3 Ways To Get Soul-Aligned In Business. So you are building your business around your purpose. Top tips to get out of your head and into your soul to create a more soul-aligned business and heart-based business for 2024.

As the world begins to wake up and wants to break free from the old constructs, deceit, and illusions in every area of society even in the health and spiritual industry. The world needs more and more entrepreneurs who want to create and grow a truly soul-aligned business. A business that holds the energetic blueprint of the business principles and values they want to see for the new earth.

Now more than ever people are taking their power back, not just giving it away or believing everything they are told, they are becoming much more discerning. In many ways a lot of businesses built on this illusion are starting to struggle, they are losing their power. While more soul-aligned businesses are gaining in strength and momentum, here are some tips to help you get more soul-aligned in your heart-based or spiritual business today.

3 Ways To Get Aligned In Your Business And Purpose
3 Ways To Get Soul-Aligned In Business 4

3 Ways To Get Soul-Aligned In Your Business

Build A Deep Connection With Your Heart and Soul :

Soul-aligned in business means getting soul-deep. The deeper you can connect with yourself at a heart and soul level, the easier it is to be guided at a soul level. You are also less likely to be energetically highlighted by other things that are not of the highest light, truth, or for the greatest good of all concerned.

Although I teach a variety of spiritual tools that help my clients and students get more soul-aligned.

I believe the most important are meditation, heart-based prayers, and following your heart. Doing what fills your heart so much that you would do it for free every single day, is what heart and soul-aligned means.

Identify Your Business’s Top Values:

Getting soul-aligned as an entrepreneur involves getting aligned with your and your brand’s core values. This is one of the most powerful ways to build a really strong soul connection with your audience and the best way to attract soul clients.

Knowing and sharing your brand’s top values with your audience is a powerful way to build deeper connections and trust. More than ever people want to buy from authentic brands, with strong integrity.

Heal Your Biggest Wounding:

Healing your biggest wounds in your life will help you make big shifts in creating a more soul-aligned business. Our wounding and trauma disconnect us from our true spiritual essence and spiritual power.

The more we can heal, the more soul-aligned we can become. We are all a work in progress, so no matter if you have been working on yourself for 10, 20, or 30 years there is always more that you can let go of.

Identifying your inner child wounds and dominant archetypal traits that are sabotaging your life and business is one of the most powerful things you can do.

Knowing your biggest sabotaging behaviours and shadow traits gives you something specific to focus on in the year ahead.

One powerful way you can identify some of the shadows in your spiritual business is by identifying your brand’s most dominant archetype. Take my Spiritual Brand Quiz To Find Out

Brand Personality Quiz For Healers
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Survival Archetypal Traits That STOP Us Getting Soul Aligned

Inner Child Shadows

Both the wounded and orphan child can keep us stuck in childish, immature behaviours that prevent us from growing up spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

A child that never faces the dark always hides away or stays awake in the dark. A child that steps through the dark, accesses their light, courage, and power. For example, the wounded orphan child can bring to their business and work, the energy and behaviour of being an outsider. They may bring to situations a certain aloofness, fear, or even judgment, seeking from others what they need to give themself.

The wounded eternal child doesn’t want to take self-responsibility for their action or inaction, their tantrums or stubbornness. Like an impatient child, they may want everything now. Seeking the rewards without the required dedication, discipline, or investment. Which may be financial, mental, emotional, or even physical.

How The Victim and Saboteur Archetype Can Sabotage Your Success

The shadow aspect of the victim archetype likes to keep us small, powerless, and dependent on others. In its light form, the victim archetype helps us become more aware, compassionate, and enduring. In its dark aspect, it keeps us in fear, stuck in the past or ruminating about the future. It is good at convincing us someone or something is more powerful, stronger, than us. The more soul-aligned we all become, the more we break free from the shackles of victimhood.

The Saboteur Archetype will continue to sabotage your life and success until you face those demons. It shows up as those addictions and unhealthy behaviours, from everything to unhealthy food to procrastination, poor time management, not keeping your commitments or promises. Like the shadow aspects of the victim, the saboteur archetype in its shadow form is scared of its power and where that power will lead.

How The Prostitute Archetype Can Sabotage Your Values

The shadow traits of the prostitute archetype are one of the strongest at sabotaging values and integrity. Where one literally sabotages themself; sells their soul, ethics, and values just to make money, have financial security, gain popularity or a title.

It is what goes behind doors, what you are not 100% truthful about, what you do just to gain what you want in life our business. From copying someone else’s content to being dishonest about your experience or results based on low self-worth and lack of belief in one’s self.

How To Be Authentic In A Soul-Aligned Business
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Eileen Burns is a Soul-Aligned Business Coach, Healer and Therapist who is passionate about helping spiritual and holistic businesses fully step into their passion and purpose with more strength and ease.