Common signs you NOT attracting soul clients, not attracting the ideal clients you are born to help. Signs you, your business, or marketing are not focusing on the clients you are most aligned with. The main reasons why you are struggling to attract the right clients or customers to your holistic or spiritual business.

7 Signs Your Not Attracting Soul Clients

You are struggling to attract any or not enough clients that are interested in what you are offering.

You are attracting too many clients that you just don’t feel aligned with, clients that feel too challenging, too much like hard work.

Or you simply are not attracting the clients you can really share your greatest gifts or skills with.

Your audience or clients don’t value what you offer, don’t want to invest, they just want freebies, or are wanting a large reduction in the price of your offerings.

If your audience does not really understand what you are selling or offering. It is important in marketing that your audience understands the solution of what you’re selling. Effective marketing can help make this crystal clear, but sometimes in the healing and spiritual industry, the wrong audience or clients just won’t understand what you are offering because of where their level of awareness is.

If you are attracting an audience or clients who just are not ready for your offerings. Who are not willing to commit, to take self-responsibility, or are just not at the stage of their journey to make the most of your offerings.

The audience you are attracting expects more than you can give or commit to. Sometimes you can attract clients who expect more or want more. Sometimes clients are looking for something more, something deeper, someone with more experience and that is okay. Or sometimes we attract clients who expect us to jump hoops and constantly try and push our boundaries. Which can be exhausting and depleting, definitely not the ideal clients for a sustainable spiritual business.

Another example is when your marketing is not effective enough that your Soul Clients , your soul tribe does not see, feel or know you, or recognise what makes you unique and more aligned with their needs, their values, and their expectations.

Why You’re NOT Attracting Soul Clients

These are just some of the most common reasons you are not attracting soul clients or even ideal clients. Client attraction is all about getting very clear and precise in your business and marketing. You must know who your ideal client is, your ideal niche is to build a healthy successful business. It is even better so much easier if you are a coach, healer, or spiritual teacher to know who your soul clients, soul tribe are.

If your attracting a lot of clients you don’t feel aligned with or attracting clients that are demanding, exhausting yes you may well need to do some inner work. But it is also important to look at your marketing message, to re-look at what you offering and who you’re offering to.

For a few years, I had a Facebook group for Empaths and Sensitives, and even though I enjoyed the work. I attracted a large audience that just wanted to be in a support group and just wanted the freebies. Most were not ready for my courses and programs they were just at the dipping, exploring stage of finding out more about their sensitivity and empathy. I attracted more people who would class themself as highly sensitive but didn’t appear to have the high empathic issues that my programs were aimed at.

Why Client And Healer, Client And Coach Alignment Is So Important

I soon came to realise that the level of my course what too advanced and beyond the level of awareness that many of the audience in that group was ready for. I could have changed the courses to try and match that audience but I wouldn’t have been able to share some of my strongest gifts.

Because most in the group were NOT my soul clients I realised that my soul clients were experienced empathic healers and coaches who were like me, who had a great deal of empathic and highly sensitive challenges like I did.

Healers and coaches who highly invested in themself didn’t just invest in getting the certificates and training but who would value the level of expertise and knowledge in my courses. Because your potential clients and customers need to be able to understand and value what you are offering.

Attracting Soul Clients Willing To Pay

One of the reasons many spiritual entrepreneurs struggle to attract clients willing to pay. No there is a variety of energetic reasons, beliefs, conditioning even ancestral patterns that can influence who we attract. But as long as your price point is well aligned with your offerings and your typical soul client, if you are attracting clients not willing to pay, they are probably not your soul client or ideal client.

As long as your marketing is attractive, visible, and has a healthy step-by-step pathway to nurture your soul client. As long as your soul client knows why your product or service is perfect for them. And as long as you are getting in front of enough of that audience, that audience that is looking for you. You will start attracting soul clients willing to pay.

But if you are constantly attracting an audience that doesn’t want to invest or is constantly just wanting freebies or discounts. It is probably time to re-look at your ideal client or soul clients. It can be very easy to focus on dreamy clients who you hope, wish, and pray are your perfect clients and customers. Spend so much time on the wrong audience that you actually miss opportunities to attract the clients you are a perfect match for.

Business and marketing does tend to get so much easier in a spiritual business when you truly know who your ideal clients or soul clients are. If you would like to learn more about why you should be focusing more on Soul Clients sign up for my FREE 5 Day Video Series – Are You Ready For Soul Clients?

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