What Is Spiritual Discernment? And what is Discernment? Why are both discernment and spiritual discernment such an important part of your spiritual journey and your spiritual business?

Spiritual Discernment?

Spiritual Discernment is regarded as the ability to see the truth, the wisdom of god, the creator. So how does spiritual discernment apply to your business and your spiritual growth?

Well, let’s break it down.

What Is Discernment?

Discernment is regarded as the ability to judge well. It is a skill that assists us to make wise decisions in our life. It is a necessary skill in every aspect of our life and business. And an important skill if you are any sort of teacher, therapist, or healer.

Spiritual Discernment In Our Day To Day Life

On one level you could say that Spiritual Discernment is our ability to see the wisdom of God, to see the love of God, and lack of separateness. On a human level, we can struggle to fully comprehend or know this truth. Even those who have attained what some may say is a higher level of awareness or enlightenment are still only seeing the universe through a certain amount of human consciousness. None of us is the all-seeing eye, we don’t have all the answers, all the insights. But we still have choices and decisions to make on a daily basis that require wisdom and discernment.

Discernment is a skill we must develop and apply if we truly want to be any sort of spiritual teacher, healer, or mentor. Especially to ensure we do no harm and are working for the highest good. But the facts are discernment is not always easy for a variety of reasons.

Difficulties With Discernment2

Naivety And Innocence

Now one of the difficulties with discernment is that naivety and innocence can lead many of us to trust everything and everyone we are presented with. For example, I like you came into the healing and spiritual journey in search of answers and healing. I initially put total trust in those that were helping me, teaching me until my awareness woke me up. I began to recognise that every healer and teacher’s beliefs and stories were just their perspectives. Beliefs based on their level of awareness, knowledge, and experience just like my own.

Not necessarily the truth or the whole truth. I sadly also learned, that not all that was being taught was safe or effective for the client and that ” a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous”. So often the skill of discernment comes after learning very hard but valuable lessons. For me, it is one of the reasons for certain help I like to check out someone’s not just level of training, experience and who they trained with. But their insights, their testimonials, and guarantees.

It is also one of the reasons I came to realise you should never give over your power or discernment to anyone else, especially your health, well-being, and spirituality. It is far wiser to find your own answers as much as possible.

The Practice of Discernment Quote Glenda Gleen
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Illusion and Delusion

Sadly in the modern world, there is so much illusion and delusion on so many levels it can be difficult sometimes to discern what is actually real or fake.

All we need to do is to see the number of blogs written on the internet on topics by those who clearly have no understanding of the subjects they write about. On the opposite side, there is so much censorship and attempts to push down anything that goes against the status quo by those with certain powers, especially alternative options to the pharmaceutical industry. That even many highly qualified practitioners are getting censored regularly by social media for trying to post the benefits of holistic approaches.

Many of us in the holistic industry is now at the mercy of big tech censorship on social media. The amount of health, wellness, and spiritual pages and accounts, and channels being censored or shut down have dramatically increased. Look at how much truth and facts are actually getting stamped as fake. I have lost count of the amount of medical research journal papers I have shared around holistic studies that have been deemed as fake or not facts. Facebook has threatened me so many times to lower my reach and shut down my pages.

Yes, there is a lot of bogus information on the internet by individuals with no actual knowledge or genuine evidence in the areas they write about. One of the reasons I vet a lot of the guest bloggers I have on my health and wellbeing sites. Because every week I get sent blogs by health and well-being bloggers writing about subjects they clearly have no understanding about. In many cases, many of them make claims that can be quite scary and dangerous when it comes to people’s health.

But the bigger problem is many people believe what they read, they don’t know what is fact or fiction and often don’t know that one type of Diploma may have taken someone a couple of years of university-level study while another one was gained over a handful of hours by a totally online self-study course.

Discernment and Spiritual Discernment In Business

On the spiritual journey and in the spiritual business we often do more unlearning than learning. And the more aware or awakened we become we recognise the types of behaviors, work, or teachings that just fed the ego than the spiritual truth.

In our human identification, we make so many decisions based on our perception of lack and fear, our egoic wants and desires not always our spiritual and souls desire. Especially when much of the modern world especially the working, business, and marketing world has been based on very unspiritual and dishonest narratives. Cultures that we have become so conditioned in, that we take as the norm.

Just look around at how dishonest and highly manipulative business and marketing have become since the ’50s and ’60s. Thousands of false claims and promises are sold every single day in the holistic, spiritual, and coaching industry. No wonder so many heart-based and spiritual business owners are repelled by so many forms of advertising and marketing. This was the main reason I moved into Spiritual Marketing.

Discernment and Spiritual Discernment has never been so lacking but so important in our line of work.

Spiritual Discernment Applying Spiritual Discernment In Your Business
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Spiritual Discernment As A Spiritual Teacher

As a spiritual teacher, spiritual mentor or spiritual coach discernment and spiritual discernment have to be paramount in not just our work but our life. We don’t need to be perfect or superhuman but we need to be coming from a place of integrity, authenticity, and wisdom. And take the time to switch off from the hypnotic and subliminal dialogue and noise we are exposed to every single day.

It can be very tempting to take the easy path rather than path less travelled in the healing and coaching sector today. Especially with fast-track training that seduces you with a title or certificate for about a tenth of the time, energy or money you would normally need to invest.

Then comes the bombardment of so many different and distorted spiritual teachings. Teachings so far from the original sacred teachings to suit the Western and modern palette that they have lost their essence.

One reason why I encourage my own clients and students to always question things and develop those discernment muscles. It is important to question things in his industry not just follow blindly what we are told is the truth.

Discernment As An Empath

As a highly sensitive empath who can be easily overshadowed energetically by other strong opinions, I know how important personal discernment is. How discernment is something that comes within not externally from someone else.

But even the most intuitive of us can struggle to differentiate between what feels right or true for us and what is the opinion or energy of others. It is too easy for empaths with unhealthy boundaries to become confused by the opinions of others. But if you truly want to live a more spiritually led life and business, you need to start using those discernment muscles.

Spiritual Discernment And Money

Spiritual Discernment and money. Spiritual Discernment and the energy exchange of money.

To me, discernment does not just applies to our values, and our ethics but the decisions and exchanges we make every day in our business. The integrity we have in our heart, our training, the way we value and treat not just our clients but the way we value others we get advice, help, and buy from.

Why do so many heart-based and spiritual businesses struggle in this area?

Why do so many heart-based and spiritual businesses struggle with charging? 

And why is what we charge such a huge debate? As not only a heart-based holistic and spiritual business owner but a big consumer in this area. I have come to see many different sides of this debate.

I know too well if you don’t charge a certain price for your products and services well your business won’t not only survive but won’t grow.

But equally, I see businesses that struggle to get any clients because their prices are too low or too high. Their prices do not match what their ideal audience is willing to pay for that product or service. Too many are being told by their training schools to charge a certain price point but when they try they can’t get any clients or very few they won’t survive.

Some training schools tell their students they should not charge any less than what they state as a simple marketing ploy. A marketing ploy that can convince you and them into believing that their training is worth a certain amount. And of course, it is vital to value your skills and training. But the reality is you can only charge what your ideal client is willing to invest or believes3.3 your product or service is worth. Often it is much better to choose to charge what you feel you are strongly guided to charge. Because every single therapist, coach, and healer has a different audience, I have sadly many therapists and coaches who have gone for years with just a hand full of clients because of pricing their products out of what their market was willing to invest.

Discernment Around Money And Charging

As a heart-based, holistic, and spiritual business owner, I have to hold my hands up high and say yes constant undercharging has been an issue for me. I have been a high consumer of the holistic and spiritual sector for 30 years. Someone who spent a huge part of their income on false promises and at times a lot of misinformation.

So on one level, I was frozen into an unconscious belief that on some level many of these clients were similar to me. On an unconscious level, I believed they had been duped like me, and spent thousands of pounds on treatments that were a complete waste of time and money. When most of the time this was so far from the truth.

I also have found it interesting when I might healers and coaches who want to grow their businesses and be paid. Want to learn how to market and build their business but don’t believe they should pay very much for this level of expertise. When in many situations the levels of knowledge and skills in this area requires to create a successful business in many ways is something that is far more costly to learn in time and money than many therapies and coaching. It is funny where we see the value and where we don’t and how sometimes we see our own skillset worth a certain amount but not others who are an important missing piece of wisdom and skills for a successful business.

Other than valuing our own gifts, it is important that as a spiritual business, we value other people’s gifts. You value and honour your logo designer, your web designer, your copywriter, your VA, and even all those freebies you signed up for. If we grudge or do not value or appreciate any investments we make in our business or spiritual growth we can struggle to attract the same back. Were not just omitting spiritual discernment but we are coming from a place of lack, a place of separateness.

Spiritual Discernment And Trust

When we apply more spiritual discernment in every business and day-to-day decision we are coming from a place of trust. With trust comes flow, which creates more energy and growth.

Even though we are at an amazing time in the world where people are awakening and evolving spiritually so fast. The reality is we are all is at different stages of our spiritual growth. Every healer, coach, and therapist is offering a different level of product or service.

Some of you have dedicated a lifetime to not just your career but your spiritual growth. Like me, you may have probably spent a mortgage on training and growth. Others may be more new or part-time, into this work done a few courses here and there.

You are all unique, you all have different levels of skills, experience, and clients. You all have a unique purpose that requires different levels of discernment and spiritual discernment. But the more you know yourself, your gifts, and your purpose. The more you ask for spiritual guidance every single day, discernment and spiritual discernment will become more natural to you.

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