Do You Invest In Marketing Your Business?

Do you know what you need to invest in marketing to grow your business? Too many coaches and therapists start their business with no marketing plan. Most underestimate the money, time, and energy they need to put into marketing.  And even more, surprising is the amount of holistic and spiritual businesses that think they can grow a healthy business rapidly without any investment.

What You Need To Invest In Marketing Depends On Many Things

For every product,  industry, country, or business what you need to invest in marketing your business will be completely different. Why because every business has its own unique audience. Every business has different contributing factors that impact its reach, visibility, and conversion. So marketing costs for every holistic and spiritual business vary considerably.

A therapy clinic that opens up on a very busy street in the middle of the city is more likely to attract a lot of passing trade. Especially if it has the right branding and marketing on its shopfront than a therapy clinic in a remote area or up a side street on the corner of the city.

A therapist or coach offering a needed service in a gap in the market will often find it easier to attract clients. Than any healer, therapist, or coach who is offering what appears to be exactly the same as everyone else. That is why choosing a great niche is one of the best things you can do for your business. As it can help reduce what you need to invest in your marketing.

So How Much Should I Invest In Marketing?

A  coach who is starting out will often need a much bigger marketing investment than someone who is widely known and has been coaching for years.  A spa clinic that is offering a premium service will usually need a large marketing budget than a small local therapy clinic. But again it depends on so many variables, but if you have a great network of friends or clients what you would normally need to invest in marketing may be a lot less.

What makes it more challenging to work out is that every business has a different profit margin. And remember profit is not income. For many years my insurance alone was £1000 a year one year it was £2000 when other therapists’ insurance wasn’t any more than £60  Because of some of the work and training, I offered some of my other professional costs that were again very expensive compared to other friends who were healers, coaches, and therapists. Because I was a trainer in meditation and stress management, my work involved giving organisations and clients a lot of extras as part of the sessions like CDs and essences. Then because of disabilities and health issues, I could only do certain types of work, only work certain hours. So again my profit margins at times were a bit more restricted than many healers and therapists I knew.

Social Media Content For Healers, Spiritual Coaches

So every business is very different, every therapist and coach is different. But the reality is most spiritual and holistic businesses are working in a competitive market.  So to maintain steady growth, most need to invest at least 10% and more 20% of their projected income into marketing. If you are only starting out and only have only a handful of clients you probably need to invest a lot more. A common belief in the spiritual and holistic industry is if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing the clients will just find me. Several years later they still haven’t moved forward.

Too many holistic and spiritual businesses fail to recognise that a business needs investment.  If you have no money to invest it can be really hard and take a long time to grow. Now even huge multi-billion companies that we all know  need a large marketing budget. Why? Because marketing is the modern way you reach your audience. It is the modern process we use to get in front of your ideal audience.  The method that helps them recognise that you are the product or service that they want. The reality is many companies spend more time and money in their marketing than what the product costs to make. In many ways, it’s sad but true.

What Should High-End Coaches Invest In Marketing?

If you are trying to promote yourself as a high-end coach, you need the professional and high-end glossy image to back it up. Marketing is all about conveying a clearer enough message across to a wide enough ideal audience. It is about helping you stand out from the crowd, it is about creating that know, like and trust factor that sells your products or services. And if you charge big money your marketing has to match up to that. Poor Marketing tends to attract Poor Clients.

The one thing I hear from holistic and spiritual businesses is they want more clients. But in my experience, most therapists and healers particularly just don’t invest enough to do that. Many spend more money on fancy things for their clinic or therapy training courses. But are failing to invest in what will help them get clients through the door. You may say you can’t afford it. But the reality is most businesses don’t survive or give you the income you desire if you don’t.

A Facebook ad expert I have done some training wi regularly tries to explain to clients that £1000 of income from a £100 marketing investment is a great investment. Yeah, of course, it does depend on your out-goings to offer that product or service again income doesn’t match profit, you have to do the maths to actually see if you have a viable business. If not this is where you need to re-look at your business, business model, or raise your prices or up-level your offerings.

Now I also have to add here, of course, there is no point in investing in 10 or 20% of your projected income if you don’t really understand marketing and don’t know what you are doing. You need to really know who your ideal audience is, you need to be specific and obviously, you need to know the pain points your advertising to. If not you could be very well putting that income down the drain

So Is Their Ways I Can Effectively Reduce What I Need To Invest In Marketing?

  1. Well, as mentioned above really know your ideal client or soul clients. When you target the right clients who will buy, you’re less likely to lose money

  2. Get your business message clear from the beginning,a good archetypal branding approach helps you and your message stand out.

  3. Network, connect live with your potential clients. Be of service, don’t just SELL especially on social media. Overselling on social media particularly Facebook can actually repel clients

  4. Do videos, Facebook lives all great ways to share what you do to build that know, like, and trust factor.

  5. Blog, blogging is a great way to increase SEO on your website and to build up a relationship with your audience. And for most blogs, they are valuable evergreen content making the way through the search engines for years to come.

  6. Learn how to create an effective marketing campaign, a proper marketing strategy will save you time, energy, money, and stress. Check out my free marketing courses page for my Free How To Create A Marketing Plan Course

Would You Like To Learn How To Create A Healthy Business And Healthy Marketing Campaign? Learn how to create a highly effective brand that doesn’t just represent the vibes of your business but your energy of you. Sign up for a Free Trial of my Manifest Soul Clients Membership

Social Media Content For Healers, Spiritual Coaches

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