Common signs you NOT attracting soul clients, not attracting the ideal clients you are born to help. Signs you, your business, or marketing are not focusing on the clients you are most aligned with. The main reasons why you are struggling to attract the right clients or customers to your holistic or spiritual business.

7 Signs You’re Not Attracting Soul Clients

Signs Your Not Attracting Soul Clients
7 Signs You're Not Attracting Soul Clients 5

Not Enough Clients

You are struggling to attract any or not enough clients that are interested in what you are offering.

Attracting The Wrong Clients

You are attracting too many clients that you just don’t feel aligned with, clients that feel too challenging, and too much like hard work.

Or you simply are not attracting the soul clients you can really share your greatest gifts or skills with.

Your Audience Don’t Value Your Offerings

Your audience or clients don’t value what you offer, don’t want to invest, just want freebies, or are wanting a large reduction in the price of your offerings. You may not be attracting soul clients or there are valid reasons why they don’t yet value what you are selling.

Your Audience Don’t Understand What You Are Selling

If your audience does not really understand what you are selling or offering well you are going to struggle to attract soul clients. It is important in marketing that your audience understands the solution of what you’re selling. Effective marketing can help make this crystal clear, but sometimes in the healing and spiritual industry, the wrong audience or clients just won’t understand what you are offering because of where their level of awareness.

Your Audience Are Not Ready To Buy

If you are constantly attracting an audience or clients who just are not ready for your offerings. Who are unsure if your product is the right fit, not willing to commit or are just not at the stage of their journey to make the most of your offerings.

Your Audience Is Over Demanding

The audience you are attracting expects more than you can give or commit to. Sometimes you can attract clients who are demanding or needy. Those clients who overstep those boundaries, who have unrealistic expectations. Sometimes clients are looking for something more, something different or deeper and that is okay but equally, we can attract clients who expect us to jump hoops and constantly try and push our boundaries. This can be exhausting and depleting, especially when the energy exchange is not equal, definitely not an ideal client for a soul-aligned spiritual business.

You Are Invisible

Another example is when you are invisible. Your marketing is not effective enough at attracting soul clients. your soul tribe can not see you, feel you or really get to know you. You don’t stand out enough, you are not visible enough.

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7 Signs You're Not Attracting Soul Clients 6

Why You’re NOT Attracting Soul Clients

These are just some of the reasons that can be preventing you from attracting soul clients. Client attraction is all about getting crystal clear in your business and marketing.

When attracting soul clients you must know what problem you solve and who you solve that problem for. Know your ideal niche so you can build a healthy successful business. It is even better and so much easier if you are a coach, healer, or spiritual teacher to know who your soul clients and soul tribe are.

If your attracting a lot of clients you don’t feel aligned with or attracting clients that are demanding, and exhausting yes you may well need to do some inner work. But it is also important to look at your marketing message, to re-look at what you offering and who you’re offering to.

For a few years, I had a Facebook group for Empaths and Sensitives, and even though I enjoyed the work, and met many soul clients. I also attracted a large audience that just wanted to be in a support group and be a victim, rather than be proactive. Too many just wanted the freebies or always pushed for discounts, they weren’t fully invested and weren’t my soul clients.

Most were not at the right stage of their spiritual journey for my courses and programs. Some were just at the dipping, exploring stage others were in stuck victimhood and were not ready to take self-responsibility.

But interestingly I also attracted those claiming to be highly empathic and highly sensitive where some of their behaviour actually would suggest that of those with more narcissistic tendencies which proved interesting.

Why Client And Healer, Client And Coach Alignment Is So Important

I soon came to realise that many I was attracting into my group were not my ideal audience they were not my soul clients. My soul clients were much more spiritually aligned with my business core values, awakened and commited to their healing and spiritual growth. And were more likely to be experienced healers, therapists, and coaches who took their own healing and spiritual growth seriously.

They were healers and coaches who no matter their financial circumstances did what they could to invested in themself, in their spiritual journey than just about getting another piece of paper or certificate.

Those who were experienced and aware enough to value my products and services the decades of investment and experience in my work.

Attracting Soul Clients Willing To Pay

Why do so many spiritual entrepreneurs struggle to attract clients willing to pay?

Now there is a variety of energetic reasons, beliefs, conditioning even ancestral patterns that can influence who we attract and don’t attract into our business. But often if you are attracting clients not willing to pay, they are probably not your soul client or ideal client.

Yes sometimes, something in your business or marketing is misaligned;

Maybe you are not giving enough evidence or nurturing and marketing that builds product trust.

Maybe your price point is misaligned with your ideal audience or you are not really demonstrating the true value of your offering.

Sometimes these are things that need to be addressed, as it is important that your business is aligned with soul clients who want to invest.

Soul Client Aligned Marketing

Your marketing needs to be attractive, highly visible to your soul audience, It should include an easy step-by-step pathway that helps nurture your soul clients. So your soul clients can easily identify why your product or service is perfect for them.

An effective soul aligned marketing strategy help you share the solution, energy and the values of your brand in an effective way.

That is why identifying your brand archetype is a powerful soul client marketing tool.

Every brand has different core values, it has a different archetypal blue print that will attract different types of clients.

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7 Signs You're Not Attracting Soul Clients 7

Start Attracting Soul Clients

Stop wasting weeks, months, or even years on the wrong clients and start attracting the soul clients you are a perfect match for.

Business and marketing tends to get so much easier in a spiritual business when you truly know who your ideal clients or soul clients are.

If you would like to learn more about why you should be focusing more on Soul Clients sign up for my FREE 5-Day Video Series – Are You Ready For Soul Clients?

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