Therapists & Coaches Create Products That Clients Will Buy

Coaches have to create products clients want to buy. If you don’t create the right coaching products. You will constantly struggle to attract a regular flow of clients to fill your business.

When coaches create products clients really want your business becomes so much easier.  Your business grows and develops in ways you never imagined because you are attracting soul clients.

Why Successful Coaches Create Products That Few People Are Offering 

If you only focus on creating courses or sessions you see everyone else doing or something you just fancy doing. Or even just package your courses the same way as your training school taught you to do. You can be wasting a lot of valuable, time and energy. As you are focusing on the same clients like everyone else. But when you niche, find an area of need, you can start creating coaching or therapy products that stand out.

How Great Coaches Create Products Clients Want

1. It is important to know your ideal clients.

You need to really know your ideal clients, in-fact in this industry your soul clients.  Even better get to know your soul clients if you are a heart-based or spiritual business. As these are the most powerful clients to attract to your business.

2. You Need To Test The Market

Well to create the right products, most successful coaches and therapists test the market and really get to know what their ideal clients want. You need to know the solutions they are looking for.

 You have to create and market the right programs and products clients want and are willing to buy. No matter if that is a workshop, online course, a one to one session or a webinar. You only know what your ideal clients will buy by testing the market. The best way to do that is to beta test introductory offers or tasters before creating large coaching or training programs.

If not you’re really just hoping and praying someone will buy.  Sadly most coaches arrive in this industry very naive, often underestimating how important it is to niche. And how much marketing they need to do to convert a sale. Too many waste a lot of time, energy, and money selling to everyone or anyone.  Assuming certain audiences want what they are selling. It is important to test the market to see if your ideal clients actually want what you’re intending to sell.

3. You Need To Match Up What They Will Be Willing To Invest

It is wise for any coaches to create products at a price your ideal client is willing to invest. Not what you just assume they are willing to invest. Sadly many new coaches arrive in the coaching industry charging phenomenal prices that their ideal clients are not willing to invest. They are sold dreams of easy income by their training providers when they reality is often very different.

4. Being A Good Fit In Quality And Content

If you want to charge premium or high-end prices you need to sell high-quality content. Sadly many people genuinely believing adding the word coach to their business services automatically entitles them to charge premium prices. Despite being a coach myself for many years in the stress management and marketing sector. I have become seriously disappointed and disillusioned by the decline in the quality of coaching that is now the new normal. Quality always overrides quantity, that is why I always encourage coaches to coach in subjects they have a certain amount of expertise.

Why So Many Coaches Fail To Create Products Clients Want

I began studying self-development and healing over 28 years ago. My father a business owner was an avid fan of the 80’s and 90’s self help and self growth industry. So it was quite natural for me to fall into coaching. But thankfully my healing, therapy, and counselling studies kept me more grounded and more aware.  My family business experience a bit more business-wise.

I have witnessed many individuals who have left great paying jobs to go into coaching. Most of them went into coaching because they believed this would be a very fast and financially easy career. Sadly too many of them arrived in the industry with very little understanding of business or marketing. Often investing thousands of pounds on the wrong things, the wrong products, or marketing to the wrong audience. Or simply offering programs or coaching in areas they don’t have enough expertise in.

Over the last 5 years, I have lost count of the coaches I have used on a professional level who promised the world but who did not deliver. It has left me seriously disillusioned to what has happened to professional coaching.

I believe now more than ever if you want to be a coach, you have to know your coaching subject well, a few days or weeks training in one area is not going to cut it. So many coaches are trying to be someone they are not. Or failing to recognise areas of expertise they already have.

Every successful coaching or therapy business builds their business around the key product or products their ideal clients want and will buy. If not you don’t have a coaching business you are just creating a rather expensive hobby.

When successful coaches create products, the RIGHT products or services.

When you market the right products to the right clients you not just increase profit but increase your market influence.

With a massive growth in the health and wellness market, there is a wide range of products that coaches and therapists can pass on to their clients. But you need to have enough of a market that will buy.

Choose your products wisely especially if you are supplementing your income with actual physical products. For those of us that are therapists or healers, we can get bombarded by independent distributors and companies trying to sign us up as consultants.

Often promoting products they claim to have all sorts of powerful and magical properties. When the reality is most don’t do half they say they do.  Again choose products on quality, not simply on your profit market. It can seriously cost your business it’s professional reputation so try and test these products yourself.

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