How To Be Authentic In Your Coaching Or Therapy Business. How to be authentic in your marketing.

So what does being authentic in your coaching business and marketing really mean? How can you show up and be authentic in your coaching biz  without having to share everything about your life or spend hours taking selfies on social media?

Being Authentic In Your Coaching Business

Building any business has its challenges. Building a coaching business in the coaching industry today is not easy. Especially when you truly want to be more authentic in your coaching business. When you want to be more soul-aligned, and truly make a difference not entangled in the superficial coaching industry that seems to be creating further societal problems.

Being truly authentic in your coaching not helps you attract your ideal clients and soul clients. It helps you stand the test of time in an industry that has become very fickle and superficial.

In an industry that in some ways has become so over commercialized that in some ways it feels like everyone and their grannie is now a coach.

Being authentic in your coaching, healing or even therapy is so important and is so needed today.

We Are Conditioned To Be Anything But Authentic

The problem with being authentic in your coaching and being authentic in marketing today is that most of us are actually conditioned to be anything but authentic, be anything but ourselves.

We are conditioned to be what our society, culture, education, or even family expects us to be.

As humans, we are so identified with the ego of our human self, that we are not that aware of our true self, our spiritual self.

It can take a lot of deep inner work to start to really recognise and get to know ourselves, we are all works in progress. As a coach for over 20 years, I am still letting go of who I am not, to reveal more and more of who I truly am, especially in my marketing.

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Why Most Marketing Conditions Us To Be In Authentic

Most business and marketing tactics today especially in the coaching industry are based on highly manipulative over-hyped programming and marketing . You just need to look at the modern superficial culture of filtered selfies and glossy over-sexualised photo shots and false promises that have become normalised in the coaching market and sadly now the spiritual sector.

Not exactly great examples of being authentic in your coaching marketing.

Your ideal audience especially your soul audience yearns for you to be not just authentic in your coaching but in your marketing.

Your Clients Need You To Be Authentic In Your Coaching Business

Too many consumers today are tired of the over-hype, the lack of transparency, manipulation, and dishonesty that has grown in the coaching industry.

For example the explosion of poor fast-track training, coaches that aren’t really coaches who just add the word coach to their name so they can charge coaching prices. The coaches that are disingenuous only interested in 5k or 10k months than how transparent they are being.

Today people want a coach that is real, a coach that is human, a coach that has taken the time to do the right training, to know their subject but who is real? They want a coach with that they can truly relate to, feel aligned with, feel a deep connection with.

Your Clients Need You To Be Authentic In Your Marketing

But sadly too many coaching schools are still teaching new coaches very outdated business and marketing approaches. Those based on views like fake it to you make it or focus only on the highest paying clients.

And that is why so many coaches, health, wellness, and life coaches struggle to reach success or survive in the long-term

They are building a business on who they would like to be or feel they have to be rather than on who they already are. Being authentic in your coaching gives you a natural edge, and it also makes business less stressful. Because being authentic in your coaching business is less taxing. It is far easier to be yourself than try to be someone else.

Success Starts With Being  Authentic In Your Coaching Business

There is only one of you and as long as you are actually a  genuine coach, with the right type of coaching skills, for your ideal audience, the right niche, and the right marketing strategy.

You have the potential for great success from being authentic in your coaching business. When you build your coaching business around your strengths, your greatest areas of expertise.

I built my own coaching business of over 20 years around my uniqueness, my unique strengths, and around many big vulnerabilities, even around many disabilities and health challenges.

Many times I did things a lot differently than other businesses because of those challenges which were part of my authenticity.

Standing Out Needs Authentic Marketing

If you want to stand out from the crowd in what appears to be a very busy market you need to know you, really know you.

When you really know yourself, when you’ve done a lot of inner work it’s much easier to shine in your marketing. That’s one of the reasons I love teaching coaches and healers more about archetypes and spiritual marketing. This a way to help you be more authentic in your coaching, fully own and recognise some of your greatest gifts and traits.

Top Tips On How To Be Authentic In Your Coaching Business

  1. Get to know your authentic self
  2. Deepen your soul connection
  3. Identify your biggest strengths and traits
  4. Don’t be ashamed of your weaknesses, be aware and honest about them.
  5. Invest in the right coaching skills
  6. Coach in a niche that is based on your zone of genius
  7. Focus on soul clients.
  8. Be Authentic In Your Coaching
  9. Be Authentic In your Branding And Marketing

How To Be Authentic In Your Coaching

The Power Of Being Honest And Authentic In Your Coaching Biz

The truth is when you are completely honest and authentic in your coaching or therapy business your rawness, and your humanness helps you naturally stand out. Helps your audience feel you are the real deal.

Coaching a client is an honour, a privilege, it is important for your audience to know you genuinely have their best interests at heart.

Being authentic in your coaching helps you get into a natural state of flow with your clients and your zone of genius.

Your coaching business depends on your gifts, skills, your uniqueness. In many ways, you are selling that uniqueness.

The Most Spiritually Successful Coaches

The most spiritually successful coaches and healers I know show up, focus on their zone of genius and just do what they are here to do. Those that struggle spend too much focus on what everyone else is doing than identifying their greatest gifts, their life and soul purpose.

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Ho to Be your Authentic Self