Evphoto-1456324504439-367cee3b3c32ery Successful Business Has A Clear Set Of Principles It Build’s It’s Success Upon

These Are The Basic Foundations Of Their Business

Here is Ten Basic Principles That Should Be At The Heart Of Your Spiritual Business.

  1. Do something you are passionate about?

Business isn’t easy it can be extremely challenging especially if you have been used to a regular guaranteed income.  But you will remain heart based and get through the challenging times much more healthier if you love what you do.

2. Offer a need in the market place  

Learn to niche, specialise by offering a specific solution a product or service to a niche audience

3. Research and know your market

Do your homework, understand your potential market, your niche audiences biggest challenges and interests; how you can connect with them, how you can help them.

4. Focus On Priority

Always focus on your top priorities, don’t wast time on frivolous things that aren’t as important.

5.Save a portion of your profit

(or income at the early stages of your business to cushion and or re-invest)

Many small business owners make the big mistake of not recognise they have to invest financially in their business, especially at the early stages. If you don’t invest your business can’t grow.

6. Invest in the most important tools and resources

Choose wisely invest in the tools and resources that will help you add value, will help maximise your profit and add a professional edge.

7. Use a business model that works for you and your type of business

A model that will help maximise your profit

8. Have a clear concise message in your branding and marketing

What you do has to be clear, your logo, your branding message must all unite together and should be so simplistic that a child can interpret it.

9. Use other’s expertise; you can’t do it all

Remember you can’t do it all, even if your on the lowest budget get friends, family who are more skilled in specific areas to help. If your struggling to do something in your business and are not willing to get someone else, you will need to learn how to do that, don’t hide your head in the sand. But with platforms like Fiverr.com you can get a logo. websites, seo, content writing for a very modest fee.

10. Offer great client/ customer service

Brilliant customer service will always go noticed, the little touches can make a huge impact to your customer and client. And so important in the caring, holistic and spiritual industry.

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