What is your Soul Purpose and Life purpose? What is the main difference between Soul Purpose and Life Purpose? How can we get more aligned with our purpose in our daily life and in our spiritual business?

What is the main difference between Soul Purpose and Life Purpose?

These are key topics I talk about when I am helping healers and coaches with their business and marketing. Knowing your life and soul purpose is so important in creating a spiritually successful business.

The words Soul Purpose and Life Purpose are actually terms used very loosely today. In many ways, there are different definitions of what they both mean. But both of their very nature is about helping someone live a life closer to their innate state. To live a more fulfilled life. To live with purpose is something that helps us do great things even in extreme situations. That’s why I love supporting healers and spiritual teachers reach more of the clients they are here to help.

I have lived with rare and chronic health challenges that seriously impact my quality of life from the age of 19. These challenges took me along a hard life path but also a path that I never dreamed would teach me so much. Some aspects of my life journey were extremely challenging, some of it very wonderful. Because despite having these challenges, I have got to live more and more of my life purpose. Study to be a healer, coach, therapist, and trainer. My health journey helped me wake up to my passion and purpose. It helped me to live each day with a sense of purpose.

Even the last 4 years as I ended up housebound due to rare sound sensitivity that triggers seizures. I have found fulfillment in living with purpose, doing what I believe is my life purpose. And living more of my soul purpose by helping others healers and coaches shine their light.

What Is My Life Purpose?

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Well, the way most people see Life Purpose is that thing that you DO that gives your life meaning. Actions that you take that help you be of purpose. In many ways, we are all living a life of purpose each day. The way we show up in our relationships, our families, friends, fulfilling specific roles or tasks at work.

But sadly too many people feel on some level they have no purpose. Some feel they have never found their life purpose as if it is lost, hidden, unseen. Because in many ways they believe or feel they are not living a purposeful life. They feel unfilled in their job, their relationships, even in the successes they have achieved. Because they feel they have actually not achieved or are not achieving something worthwhile.

Why You May Feel You’re Not Living A Purposeful Life

I meet so many people who are unhappy because they are not living their full purpose or a life of any fulfillment. Mainly because of distorted beliefs around what they think they need to be, should be.

In my role as a Stress Counsellor and Coach, I saw in all clients the lack of enough. This lack came in all sorts of disguises; the workaholics, adrenaline junkies, people-pleasers, martyrs, saboteurs… It shows up in us all, in so many different ways.

As a healer, I saw how this chronic unworthiness and lack manifested in dis-ease in both my own life and my clients.

I see so many issues around Life Purpose in my work with healers and coaches. Distorted perceptions and disconnection from our true nature leaves us feeling we are not enough. This can lead to all sorts of sabotaging behaviours, especially of trying to be something who we are not. In many ways, most people are looking in the wrong direction. They are not seeing the magic of their own purpose, too busy trying to have the gifts that someone else has. I see this a lot when I hear newbies to the industry tell me they’re an expert in a specific area where they have little or no experience in. They are too busy focusing on where they wish they were, what skills and expertise they wish they had. They are failing to see the power within their own innate gifts right now.

What Is My Soul Purpose?

Well, I believe your soul purpose is the natural expression of your light, your unique gifts. In many ways your magnificence in its full expression. If you do not recognise any elements of your soul gifts, you will find it more difficult to live your life purposefully. Your soul purpose is something your soul wants to express.

How To Find Your Soul Purpose

Finding your soul purpose is the ability to find more of the true essence of you. To let go of what is not you, so you can allow the authentic you to shine. To let your unique soul expression and soul’s gifts to shine through. What I call your Soul’s Essence.

Allowing your soul purpose to reveal it’s self is more about being rather than doing. Your soul purpose involves just being more of yourself. Letting go of old distortions, pain, and trauma that has hiding the real you. When we let go of the layers of distortion we allow the core of our soul’s essence to fully express its self. Which in many ways is so much more than you can possibly imagine.

Most of us are living such busy chaotic lives, that in many ways we are locked in our mental perceptions. We are very much driven by fear and trauma all things that suppress our truest nature of who we truly are. You will never find your soul purpose in the mental chaos only in a space of stillness or meditative contemplation.

The more time you spend in your daily life, in a state of meditation you leave room for your soul purpose to shine.

Ready To Step Into Your Souls Mission
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How To Live More Of Your Soul And Life Purpose

To live a more soulful and purposeful life I believe you need to be able to identify and own more of your soul’s gifts. You need to be able to be in a state of being rather than focus on doing all the time. You can only unravel more of your soul’s essence, when you are in a state of balance and harmony. That is another reason why meditation is an important tool every healer and spiritual coach should be using every day.

The ability to be still is an integral part of being a great healer or spiritual coach. But I see more and more people entering this sector who just use meditation as a means to achieve something. They use meditation just to feel calm or just to get some answers or spiritual guidance. They seem to miss the point that meditation is our natural state of being. A way to access more of our Soul’s Purpose

Finding My Life And Soul Purpose

As someone who has studied meditation for over 30 years and taught meditation for over 20 of those years. I wonder if meditation has been the one thing that has helped me live more of my life purpose and certainly more and more of my Soul’s Purpose.

So many people I know comment on how much passion I have for my work, how driven I am. Despite a variety of challenges especially so many neurological issues I have faced. Almost every day I feel driven by something beyond me.

In many ways I am living my life purpose from recognising more of my soul purpose. That is why I LOVE helping healers and spiritual business owners identify their Soul’s Gifts. I help them own and shine those gifts in their marketing. You need to be able to see your greatest gifts and strengths when choosing what niche of clients you are best suited to work with.

It is the main reason I have just launched my new coaching and healing programs Steps Into Your Soul’s Mission, a full 10-week support program where I help you deep dive into your soul gifts, life and soul purpose, life and soul’s mission

Start Living A Life With Purpose

Start living a life of soul-aligned purpose, give yourself the space to allow more of your soul gifts to shine. Take the necessary action to live your life purpose by being purposeful by sharing your unique gifts every day. God gave you your gifts for a reason it is your job to share them with your soul tribe, your soul clients that are looking for you.

Ready To Step Into Your Souls Mission
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