Twitter tips for therapists, healers, and coaches. Why therapists should use Twitter. Learn why Twitter can be a great social media platform for many holistic and spiritual businesses if you learn how to use Twitter effectively.

Why Use Twitter To Market Your Holistic Business Or Spiritual Business

So why is Twitter a useful platform for holistic and spiritual businesses?

Twitter is mainly an information and text-led social media platform. It is known as a live microblogging platform.

It is said that Twitter is growing 30% faster than Instagram with Gen Z.

Here are some facts about Twitter

  • “Twitter has 396.5 million monthly active users in 2023” –
  • “Twitter usage is growing 30% faster than Instagram among Gen Z”Hootsuite
  • “In the UK, Twitter Has 19.05 Million Users”-
  • “42% of Canadian adults are on Twitter” –
  • 82% of online users watch videos on Twitter”
  • Twitter is owned by Elon Musk.

My Experience With Twitter

For several years Twitter was my biggest source of organic leads for my free groups and lead magnets for many years as a mental health professional, stress management trainer,  holistic therapist, healer, and online marketer.

The thing I like about Twitter compared to other social media platforms is that you can schedule a lot more posts and reschedule the same posts as long as you don’t do the exact same posts too many times. That is why I LOVE using the Socialbee App.  Socialbee is a fantastic social media scheduler that works really well with Twitter as you can set it to continually rotate your posts.

These top Twitter tips for therapists and coaches will help you attract your ideal audience more quickly. One of the great benefits of Twitter compared to Facebook is that it can be easier to get sharers and followers.

Twitter’s fast feeds of information mean you can post more and actually re-post daily without annoying fans. You can build up great connections and if you’re in the holistic industry you can be ahead of the game, as too many holistic and spiritual businesses are focusing all their energy on Facebook and not using other social platforms like Twitter to their advantage.

The key to using Twitter is using a good auto-scheduler, the good news is there are many auto-schedulers hootsuite, buffer… Tweetdeck I wouldn’t recommend. Social Bee I love

Twitter Tips For Therapists, Healers, Coaches

Top Twitter Tips For The Holistic And Spiritual Business

Twitter marketing tips for therapists, healers, and coaches who want to increase their audience reach. Learn how to tweet like a professional tweeter to grow your spiritual business.

  1. Make sure you choose a relevant, easy-to-remember username known as a handle on Twitter. If you can’t get your business name consider using your own name but try not to get something with too many numbers like @JenKerr3214
  2. Make sure you add a good quality clear profile photo that followers can easily recognise. A photo that is congruent with what you’re offering. If you are a high-end wellness coach you need a photo that matches that energy.
  3. Make sure you fill in your Twitter profile. Make it clear the solutions you offer. If you are an expert, teacher, qualified coach, or counselor include that. Alongside any hashtags that are relevant to your business brand e.g. Steven Whito, International Lifestyle Coach,  Master Hypnotherapist 20+yrs based in Glasgow,  Paris #StevenWhito
  4. Make sure you add a professional-looking banner to your profile. Your Twitter banner should represent or resonate with what you offer. A blank banner or something irrelevant doesn’t exactly look as if you take your business seriously.
  5. Post tweets that are 280 Characters or Less
  6. Learn twitter lingo check out this Twitter Dictionary 
  7. Post tweets that other tweeters who are your ideal audience will find engaging, and interesting. Top tips, great blogs, powerful inspirational quotes with a powerful image, or a meme that matches your message.
  8. Follow other tweeters who have a similar audience to you. And those who post interesting relevant content that you can retweet with your ideal audience. Unless you are a celebrity or a world-wide recognized healer or coach you are not just going to get the right followers without any effort.
  9. Follow those who are your potential ideal clients, soul clients, and other tweeters who have similar client audiences. For example, if you’re a baby massage instructor, follow mum bloggers, pre-natal yoga teachers, follow followers of the pre-natal class, and followers of a tweeter who has written an established baby book. If you are counsellor/therapist that helps people with their anxiety or depression follow mental health and wellbeing projects in your area and follow their followers who are in your area.
  10. Make sure you share the posts of other tweeters.  If you don’t share others’ tweets why should others share your tweets? So many coaches and therapists are losing out by not retweeting or putting other relevant content on their posts. They forget it’s not all about them it’s about being social and about giving what your audience wants.
  11. Like most social media platforms make sure you use as many visual images as you can to capture the attention of your audience and your new potential fans. And make sure you use the right size.
  12. Tweet your Live Event, get someone to tweet your Facebook or Youtube live as it’s happening
  13. Use the right hashtags for your spiritual business but don’t overuse them or just use hashtags for the sake of it.  Twitter recommends no more than two, more can be very distracting, especially if not used appropriately. If you don’t know how hashtags work, keep it simple e.g. If you are a reflexologist in Glasgow use one or two of these on some of your posts #reflexology #reflexologist #glasgow #reflexologyglasgow #holistic
  14. Showcase Your Expertise With a Twitter Chat.

  15. Use Twitter Analytics to analyze your tweet’s impressions and engagement.

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This blog was originally published 14th February 2017 and was republished 14th July 2020