Why Faat-Track Training In Holistic Training & Complementary Therapy Training Industry May Be Struggling To Be Taken Seriously Here In The UK

Despite having to rely mostly on holistic well-being for over 27 years and have studied in this area myself for 25 years. It saddens me to see such aa growing lack of professionalism and standardisation in so many holistic training schools in the UK and worldwide. Although I believe very strongly in holistic and complementary medicine,  I can also understand why some aspects of the healing and therapy industry is viewed with suspicion.  And not because I don’t think it is powerful, believe me, I do. But because of the increase in poor training, fast-track training all when it comes down to it just to make money. Training that leaves even the most dedicated practitioners with a huge gap in knowledge, awareness, and skills they are unaware of.  As  I say to my own students you don’t know, what you don’t know. 

Coaching & Holistic Training Schools

More training schools than ever are popping pushing out Diploma’s and Certificates in anything and everything.  In many areas, they have little or no expertise in. And the problem is the students buying these courses don’t realise.  It is very hard for new students and consumers to recognise the professionals from the opportunists. And even harder for genuine training schools to survive. Sadly I see so many therapists and coaches invest in thousands of pounds in poor training many fast track, which is not worth the paper was written on. This leads to too many therapists having to retrain or completely give up their dream careers.

On one hand, we have many top coaching, NLP, and Hypnotherapy Training Schools that charge crazy prices for a one or two-day course. Who send out hundreds and thousands of ill-equipped students naively believing they will be making thousands of pounds right away.  And then-newbie healers or therapists setting up unregistered training schools giving out certificates in whatever they fancy.  Sadly I speak to too many one day coaches and hypnotherapists who soon face the stark reality of running a business. And after coming across a few vulnerable or not straight forward clients realise they are not as skilled as they were hyped out to believe. Sadly thousands of coaches and therapists with the right motives and intensions, invest in the wrong training. They invest so much in the wrong training, many have no money left to actually market or start their business. Or do the training they need to be fully qualified or safe to do no harm to their clients.


Lack Of Ethics In Coaching & Holistic Training Industry

I have lost count of the number of Coaches, NLP, and Hypnotherapists who have come to me feeling sorely disappointed. Some shell shocked by the reality and lack of after support after training. Some spent all their savings, retirement naively thinking theses course would change their life quickly and easily. Only to be left with a very large hole in their bank account and a realisation that they could have had a full year intensive training in all the skills they needed with a true expert at the same or less price. Or that they should have kept 50% of that investment for their actual business start-up. Most of them even a few years on have only ever got a handful of clients.

This is just one tiny example of a lack of ethics in the holistic and coaching industry.  I have witnessed many shocking practices within the holistic industry some extremely dangerous, manipulative or very ego driven. This is quite prominent in the reiki industry where lack of standardisation and the naturally passing down of attunements and teachings have become watered down, distorted, and open to a huge lack of respect. Where teachers with no understanding of what they are actually teaching are firing through students on conveyor belts and allowing their students to view them as some great spiritual master. Encouraging co-dependency or power issues.

Lack Of Standardisation In Coaching & Holistic Training

Lack of standardisation of education, ethics, and regulations in the coaching and holistic industry in the UK is a big problem. Lack of standardisation leaves the holistic and healing industry open to all sorts of serious issues and an open door to heavy criticism. I am perfectly aware that standardisation is someone else’s rules and opinions that comes with its own set of issues. But I also know it is supposed to be a sector where we DO NO HARM FIRST.

Would you want to be treated for your health by a Dr, Nurse who only had a few hours, few days, or weeks training? So why would you put your health in the hands of such a therapist?

Through the years I was contacted on numerous occasions by training schools wanting to hire me as a lecturer/ tutor. But ethically I had to refuse, as many were delivering training over 1- 2 days that would normally be delivered over 200 hours. I used to employ therapists for contract work and more than one admitted they got certificates from colleges for classes they didn’t complete. One actually therapist I know actually asked me years ago how she could get a false therapy certificate so she could do a specific type of work.  I have been in classes where lecturers openly admitted they were taking a class for something they weren’t fully qualified in.  It is not only very, very sad, even worse dangerous for the clients and consumers.

Bad News For Many Dedicated Coaches & Therapists In The Holistic Industry

Now in many ways, holistic medicine helped saved my life and gave me some of my life back. I spent a large part of seven years house and bed-bound. Fortunately, I have met many truly dedicated coaches, healers & therapists.  But also been on the receiving end of what could be deemed as very serious harm. Several situations were shocking, especially the one that nearly cost me my eye.  It only takes a few bad practices,  to have a knock-on effect on the complementary and holistic industry as a whole. For this reason, I think the holistic sector has to wake up and step up, especially if they want to be taken seriously.

How To Choose Suitable Holistic Training For Your Needs

Do your homework, find out more about the normal accepted standard requirements of specific fields. Think about your own business needs. Is it just extra tools for your coaching or therapy tool box or do you require full training? Find out how qualified the trainers are at the holistic training school you are thinking about attending. And find out what their certificate or diploma actually means.

An example I trained in stress management for many years and went on to training to university level. A young girl contacted the organisation I was working for stating she was more qualified as myself and had a diploma in stress management and was looking for work. The girl got an interview after my colleagues assumed it was a post-graduate diploma at university she had. It turned out after further investigation that she had only attended a few evening classes, the course was not accredited at all by the college. The lecturer had simply designed a short course ( not qualified in stress management herself)  and just gave out a diploma certificate that wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. It wasn’t even equivalent to a standard grade or higher or lowest grade SVQ. And the organisation nearly mistook she had done Stress Management at Post Grad level.

I see this type of confusion too many times. Too many coaches and therapists believing their fast-track qualification is the exact same as something that normally takes a few years. Or that mindfulness weekend training, suddenly makes them a mindfulness teacher. No wonder consumers are confused about who to choose, who to trust.

First Do No Harm Is Supposed To Be The Healing Motto Of All Healing Practices

Our clients are not cash cows to be manipulated or experimented on. Many are vulnerable, naive, and trusting, the least they can expect is no harm. I do believe many in the industry doing such don’t even realise the damage they are doing, as they say, ignorance is bliss. They are only coming from the state of awareness, education or training they have been given. But I would urge you if you are a newbie client or therapist in the coaching, healing and therapy industry. Do your homework to ensure you have a happy, healthy enjoyable, and satisfactory holistic training.

An aware and confident coach or therapist attracts far more happy satisfied clients in the short-term and long-term.


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