Before posting any social media posts you should have a marketing plan, a marketing campaign.

You should consider


  1. Your Audience: Before designing any marketing campaign or plan you have to really know who your client audience, who are they. Design a profile of your ideal audience; age, sex, lifestyle… What type of client wants, needs and will buy from your holistic business.
  2. Where Do They Hang Out: If you don’t know where your audience hang out, you won’t know what social media platforms you should be using and hanging out.
  3. What Solution Are You Offering Them: What sort of challenges do they have in their life and what can you do to help, what products and services do they want that you offer,
  4. What FREE Solutions Can You Offer: What sort of advice and tips can you share that would help build connection and trust, what sort of FREEBIES or OPT-IN’s could you get them to sign up.  Top Tips, Mp3 Downloads are popular gifts from spiritual business owners…this creates the start of your lead and sales funnel, it warms a client towards buying your main product, coaching or therapy service.
  5.  What Inspires, Motivates Your Audience: What sort of posts would attract your audiences attention, keep them inspired. Are they interested in health and wellbeing tips, pain management, spiritual insights, meditation tips…
  6. Focus On One Product Your Client Wants or Needs: Choose a product or a program that you know your clients need, want and will buy, make this the end target or goal you want your potential client to eventually buy.
  7. Design a Marketing Campaign Around Your Product and Your Potential Client: realise you have to take your potential client on a journey; help them recognise their challenge through awareness, questions, help them warm up to you as you build up a connection, a relationship through your social media, what sort of posts will help your client build confidence in your product or service, what can you do along the journey to keep them engaged and what can you do to encourage them to buy.
  8. Highlight Their Challenges: Think of all the challenges this product or service  solves, assists.., ask questions in your marketing such as Are You Constantly Struggling…. help them recognise how they are feeling
  9. Highlight The Benefits Of Your Products/Services: Think of all the benefits this client will feel with or after this product or service use this in your marketing content, posts, videos…
  10. Plan Out A Social Media Campaign for the week, month and year: be organised, think ahead of particular themes around specific times of year eg easter, summer holidays, christmas…
  11. Use A Social Media Management Tool: Use a social media management tool that posts out to all your social media posts for example Buffer App, Hootsuite these help you organise and post your posts for you over a few days or weeks ahead,. This saves time, energy and stops you posting random posts with no clear marketing purpose.
  12. Tweak Your Marketing To Your Audience’s Response: Adjust your marketing campaign to your clients responses and engagement, check your social media insights to see what your audience responds to, what times of day they engage or don’t, what converts, what doesn’t

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