Passive Income For Therapists, Coaches, Healers

Passive income for therapists who need an extra source of income in their business or during slow or challenging times such as the present covid19 situation. Multiple income streams are something most self-employed and small business owners should consider. It helps give you an extra source of income during slow periods or during unexpected business challenges.

So What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is when you continue to get income even after the initial set up or work is done.

Common Sources of Passive Income for Therapists, Coaches

The most common sources of passive income for therapists, healers, coaches and spiritual teachers; a book, ebook, guided meditation, client sales from an online shop you are simply a distributor or consultant for. But passive income can come from different types of business investments.

Now, some passive income streams involve less initial set-up and work than others. Some are easier than others and some depend on the type of business you already have. The skills, contacts, and audience you already have. So it is important to recognise some of these income streams will require a certain amount of initial commitment.

passive income for therapists, holistic and spiritual business owners

Passive Income For Therapsist, Coaches, Healers

The most common income streams for therapists, holistic and spiritual businesses. Extra income for Therapists, Coaches, Healers, Yoga Teachers, Spa’s, and Clinics.

Sell an ebook- Focus on your greatest area of expertise and knowledge and write an ebook. If you create a highly informative book you can sell it for years

Create and sell a guided meditation. Hypnotherapists, spiritual teachers and therapist skilled in guided meditation. You can create guided meditations on your laptop or ipad if you have a decent device. If you have an apple computer, even better, garageband makes making meditations not only easy but almost studio quality.

Sell an online course -It has never been easier to start creating online courses, think skills. Think about the skills other people would love to learn during the covid 19 situation people are unable to do so many things. Think about what your clients maybe missing right now and any solutions or DIY tips you could be providing. I sell my online courses and membership in New Zenler.

Sell an online membership – Again like above, it has never been again easier to create an online membership. This is again once created could be bringing you lots of passive income for a long time to come.

Become a blogger, write fantastic blogs, and include links to different affiliate income streams. Or to your different ebooks, books, online courses, membership, or products like discussed below. In some of my sites, I write blogs that include links to some of the top products that I use and recommend to my clients and students.

Passive Income For Therapists Who Have An Audience Or Email List

Become a consultant or distributor for a company that offers products aligned with your business. Common passive income for I am presently both an online Neals Yard Remedies Consultant and just recently became a Tropic Skincare Ambassador. As a qualified holistic therapist and aromatherapist who has used a wide range of holistic remedies, naturopathy, and essential oils for about 28 years.

Neals Yard Organics was the perfect fit for not just my values and ethics but it provides products that many of my clients could benefit from for many years. I recently joined Tropic as an independent ambassador, firstly because I buy only natural skincare products and cosmetics. Neals Yard Remedies had stopped selling make up a while ago so I was looking for another ethical source of toxic free make-up.

Both companies provide a range of products that can be a great source of income for the holistic therapist, beautician, healer, coach, or yoga teacher. Who has an audience or email list that is interested in natural skincare.

Neal Yard Organics also provides a range of herbal remedies, essential oils, candles, supplements.

While Tropica Skincare provides a wide range of gorgeous spa, body and skincare products, alongside their fantastic natural makeup palettes, lipsticks, lip glosses.

Now both Neals Yard Remedies and Tropic Skincare require a certain amount of work to set-up and to introduce to your present clients or audiences. But when you start introducing clients who will LOVE these products you can have long-term and life-long clients who will continually buy from you.

If you are considering joining either Neals Yard Organics or Tropic and decide to join through me. I have 2 very special gift in June 2020 for YOU.*Terms and conditions apply.

An opportunity to get a Free Business 1-2-1 Coaching Session with me worth £150 until end of June 2020. And Bonus £50 voucher for my Spiritual Marketing Club Business and Marketing Courses if you buy by the 12th June 2020.

So you not only will you have a new more passive income stream to your business but guidance and help to grow your main business. Just email me at spiritualmarketingclub@gmail.com for more details.

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