How To Rocket Your Sales With A Fountain Of Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a major part of any business even the smallest business. In-fact most coaching and therapy businesses don’t get off the ground just because of no or very poor marketing.

is-your-marketing-campaign-a-rocket-1A recent small survey I did on the biggest struggles therapists and coaches faces demonstrated clearly why so many therapist aren’t getting enough clients.  60% participants where holistic therapists and despite 93.3% saying their biggest challenge was attracting the right clients, 33.3% did NOT INVEST any money in their marketing, only 46.67% invested between 1 to 10% of their income and marketing. Plus 53.3% did not take any business or marketing training, 80% did not outsource any of their business and marketing requirements.

In some ways I shouldn’t be surprised as I have tried to help count-less therapists and coaches over the years and so many seem to think there is a magical wand to getting clients and even more niavel thought hey would earn not far off what they bring in.

The truth is many holistic business owners simply don’t understand business and some don’t even think they are running a business, if you are working to make a profit, an income, you are a business owner and you need to have some sort of promotion or marketing campaign. And you have to invest a part of your business income back into getting the next clients thats the way business works.

As a self employed therapist and coach for 16 years I was lucky than most healers starting their business. I cam from a family business background, so I knew the stark reality of running a business. And the basic principles of running a successful business which includes INVESTMENT and  MARKETING. I understood that what you bring in is very rarely anywhere near the profit you take out. In-fact on some recent research I did on the average profits of a holistic healthcare clinic should that an average healthy profit from most therapy clinics is only between 15-40% of net income. So basically what that means that on average a professional holistic practitioner would need to bring in between £50,000-£ 140,000 in business income to earn a basic wage of £20,000 a year. Now every  business is completely different, energy healing tends to be one of the biggest profit making opportunities to its low cost insurance, low cost training with the almost nothing in professional equipment compared to many other holistic industries that can be thousands of pounds in insurance, professional memberships, equipment and products.

Now to bring in a healthy income to your business you need to attract enough of the right clients, who want, need and or will buy your services. That is why you NEED to market your business effectively. Especially when there has been an explosion of people training in coaching healing and complementary therapies over the last 20 years. I remember having to travel over 25 miles over 25 years ago to a reiki healer, now you can find thousands of healers in the smallest towns. So you need to stand out, you need to be visible, you need to market effectively to potential clients, so clients will choose to come to you.

You need to MARKET your business professionally and invest in the right tools, strategies and market in the right places, like the right social media platforms where your potential client will find you. when your initially launching your Business especially a centre or clinic, you need to enter the market with a BANG to spark initial interest and have a short-term marketing and full time marketing fountain to keep present clients attention and to constantly draw more clients in.

Too many business start off with some little bangers or sparklers of interest and then nothing, so their business is completely forgotten. This is a particularly common problem with coaches & therapists marketing on facebook. They might have a great rocket launch, attracting hundreds of fans, but if they don’t offer the right display, the right promotional activities clients want and expect they will lose the crowd as the lose potential clients attention, some forever.

So your marketing has to include a bit of an initial rocket, a clearly focused marketing launch that goes off with a bang and some attention grabbing tactics. Then it continues with a continued fountain of marketing strategies that are more slow burners that build up trust and connection, with a few comets; a few marketing events that only happen on special occasions, a few catherine wheels; like some consistency in your branding where your message is continually being repeated, it maybe the same message going around and around, it can have a few different styles but its still the same subconscious and conscious reminders for potentially new clients and older clients. Especially as many consumers have to see something around seven times before they initially buy.

So start planning and investing on a marketing plan that will sky rocket your sales before christmas, it is a great time to grab the attention of potential life time clients.

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