Top Tips For An Effective Link Building Strategy In Your Spiritual Business – How to create an effective link building strategy for your spiritual business without breaking the bank. Why a healthy link-building strategy can help improve your blog’s organic reach by improving its search engine optimisation.

What is Link Building?

What is link building and why is an effective blog and website link-building strategy an important element, helping you to grow your blog audience and increase organic traffic to your spiritual website?

Link building is a series of steps used to attain hyperlinks to your website, from external websites, and within your own platform.  A hyperlink is a web link to a data resource such as an icon, graphic, website, video, pdf, or mp3.

Effective link building for the spiritual business - How to  boost traffic and search engine optimisation through healthy link building
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Effective Link Building

Effective link-building is a core strategy helping you to increase your search engine ranking. To create a good quality link-building strategy for your spiritual business, it is important to understand the key elements of healthy link-building. These elements include a combination of natural organic link building and some high-quality paid linking.

Why Good Quality Links To Your Blog Or Website Are So Valuable

When someone links to your blog, they are recommending/supporting/referencing your work. Search engine spider bots tend to give preference to links from blogs and sites with higher domain authority and high-quality content. So linking to as many good quality sites as you can or appearing as a guest blogger, the greater the chances of increasing your own blog or website reach.

Professional B=logging For Spiritual Business - Healers, Spiritual Coaches
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Common Mistakes Spiritual Bloggers Make In Link Building

Common mistakes both holistic and spiritual bloggers make in link building are:

  1. Link Exchanges: Link swapping or link exchanges between sites or blogs where you link to someone’s blog or a site in exchange for a link to their website can be very detrimental. 3-way link building is far more beneficial, which is why if you have more than one website or other external platforms, it is better to use an A-B-C link exchange.
  2. Unhealthy Link Harvesting: Poor link harvesting that is just aimed at increasing SEO and not at linking to a high-quality, relevant content appropriate to your site and audience, is not beneficial in the long term.  I get approached on a regular basis to promote links to other blogs or brands to help increase their SEO or push their products. This is something I never do unless the links are appropriate, aligned and beneficial to my blog.
  3. Not creating high-quality blog content: Creating a high-quality blog or guest blog can be time-consuming, so it can be tempting to just write a short or low-quality blog just to share something on your website or blog page. As a blogger for over 22 years, good quality blog content, especially evergreen content, is worth its weight in gold. Creating a good quality blog is something that can keep on giving in relation to organic traffic, leads, client attraction, and financial conversion.  In 2019, it was estimated there were approx 572 million bloggers, although very few are writing high-quality content. As a spiritual healer, coach or teacher writing about spiritual topics or issues that you are an expert in, gives you the cutting edge.
  4. Not Having A Link-Building Strategy: Like everything, if you don’t have the right link building strategy you are more likely to struggle. Plan out the keywords, topics and niches you are trying to attract in your ranking.  List the blogs and websites that could help support you reach those rankings.
  5. Not Writing For Your Audience. When sharing as a guest blogger, it is important to write for the audience who will be reading the blog.  It is important that your blog aligns with that audience and the core values of that business. So make sure that you really do your research so that you understand the audience and the type of blogs that the site publishes. I have lost count of the number of blogs that I have been sent over the years that were not appropriate or relevant to my site. The content has to be aligned with that business and its audience.
  6. Having A Poor Outreach Strategy: One of the biggest mistakes many bloggers and link builders make when approaching other blogs or websites is having a very poor outreach strategy. I receive daily requests for link-building or guest posts and quite often the individual or brand sends a short, blunt email implying they are doing me a favour when they are in fact reaping the rewards from my higher rankings, As someone who has spent thousands of hours and pounds on strategies to improve my SEO on my blogs and sites, it can be extremely off-putting when another blogger or business assumes I will just do them a favour and put a link or guest post on my site, so they can reap high rewards for my investments, without offering any mutual support/reciprocation. Sharing and supporting each other in a genuine way adds real, authentic value to your business and can help you to build your audience/followers.  

Link-building can be highly effective when organically growing your business and blog site, especially if you have a low-advertising or no-advertising budget. It can be a great way to increase your reach and influence, possibly helping you to make new connections. But like everything, the right strategy can save you a lot of time, energy, and money. I don’t want you to make the mistakes I made, that is why I packed my “Blogging Course For Spiritual Entrepreneurs,” with my best blogging tips and tools acquired from over 20 years of tried and tested results.

Professional B=logging For Spiritual Business - Healers, Spiritual Coaches