Do you know your business’s gold, frankincencse and myrrh? We all know the story of how the baby Jesus was given the gifts of; Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Rich traditional gifts for a kind  from the three wise men.

Each one of us here on earth, have our own gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Our own beautiful gifts. I have always been a strong believer that you are here to share the gifts the universe has given you. But  we don’t always and recognise and appreciate those gifts. Sometimes we expect our gifts to come in a completely different way. Or were too busy focusing on someone else’s gifts we fail to use and develop our own blessings.

Gold; a very rich precious metal used for trade. We could look at our very own gold as those gifts or skills that help us pay our bills. The gold that helps provide for our family, our experiences or security we invest in. The gifts we trade every day, that we take for granted and the biggest commodity of any business. This includes what I call our Soul’s Essence.

Frankincense; is another very rich commodity. Frankincense’s many blessings include it’s natural healing, spiritual and grounding properties. Used in meditation, rituals and embalming by churches and temples it has very much an earthly and spiritual purpose. It’s essence of grounding, reminds me how much a holistic or spiritual business has to have strong roots. Like any business it needs a good foundation and a process to grow.

Myrrh; another spice fit for a king, the main ingredient of holy anointing oil. An expensive spice, an important trade ingredient used for making incense, perfume medicine, for embalming and anointing the dead. Like frankincense, myrrh is widely used sold for it’s healing properties.  Your Myrrh is the gifts you have that are deeply needed. And unless you educate your audience of the solution you and your products offer. Potential clients wont know the value of what you are offering or trading.

What Is Your Business’s Gold?

In life our health and well-being is our greatest commodity. In business our greatest commodity is those products, services that are most prized, most valued buy your clients or customers.

A healthy healing or spiritual business requires it’s own ritual. A process that uses the right places and ways to trade your greatest most sought after gifts, to those who will value and invest in it.

That includes building connection, trust and respect. One of the first ways to do this in an online business is buy using effective Lead Magnets. Lead Magnets not only help build up a better trust between you and your audience, but they are a great way to start growing your email list.

The biggest mistakes many businesses make is just focusing on the selling. They try and miss out building relationship or trust with their audience. If you aren’t as well know as the wise men you need to build your reputation.

If your ideal audience don’t clearly recognise why your product or service will help them, you have to educate them.  You have to share why your greatest gifts, products and services will make their quality of their life easier. The most effective way to do that is through an Effective Marketing Campaign. A powerful message that shines why your product or service is a worthwhile investment or gift.

One of the first ways to do this is buy using effective Lead Magnets this not only builds up a better relationship and connection but instantly starts to grow your email list. The biggest mistakes many businesses make is just focusing on the selling rather than the relationship or trust if you aren’t as well know as the wise men you need to build that reputation.

Eileen Burns is a Spiritual Business and Marketing Mentor.  A highly experienced coach, therapist and healer who began her own journey as a healer 25 years ago.


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