Why designing a website, building a website you love isn’t enough to get clients to your business. Sadly too many small businesses assume creating a website will automatically get them traffic. But this is so not true

Okay, you have created or designed a website. Or you have hired a website designer to build and design a Website for you. But you still aren’t attracting enough clients, enough sales, enough website traffic.

Why Building And Designing A Website Isn’t Enough

Designing and building a website is just the start of getting your website to attract clients and customers. Website marketing is about getting enough of the right traffic and 6attracting enough of the right audience into clients. But you simply aren’t getting enough traffic never mind any clients. What can you do?


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Building, Designing A Website But No One Can Find You

You spend a big part of your marketing budget hiring a web design agency to design a website you love. Or spend weeks or months building a website yourself. But no one seems to be able to find you.

This is a very common mistake many small businesses make. Building and designing a website is just the beginning of making a website work for you.

Making sure your website has good SEO Search Engine Optimisation and effective Call To Action to encourage visitors to leads is just as important.

It is like investing in an expensive computer for your business but not putting the right information in and not connecting it to the proper power supply.

You’ve made the initial investment and it can make you money, but you need to program with the right information. You need to connect it to the right search engines and social media platforms so people can find you.

Building Or Designing A Website Is Only The First Step

The building or designing of a website or Facebook page is only the first step toward creating an effective marketing strategy for your spiritual business. But even that first step of creating and building a website has to be done right.

What You Need To Know About Building And Growing A Website

Tips On Building, and Designing A Website

    1. Check if your Website is fit for purpose, sadly many small business owners spend a fortune on designing a website that isn’t fit for purpose. A website has to be designed for unique business needs. A website has to attract and convert website viewers into leads and clients.
    2. On the internet, the World Wide Web you have got to start driving traffic (potential customers) to your website. Implement effective SEO, which includes building links and submitting regularly to Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The more you do this early on in your business the more likely you will start attracting clients more organically through your website.
    3. Your website has to speak and connect to your ideal audience, your ideal clients, soul clients, and soul tribe. Your ideal customer who wants, needs, will buy,. and can access your services. So if you want to create an impactful and authentic spiritual brand one powerful way to do that is a Spiritual Archetypal Brand, you can identify your spiritual archetypal brand in Eileen’s Spiritual Brand Quiz
    4. Your website has to have a clear message that speaks to your audience, that helps them understand what you are offering. This may sound simple, but many holistic and spiritual sites are not clear about what they are actually selling. Remember most people only spend seconds browsing a website so make sure what you offering is clear. A marketing message should be so simple and clear a child would understand what you offer.
    5. When designing a website, you have to design a website that is easy to read, easy to navigate, and easy for viewers to find the information they are looking for. They shouldn’t have to search through a lot of links to find what they need.
    6. Is your website professional, does it SELL or REPEL? When you design a website yourself it can be difficult to be objective. If you are selling a professional or premium service or product, your clients will expect a professional-looking website.
    7. Are you sending regular traffic to your website? YES, you need to find ways to send traffic to your site, especially at the beginning. It doesn’t magically happen itself until you set up good content pillars and ways for your ideal audience to find you, like good authority links and connections.
    8. Are you using the right keywords in your SEO, your Meta Tags, your Meta Description your Website content? Again if not, your ideal client and the search engines won’t find you. If you are a local-based business looking to attract locally-based clients your website SEO needs to focus on SEO words that will attract local clients and customers.
    9. Are you using the right social media for your client audience? Many businesses fail by relying totally on one form of social media like Facebook. It is never a good idea to rely on one form of social media but also the reality is you should be focusing on the best form of social media for your business. Now more than ever there are so many social media platforms to choose from Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Ticktock, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Google Business… I prefer Pinterest at the moment for a variety of reasons.
    10. Are you maximizing your website by offering something extra that will increase your potential customer engagement? Every online business should have some great lead magnets, that will encourage your potential ideal audience to sign up on your mailing list.

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Designing Your Website Is All About Client, Customer Connection

Your website in many ways is just like a traditional advert, you have got to get it seen by the right audience. So, you have got to put links to your website in places where it will be seen by your ideal audience.

It has to stand out and convert, designing a website is not about what you like, but what your ideal clients and soul clients will like.

Common Mistakes When Building Or Designing A Website

Sadly too many spiritual business owners make the initial website investment but don’t do all the rest. Even more common is the fact web designers fail to mention all the other necessary aspects of a well-functioning and promoted website.

I also have seen quite a few cases where supposed web designers design a website but omit the important basics that make it function effectively. And too many who charge clients for monthly SEO that is very ineffective and poor.

So before building and designing a website, always seek professional advice. Designing a website should never be rushed, it can be either one of the most cost-effective marketing investments you make or one of the most costly and ineffective marketing investments you make.

Eileen Burns has been building and designing her own websites for over 20 years, she is now a professional spiritual marketing and business coach for therapists, and healers who are struggling with their online presence.

Eileen a healer, therapist, and coach started studying healing and holistic well-being nearly 30 years ago. A highly empathic dedicated healer driven by her caring nature, she understands well the difficulties and challenges many healers in business face. If you would like some help in creating an effective marketing strategy to shine your light and live your purpose.

Free Pinterest Course How To Use Pinterest For Your Spiritual Business