How To Be Authentic In Your Coaching Business Or Therapy Business. How to be authentic in your marketing.

So what does being authentic in your coaching business and marketing really mean? Building any business has its challenges. Building a business in an industry that seems saturated can seem even more challenging, especially when you are in many ways the product, the service.

But it is far easier to stand out and be successful when you are authentic in your coaching business or therapy. Because you are more likely to attract your ideal clients, clients that you are a perfect match for.

We Are Conditioned To Be Anything But Authentic

But the problem with being authentic is that most of us are actually conditioned to be anything but authentic, anything but ourselves. We are conditioned to be what our society, culture, education, family expects us to be. And we are so identified with the ego of our human self, that we are not that aware of our spiritual self.

Most business and marketing tactics are based on generic hype, they actually encourage dishonesty and over-exaggeration on the benefits of what you provide. Implying that even one coaching session can literally change someone’s life as if all of a sudden all of their life challenges have disappeared overnight. But that very reason is why your audience want you to be authentic not highly manipulative or unethical but transparent.

Your Ideal Clients Need You To Be Authentic In Your Coaching Business

Consumers more than ever are fed up with unethical manipulation and dishonest claims. So many are sick and tired of programs and products that never deliver, by coaches that are not the experts they claim to be.

They want a coach that is real, a coach that is human, a coach that has took the time to do the right training, to know their subject but who is real. They want a coach that they can relate to, understand, feel a deep connection to. Not someone they feel intimated by or suspicious of.

Your Ideal Clients Need You To Be Authentic In Your Marketing

But sadly too many coaching schools are still teaching new coaches very outdated business and marketing approaches. That are based on views like fake it to you make it, focus only on the highest paying clients. And that is why so few health, wellness, and life coaches fail to survive.

They are building a business on who they would like to be or feel they have to be rather than on who they already are.

Success Starts With Being  Authentic In Your Coaching Business

There is only one you and as long as you actually have good coaching skills and enough expertise in the area your coaching you have the first important ingredients.

The next step is to build your coaching business around your strengths, NOT your weaknesses. It is easy to believe you have to be like everyone else in business and that’s so not true.

I built my own business of over 20 years around my uniqueness, my unique strengths, and around many big vulnerabilities, many disabilities and health challenges. Many times I have had to do things a lot differently than other businesses because of those challenges.

Standing Out Needs Authentic Marketing

If you want to stand out from the crowd in what appears to be a very busy market you need to know you, really know you. Have the ability to really know your strengths and be willing to be honest about your weaknesses.

When you really know yourself, when you’ve done a lot of inner work it’s much easier to shine in your marketing. That’s one of the reasons I love combining more spiritual marketing with archetypal marketing with experienced healers who have been in the industry on working on themself for many years.

It’s much easier to see and own the light and shadow aspects of you when you have spent decades doing lots of spiritual and inner work. But it is equally rewarding when someone new to the industry can start to see themself in ways they never imagined but actually rings true.

Stop Copying What Other’s Do In Their Marketing

So the next time you’re tempted to just copy what someone else seems to be doing in their business, in the marketing ask does this really feel like you?

The next time a marketer suggests you write something in your sales copy that you know isn’t true, isn’t you, be honest your business is about you. Your business is selling you, no one else but the unique you.

Top Tips On How To Be Authentic In Your Coaching Business

  1. Understand your human self much better
  2. Understand your spiritual self much better
  3. Identify your biggest strengths
  4. Don’t be ashamed of your weaknesses, be aware and honest about them.
  5. Make sure you invest in effective coaching training, believe me jus adding the word coach to what you do doesn’t make you a coach. Doing a fast track coaching course doesn’t make you a coach.
  6. Coaching in a niche that is based on one of your greatest skills
  7. Focus on your ideal clients, clients that you are best suited to serve.

The Power Of Being Honest And Authentic In Your Coaching Biz

The truth is when you are completely honest and authentic in your coaching or therapy business you naturally stand out. When you own your quirkiness your differences you begin to shine. When you work from heart and spirit you lose your need to pretend to be someone or something else.

The holistic and spiritual coaching industry needs more than ever less ego and more integrity. Like a lot of things in life your audience, your potential clients, and customers want connection. If your a coach, healer, or therapist most of your business depends on you. Your business depends on your gifts, skills, your uniqueness. In many ways, you are selling that uniqueness.

I spent a large part of the last 20 years as a teacher in this industry. I constantly saw coaches, therapists and healers compare them-self to everyone else. Desperately wanting to be someone else, failing to embrace and master their own beautiful gifts and talents.

The Most Spiritually Successful Coaches

The most spiritually successful coaches and healers just do what they are here to do. These therapists and coaches have the courage to honour who they are, and demonstrate that effectively in their marketing.

authentically you in your coaching therapy business

But so many coaches and therapists want to run before they can walk. They are not focusing on their greatest strengths, not practicing what they preach. Many selling themself as masters, experts, teachers in areas they have little experience in. They are marketing who they want to be rather than who they are right now.

When you start being more authentic, you naturally start attracting your ideal clients and even better soul clients. The clients you are ready to work with and the clients who want to work with you, because you are being YOU.

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