Marketing is any form of media that is used to help share your product or service.

To stand out on the world wide web you need to add some magic to your marketing to seriously get noticed.

Especially as most marketing is promoted online through social media, websites and directories. But in a saturated marketing where everyone seems to be struggling to attract clients.

How do you get noticed?

How can you encourage potential clients to come to us instead of someone else.

  1. You need to know your ideal client. If you don’t know your ideal audience your wasting a lot of time, energy and money just guessing. Invest in finding out who your ideal client is.
  2. You have to shine; and that means knowing what makes your product or service different or more unique. And use as many strategies to add magic to you marketing  so you stand out from the crowd. If you are a coach, healer or therapist you may be offering the same type of healing or therapy as your neighbour, so know what makes you different.
  3. You have to understand what motivates your client to buy

  4. Educate your potential client what your product or service helps to solve?

  5. If you are a therapist or coach the client has to trust you so sharing your expertise, your years of experience and qualifications will build up more credibility.

  6. Your product or service has to stand up to its promises, so sharing testimonials encouraging clients reviews will help increase confidence.

  7. The client has to believe your product or service is value for money; explain what is included in your product or service and what to expect.

  8. Your product or service has to be easily accessible or available to that client. Include on your website, facebook and promotion literature location and availability.

  9. The product or service has to be promoted in places that will be seen by these right clients. Make sure you advertise online where your typical client will go looking for you or come across you, don;t rely on just one form of online marketing, consider when and where your client hangs out and make sure they will be able to see what you offer. Offering free support in forums, groups, free talks at events or places where your client hangs out is a great way to reach your audience.

When you add magic to your marketing, you help bring your essence alive, your message travels clearer and further.

If you really want to add magic to your marketing for 2017 I have an amazingly packed 21 Steps Of Magical Marketing- a spiritual  marketing course for therapists and coaches. Check It Out


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