How To Nurture That Know, Like, And Trust Factor With Your Ideal Audience If You Are A Healer, Coach, Or Therapist. What that trust factor may mean to your ideal clients and soul clients.

Simple ways you can start implementing that know, like, and trust factor into your business and marketing today.

Why Clients Need To Feel That Trust Factor

It is commonly known that most consumers will buy from companies or people that they have formed that trust factor with. They will often buy from a business that they have heard about through their friends, family, or a colleague. Mainly because most consumers buy on reputation or perception.

People like to know who they are buying from so when a friend tells you she went to a therapist that was very nice, very professional, or helped your friend greatly it is more likely to make a positive impact.

Consciously or unconsciously consumers are more market savvy than ever. As consumers, many of us are sick and tired of false promises behind very old outdated manipulative marketing.

Most of us know just because a company claims their product is the best product or service for us that doesn’t mean it’s true or right for us.

Trust Factor To Build Your Spiritual Business

Importance Of Trust Factor If You’re A Healer Or Coach

In the healing, spiritual, and coaching industry clients are putting their health, spirituality, and well-being in your hands. So it’s vital that you consciously do what it takes to build that trust factor with your ideal audience.

Be as transparent and authentic as you can be so you nurture your soul clients toward a sale, especially in a sector that has exploded in choice.

Today there are tens of thousands of different types of coaches, healers and therapists using powerful healing and therapy tools.

People today have so much choice in the holistic and spiritual sector that they are more likely to got to you if they really feel that know, like and trust factor with you and your business.

So How Do You Start Building That Know, Like, And Trust Factor?

How do you start nurturing that know, like, and trust factor in your marketing?

How do you grow that confidence and trust with a new audience?

Or help your audience be willing to try out a new modality that no one has heard of?

Focus On Your Brand’s Biggest Strengths:

Every business has to start somewhere, and the most important place is to focus on your and your brand’s biggest strengths.

Focus on what you do so naturally, focus on your innate gifts, your zone of genius and your business greatest advantages.

Nurture Your  Ideal Audience:

Nurturing your ideal audience is the foundation of any trust factor in a business. That is why you need to really know your ideal audience and be able to put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

Believe me, everyone is not your ideal client or Soul Client. Learn how to really nurture and connect with your audience by finding out what they truly need and want. Meet your audience where they are at.

Be Visible:

If you are not showing up in your business or your marketing regularly you will never build up recognition or reputation. Most potential clients need to know you and that your business is genuinely interested in their potential customers.

An odd social media post here and there is often not enough. Plan out a proper marketing campaign.


Making connections is all part and parcel of being visible. Personal networking is a great way to build connections.

Go to events, do talks, and make connections online through different social media platforms like Facebook groups where your potential audience will hang out.

Partner up with other businesses you already use or work with especially those who have similar client audiences. Help other professionals get to know you.

Be Authentic:

Be authentic but professional. Demonstrate the dedication behind your work on your about page on your website, blog, and social media. Include a blog of the personal life challenges that brought you to where you are today.

Help clients get to really know, like, and trust you on a deeper level.

Share what you do on a daily and weekly basis to maintain and improve your health and well-being. Be honest about your own challenges, be authentic and you will build up trust.

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Shine Your Expertise:

Make sure you include your areas of expertise and qualifications and include details where appropriate of the length of time of training, where, and who you trained with. Some clients will want to know if you actually have a certain type of understanding, knowledge, expertise, or experience.

Make sure you include copies of your certification on your clinic wall.  Especially when so many unrecognized training schools are offering fast-track training in subjects that would normally take a year or two.

Consumers need to feel they can trust you with their health and vulnerability. So it is important to identify what kind of information your ideal audience would want to know. Write blogs around topics that will help build a deeper connection with your audience.


The more transparent testimonials you have online the better e.g. Facebook reviews, comments on any social media marketing, and holistic directories.

Testimonials given to publish on your website etc are fine but actual posts clearly written by the consumer on social media are the best sort of online advertising.

Word of Mouth:

If clients are pleased with your product or service ask them to tell their friends and family. You could offer a discount or points system for everyone they recommend which is a great incentive to tell others.

Client Evaluations & Surveys:

At the early stages of business ask clients to fill in an evaluation, you can add include a section at the end if they would be happy to share a testimonial.

Clear Communication & Honesty with Clients:

Good communication and honesty with your potential and present customers’ clients are vital. I always ask potential clients why they want a specific product or service even large contractors. If I don’t think what they are asking of me is in their o best interests I am honest. Even if this is referring them to other therapists or contractors.

I believe that was one of the biggest ways I built up that trust factor in my business and area of expertise for many years.

Ethics and Values:

Make sure you never compromise on integrity, ethics, and values within your business. Create a business memo or manifesto and put it in your marketing and clinic where clients and staff can see it.

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[This article was originally published 25th Feb 2017 and was updated and re-published 8th April 2023 *]

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