal clients are the type of healer, coach or therapist who is mostly motivated by service. Because I want to work with the healer, the therapist or coach who has similar values to me. In my Stress Coach Training work I want to train only students who again are motivated by service first.

That is why I actually focus on attracting Soul Clients in my marketing. I know Soul Clients are the type of clients where I can do my greatest work with. In many ways magic happens. You can learn more about Soul Clients here.

Who Is Your Ideal Client? Or Soul Client?

Who would you like your ideal client, your audience to be?

Are you an ideal match for that client if not they are not your ideal client?

Is that client willing to invest in your services, if not they are not your ideal client?

You both have to be a perfect pair, if not that person will never be your ideal client. Your client may be a specific sex, age, location, have specific health challenges or lifestyle issues…you have to know what that is.

Standing Out To Your Ideal Client

If your advertising online you have to remember, most people are being bombarded every day with offerings. In many ways there is an over saturation of advertising from coaches, healers, therapists, holistic and spritual products or services.

My theory at the moment is in many ways there is more selling than actually buying. This has never been so evident in the coaching industry than it is today. Where everyone and their granny seems to be sold that they have the expertise and skills to be a coach. Most fail for the trap of believing it is the most easiest way to fast-track success. Some genuniely believing they already have the skills to be a coach and  just add the word coach to their business credentials. And sadly consumers are on the receiving end of this.

I have to admit despite being in this industry for now nearly 20 years and being a qualified coach myself. Over the last few years I have been put off investing in any coach. Because of a few years of buying  from very poor coaches with over inflated prices who sold false promises. But when you know your perfect match, your confident in your area of expertise, standing out gets easier.

Knowing The Clients You Don’t Want To Work With

I spent a large part of the last 20 years being a trainer in stress management and holistic wellbeing. A lot of my work was for health, charity and education organisations around lanarkshire. Now most of my clients from a buying perspective were actually the organisations. But some of the clients I was hired to help were not my ideal client. Mainly because many of them wanted to remain victims, they weren’t invested in what offered. Too many wanted me to do the work for them and fix them.

I also saw this in some of the students I attracted into my training school who I quickly realised were not my ideal student. The students who just wanted to get the certificate but not do the work. Students who begged for an instalment plan but didn’t finish paying for the course but thought they could still get the certificate. Students who’s places were paid for that again didn’t put in the work. The idea of being a relaxation therapist and teacher sounded great, but they were simply not committed.

Sadly this is an issue in modern society where there is so much instant gratification. And if you are a coach, therapist or trainer you don’t want to be attracting students with the wrong motives. Just like you don’t want to attract clients that are not really your clients.

How To Stop Attracting The Wrong Audience In Your Facebook Group

Running free facebook groups can open you up to attracting a lot of wrong ideal clients. I have ran many different types of facebook groups and have often attracted more of the wrong audience than right. Because were in a society where many people want instant results, instant success but don’t want to make the investment.

And people end up just hopping from one facebook to the next seeing what they can get or what they can download. An interesting thing happened when I ran a holistic business advice group. I had a group of a few hundred people who according to my business software were downloading a lot of the freebies I offered. But rarely in that group did people engage, support others or even support the group. I wanted to help others but there was no appreciation or gratitude. In-fact I created a certain aspect of expectation and entitlement that impacted my business. Because I would get so many people expecting my products or services for free. And these were coaches and healers who expected to be valued themself.

Why You Should Vet Facebook Group Members

So now I only offer a paid membership group for the Spiritual Marketing Club.  I only want to support and work with coaching and healing clients who are invested. I do have odd other facebook groups but now vet members by asking them questions before they enter. If you do plan to run a facebook group, I would suggest you be very specific about who you don’t.  I would discourage justing adding people you think would be interested. This is not a good idea for so many reasons. Better to have a few people in group who really want to be in your group than a lot who are just curious.

So Who Is Your Ideal Client? And Who Is NOT?

My ideal clients are the self employed holistic or spiritual business owner. The coach, healer or therapist who is dedicated to being the best they can be. They are the businesses who recognise they can only grow their business by being invested in their business. The therapists that appreciate and value what I offer.

These are the clients I help shine. So no matter how many other therapists, coaches in their area appear to offer a similar product or service.  I show them how to stand out from the crowd, how to be more visible.

So who is your ideal client, who is your ideal audience, your ideal fans or supporters and who is not?

Would you  LOVE  to find out who your ideal client is, even better find out who your soul clients are

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[This blog was originally published on March 2017 and was updated 28th Feb 2020]

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