How To Create A Social Media Marketing Campaign Updated August 2020 Originally Published November 2016

Social Media Marketing – How To Create An Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign. A marketing plan that reaches, attracts and converts into leads and sales.

Before Creating A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Before creating any form of marketing campaign or Social Media Marketing plan you need to understand quite a few things about the Social Media platforms you are going to use. Every Social Media Platform has a different audience, has a different purpose and different rules and guidelines. Each Social Media Tool has a different typical audience.

So to create an effective social media marketing plan you need to understand the different social media platforms. You need to have reasonably good social media etiquette to know what works on one platform like Facebook compared to something like Pinterest. You need to know how many hashtags you should be using on Twitter compared to using on Instagram.

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Marketing Psychology And Social Media Marketing

It also helps to understand the basics of marketing psychology, especially Social Media Marketing Psychology.  You also need to know an effective marketing campaign will only work if you have foolproof step by step sales funnel process.  And well a few other important steps that is why I have included the Social Media Marketing Steps below.

11 Steps To An Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

Steps you should consider when creating a Social Media Marketing Campaign that will convert.
How To Create A Social Media Marketing Campaign for your spiritual business holistic business by Spiritual Marketing Club
  1. Your Audience: Before designing any Social Media Marketing campaign or plan you have to know your client audience. I mean really know who they are. You can do this by designing a profile of your ideal audience or what I call Soul Clients; age, sex, lifestyle… Carefully consider the type of client or customer who wants and will buy from your holistic business or spiritual business.
  2. Where Does Your Ideal Audience Hang Out? If you don’t know where your ideal client or ideal audience hangs out, you won’t know what social media platforms you should be using and hanging out on.
  3. What Solution Are You Offering Them? What sort of challenges does your ideal client have in their life that you can help solve? What products and services will solve that problem.
  4. What FREE Solutions Can You Offer? What sort of advice and tips can you share with your audience? Every effective Social Media Marketing campaign needs to build connection and trust. What sort of Lead Magnets do you have? For example what Freebies or Opt-In’s could you get them to sign up for? Free Ebooks, Free Video Courses and Free Mp3 Downloads are lead magnets for the more holistic or spiritual business owners. This is the first product you should be offering, this is normally a Free Product that helps nurture that know, like, and trust.
  5.  What Inspires, Motivates Your Audience? What sort of content, posts would attract your audience’s attention? Social Media Marketing is not just about converting sales but about maintaining engagement, curiosity, and loyalty. So what kind of content will help keep your audience inspired and motivated to come back for more? Is your audience more interested in health and wellbeing tips? Pain management? Or maybe spiritual insights, meditation tips…
  6. Focus On One Product Your Client Wants or Needs: Choose a product or a program that you know your clients want and will buy. Make this product the end target or goal you want your potential client to eventually buy in your Social Media Marketing Campaign.
  7. Design and Plan A Social Media Marketing Campaign Around Clients Wants: Realise you have to take your potential customer on a consumer or client journey.  The beginning of that journey is attraction and helping your audience recognize their pain points. Helping bring up to their awareness the challenges that they would like solved. You can do this in Social Media Marketing through awareness, questions, strategies that help build up a connection, a relationship. Think about the sort of posts that will help your client feel more confident that your product or service truly does do what it states. Marketing is all about the audience, building a relationship with that audience. Making a connection that helps your audience see more clearly how your product or services solves those wants.
  8. Highlight The Benefits/Solutions Of Your Product: Think of all the challenges this product or service solves or assists with. And make sure you highlight and include those benefits in your marketing after again reminding them about their issue. An easy way to do this is to ask questions in your marketing. For example, Are You Constantly Struggling with…? Then highlight why your product helps solve that issue.
  9. Plan Out Your Social Media Marketing Campaign. An effective Social Media Marketing Campaign should be planned well ahead of any launch. It should be broken down into bite-sized actions or goals for each week, month, season, or even year. Be organised, think ahead especially around specific times of the year, and particular themes you want to maximise in your marketing e.g. Easter, Summer Holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving…
  10. Use A Social Media Management Tool: Use a social media management auto-scheduler tool that posts out to all of your social media posts, for example, Socialbee App (highly recommended)   or Buffer App, Hootsuite etc. The Social Media Marketing Autoschedulers help you pre-organise and post your posts for a few days up to weeks or months ahead. This can save you a lot of time and energy and stops you from posting random posts with no clear marketing purpose.
  11. Tweak Your Marketing To Your Audience’s Response: Adjust your marketing campaign to your client’s responses and engagement, check your social media marketing insights to see what your audience responds to. Check to see what times of day most of your audience engage or don’t.  Analyze what converts and what doesn’t. A very important part of any marketing campaign is checking in with what is working and what isn’t working as well.

Creating an effective Social Media Marketing Campaign takes time, it also takes a little bit of tweaking here and there. If you would like more help in Creating an Effective Marketing Plan Download my Spiritual Business and Marketing Plan for Coaches, Healers

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