Client Attraction Why Your Opinion Matters In Your Marketing. Why your Soul Tribe wants to know your ethics, values, those things that are important to you and your business.

You know when I am choosing a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, or Coach I am looking for Client Attraction. I want to choose a healer, teacher, coach that doesn’t just help solve the problem that I have but I want to work with someone that I feel aligned with.

If I am going to invest in a coach or a mentor, I want to know what makes you tick, I want to hear their opinions on certain things, especially things that are important to me.

Why Client Attraction Needs Client Connection

Your audience, your social media visitors, your website visitors need to feel connection and trust with you or your product. That know, like and trust is what makes someone buy from you rather than someone else.

But most of all they want you to be honest about who you are and what is important to you. I can do a google or social media search for a Spiritual Coach, Healer, or Teacher. But what makes someone STOP and look some more. It is some sort of impact and connection you have in your marketing. It may be the words you use, the imagery you use in your marketing, your story all of these things can tell me a lot. But what tells me more is when you share what matters to you, what you believe is important in your business.

Now I might not agree with everything you say. But the more honest you are, that gives me a feeling about not just you as a business, as a teacher or healer, but what you stand for. That helps gives me connection and trust or it helps me go and find someone else that is best suited to me.

Client Attraction Starts With Honesty

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I remember a few years ago interviewing different people to do admin work for me. They were all asked similar questions in regards to what type of tasks were they great at and not so great at. What tasks could they do quite quickly and what they just didn’t like doing?

And I remember most of them struggled to answer those questions honestly and right away. One said well I can do any tasks that need to be done. She was so eager to just please she missed the point.

Now what I was looking for was authenticity and genuinely wanting to know what they were good at. And what they weren’t that great at. As I had a lot of different types of work that I could get these admins to do. But I wanted to give the right tasks to the right people that is what a healthy successful business does.

But each was just so desperate to get the contract, they were trying to please me rather than being honest. So guess what I didn’t feel that TRUST so they lost that client attraction from me.

Client Attraction and Strong Opinions

Now I am in a Business Coaching Group for Women that, to be honest, I really don’t spend much time in. But what I do know about this Coach who runs the group, is she has a very strong opinion that anyone can be a Business Coach even if they have no experience or training about business.

Now in many ways, I am NOT her Soul Client and I totally disagree with this opinion for so many reasons. Now by me sharing that opinion with you, my readers I am not going to be concerned about not sharing my opinion. Why?

Because I know that is something that I feel strongly about, I believe that people should only be Coaching or Mentoring in areas that they have sufficient experience or training in. We are all allowed opinions and that’s what makes us all different.
Now if some of my readers really struggle with me having that opinion, they are highly likely NOT my Soul Clients. So am I concerned definitely NOT

Now some of you may be my clients and might not agree with me completely but if we are mostly aligned that is NOT going to get in the way.

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Why It Is Good To Not Please Everyone

The reality is, it’s never a good idea to try and please everyone. That is why you should know your niche, know your ideal audience and who is not.

Some readers will unsubscribe to my strong opinions I am not worried because I know I am being true to me and actually true for them. I am running a spiritual business and want to attract only the clients I most aligned to work with.

By being clear about some of my opinions in my business, I help people identify quite quickly if I am are the right fit or not. I am the same with my Stress Coach Training school I try to make it clear as possible who my courses are NOT for. For example, most of my training is not for students that are just looking for the fastest or cheapest course that will give you a certificate. My training is always about quality and depth of knowledge.

Stop worrying about what you should or shouldn’t say in your business. Your never going to be authentic, your never going to show the REAL YOU if you have to keep trying to censor yourself.

Client Attraction Equals Being Authentic

The reality is Soul Clients want you to be REAL want you to be human.

Client attraction does not require you to be PERFECT in many ways it requires you to be REAL

Spiritual Marketing is about being authentic, sharing your truth and your vulnerability.

NEVER be scared to have opinion, NEVER be scared that by having an opinion you are going to have some unsubscribers.

Your Soul Tribe will LOVE you for being you, not by trying to be someone else

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