Law Of Attraction – How To Attract More Ideal Clients

Law Of Attraction – How To Attract More Ideal Clients

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Attract Your Ideal Clients

There has been numerous books around the Law Of Attraction such as the Secret but most of them miss out key aspects of the Law Of Attraction. In many ways the most important secrets. I will explain this later… But how can you use the Law Of Attraction authentically to attract more of your ideal clients.

The principles of the law of attraction also known as LOA should be applied to all aspects of your life, business and marketing. Here are simple ways to apply the Law of Attraction to your business to attract lots of new clients.

how to attract more clients law of attraction

  1. Be Authentic – The law of attraction is about resonance, vibration, energy it is not totally about mindset. But in business it is about attracting your ideal client, which is about totally being yourself. Being yourself doesn’t require constant mindset work but letting go of what you are not. And then the recognition that you are enough. When you own all of you, accept all of you, you shine all of you. Then you are ready to start attracting clients who want a coach, healer, therapist or teacher just like you. Be authentic in not just your business but your marketing. Don’t try to make yourself something your not. Shine what you are.
  2. Be Grateful Appreciate and value your skills, appreciate every facebook like, comment, share. Appreciate deeply every client you ever had and have. Appreciate everything about your business all the lessons and challenges as well as how lucky you are to be able to do what you Love! If you don’t LOVE what you do, well something needs tweaking or changing. You should love your work so much that you just know this is what you are here to do. When you focus on what you love it raises your vibration and it shines back at you.
  3. Be Honest– So many coaches and therapists in today’s climate are more struggling and stressed out. They often make bad unwise decisions because they are in fear mode. Many panic when things get a bit slow and they just go out and do any or every type of training putting out anything or everything that they hope may sell. What are you great at and what are you not so great at, be totally honest with yourself. Where do you need more training or not? When we delude ourselves or are in a state of resistance, we are consciously or unconsciously vibrating at a level of fear. Here mindset can be helpful but even mindset cant cover the truth. If your putting yourself out as an expert when your not well what do you think you will vibrate, Maybe you have the skills and expertise but not the confidence. Get some help address underlying issues, we are all a work in progress its so important we are walking the talk and recognising our own stuff.
  4. Dream With An Open Mind– Goals and dreams are a must but allow them to have open doors and open paths. The universe always knows much more than we do and if we leave our dreams open to the magic of opportunities and synchronicity well you will open yourself up to more than you can imagine. Don’t be tempted to set old fashioned coaching goals that are so set in stone,  that you fail to see much bigger and better opportunities. Remember energy is about openness and flow.
  5. Open Your Heart – Always focus on being of service, doing the best for your clients, offering what you are great at. When you focus on this you will bring in abundance some people get so focused around the money, that they bring all their unconscious fears and beliefs with them. Most people want more money because they feel they lack money, lack security…lack brings more lack.
  6. Be A Calm Coach Or Therapist– Make sure you are resonating more calm and peace, than chaos or confusion. Sadly more and more therapists and coaches  in the industry are coming across more desperate and stressed-out than successful and relaxed. Because they feel they need to compete for clients. Remember it is all about resonance if you are in a state of fear and anxiety about not getting enough clients. Or if your unsure about your services, programs or skills, Well this is what you will vibrate out. Remember if you are a health or life coach or a holistic therapist, you are there to guide and support clients by example.
  7. Set Your Goals From Stillness this is one of the most aspects of the Law Of Attraction that most books miss out or don’t explain enough on. As I mentioned above when we vibrate consciously or unconsciously lack or fear, not enough…we get the same. When we want something so much, when we want something so desperately we contract it, we can lower its resonance. When we believe we already have enough but would like to experience whatever, it is much easier to attract. That is why money often goes to money. And why you should always set your goals from a place of stillness and deep peace, from a deep meditative state.  My suggestion is never just meditate to get answers, to set a goal. Use meditation as a pure intention, make meditation something you do regularly so you resonate from a much deeper state of peace. Then here and there put out your intention.
  8. Heal Old Pain And Conditioning – You attract what your resonating, if you are holding on to pain, old conditioning and fear. No matter how many affirmations you say mentally you have to address your unconscious energy, your blockages. We hold som much in the cellular memory of our body and our energy fields that we are consciously not aware of. Inner Child Work is a fantastic way to do this.

So many of us go into this industry because of own health challenges or life changing situations. It is important that we put our own self care or well-being first. But sadly there are more burnt out or struggling life coaches and therapists than ever. A major reason I am offering you this FREE Download & Video Course 10 Successful Steps For Coaches 

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    • Thanks Rebecca, I think stillness is a problem for most people especially today but the more we learn how to access that deep peace we find it easier to engage with it. And yes I think as we age we want to perhaps go there more

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