Poor Marketing -Are You Marketing Like Primark When You Need To Be Marketing Like Marks and Spencers? 

Marketing Plan Showing Development Planning And Advertising Strategy

Marketing Plan

Branding and Marketing is a million dollar business and is based on the clever use of colours, design, psychology and strategy.

Companies spend millions getting into the psyche of their ideal clients so you notice their adverts, browse their shop or online catalogue and then buy their products.

Buying from a coach, healer or therapist isn’t that much different, except you are a fundamental part of that product and service and what you resonate.

If you are a coach or therapist who is trying to sell their services at high end prices, you need to back that up. Part of that is making a great first impression online this means highly effective quality marketing aimed at your right client audience. But so many coaches and healers don’t even know who is their ideal clients or the most profitable clients in this industry, soul clients.

Why Poor Marketing Creates Client Doubt?

Potential clients want to see evidence you are the real deal. They are unlikely to pay high end prices to a coach or therapist who has very poor marketing. Who is trying to sell from a cheap, nasty or even worse FREE website.

Potential clients are not going to take you seriously if your online marketing presence doesn’t look professional or if your poor marketing don’t make the effort to give them the information they want or need.

Poor marketing can actually make you look like an amateur or someone who doesn’t take their practice seriously.

Potential clients are not going to pay high end spa prices to a therapist who offers their treatments or sessions in their spare bedroom. Or just because you say you coaching, therapy or treatments are the most effective.

Think about your own consumer decisions from where you buy your groceries, clothes or that restaurant you eat out in or salon you get your hair done.

These are all unconscious consumer based decisions you make every day, that you rarely think about. But each purchase is made with different underlying motives of why you choose that particular product or service. And it is mainly on small things that encourage that know, like and trust factor.

Think about why you choose each specific purchase from your weekly food shopping, to your cosmetics, toiletries, clothes, a night out…

What are the main factors; cost, quality, ethics or values, prestige, experience?

These are all the subconscious or conscious reasons that may make or break a buying decision from potential clients.

Here are some top tips to market your therapy business more successfully

And if your marketing is all wrong you are probably losing out on all the right clients, that are ready to buy the services you have in offer.

If your just hoping or guessing with your marketing. Try out some of my amazing cost effective step by step spiritual marketing courses and my exclusive membership specifically tailored to the holistic and spiritual coaching and therapy industry. You can also check out my latest FREE courses and downloads.

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