Do Your Ideal Clients Really Understand What You Are Selling? 

How to make sure your ideal audience understands what you are selling. How to help build client confidence and trust quite quickly to assure them that your products and services are exactly what they are looking for.

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With so much choice and information overload today, it is easy for your ideal clients to have doubts before buying. It is common for your ideal audience to need some reassurance that what you are offering is right for them especially if they are new to what you are offering or selling.

That is why it is so important to know what you are selling and get your brand and marketing message crystal clear.

Knowing What Your Ideal Clients Want?

Most ideal clients just want to know if you can help solve their problems in a way that is convenient to them. When they come across your website, your social media pages they want to be able to see very quickly if you offer the solution they want and need.

The problem is many therapists and healers are losing a lot of ideal clients by  confusing their audience in their marketing. They are  overwhelming their audience by trying to sell their tools, techniques or using industry terminology that means absolutely nothing to their ideal clients.

Your Ideal Clients Need A Crystal Clear Message

Your ideal audience want and need a crystal clear marketing message that gets straight to the heart of the problem you are solving.

Most people today want to be able to get the necessary information they are seeking as quickly and clearly as possible, in fact most people will leave a website or a social media page in just a few seconds if they don’t see the information they are looking for.

Consumers today are impatient, if they don’t find what they are looking for they will simply look somewhere else. Your ideal audience and clients wants access to you and that information much faster than ever.

If they don’t see the basic information they need on the front page of your website or social media, well you have potentially lost a client, a sale.

  • That’s why it is your job to make it easy for your ideal clients to find you.
  • It is your job to make clear what you offer, the solutions you offer.
  • It is your job to make it simple, fast and easy for them to book you.

No 1 Thing Your Ideal Clients Want To Know 

The no 1 thing your ideal audience wants to know if you can really solve the problem they have.

If your marketing suggests you do, then only then are they more likely to look at your offerings. Look more closely at how you actually solve that pain point.

Many consumers will want to see some sort of evidence on your site or Facebook page to demonstrate you can actually do what you say. So they may check your about page, your qualifications, your reviews, or client testimonials.

If you just focus on trying to sell your modality, you’re usually losing out on a lot of potential clients and customers. Unless your client is a therapist or previous customer of your type of therapy, they may have little understanding of what your modality does.

The reality is, there are thousands of different types of therapy, healing, and coaching to choose from today, the healing or therapy modalities is not what they are buying.  They are buying a solution to their problem.

How do you help your ideal clients understand what you do?

The more you understand your ideal audience’s challenges and can show that in your marketing the easier it is to educate them towards better understanding of what you are actually offering and selling. That is why it is vital for a spiritual business owner to know  who your ideal clients are and who is not.

One of the big downfalls of the way we are often taught in the holistic and spiritual industry is that many modalities can help all sorts of conditions, challenges but most training schools are not always honest about what modalities are most effective for. The word can help is used a lot but can actually mean a lot of different things.

In many ways the words can help doesn’t really say much about how much improvement your product or services will give your ideal clients. That is why it is important to know your product or service inside out, understand how it works, and the typical results most of your clients have.

Educate Your Ideal Clients On How Your Product Works

Although most clients on some level just want to know if your product or service really works, most consumers today need to be convinced on some level that it will work.

Most people today have bought some sort of health, wellbeing or spiritual product that didn’t deliver on its promises. So the more you can actually educate your ideal clients on how or why it works it will help reduce some of their doubts, objections and fears.

Early in my career I used to get so many enquiries from potential clients who hadn’t a clue what they were looking for, many confused by all the different modalities. So many confused between Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology or between  NLP and Hypnotherapy.

I would always ask what the main problem was and educate them on the main difference between each modality and recommend the most suitable modalities for their specific issues, no matter what they initially enquired for, to make sure they were choosing the right product or service for their needs.

That is why educating your ideal clients about your products and services is such an important part of an effective marketing message.

The more transparent you are about your level of experience and your modality the better. The more you explain why your modality is extremely beneficial for a certain type of issue or condition, the more likely you are to build that know, like, and trust factor.

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4 Ways To Help Your Ideal Clients Feel Confident About Your Products

How  do you help in still client confidence in your product or services  without sounding too sleazy or salesy.

Help them understand the origins, history and workings of your products, therapies, or healing modalities to help minimise myths and fears.

Make sure your about page gives information on the training and qualification you have. For some types of disciplines, brief information on who you trained with and how long your training was can be helpful. There is a huge difference between one therapist who does 2 days of  Fast-Tracking training and another who does a 2-year training in the same modality.

If your clients suffer rare or chronic health challenges they may want to know your typical success rate. If your modality has been clinically researched on certain types of conditions, share links to medical research papers to demonstrate this.

Always be authentic and transparent, share testimonials and reviews on social media platforms and from other platforms like google, where it is easy for your audience to check them out,

Effective Marketing – So Simple A Child Would Understand

Your branding and marketing should be so simple and clear a child could grasp its basic elements. It can be tempting to use fancy jargon related to your field or areas of interest but most of the time this will just confuse your audience.

Your marketing in many ways should represent the essence of you and your business. Not just a carbon copy of what every therapist is putting out. You are unique, so is your service. What makes you different? Your message, your gifts, integrity, and professionalism has to be conveyed in some way but it shouldn’t be complicated or contrived.

Be cautious of using spiritual or new age jargon that simply adds to the confusion or doesn’t really speak to your ideal audience.

Identify Your Main Brand Archetype That Aligns With Your Ideal Clients

Identify your spiritual brand’s most dominant brand archetype, so you can get clear on your brands strongest archetypal traits that is your biggest ideal client attractors by taking my Spiritual Brand Quiz

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Use Blogging To Build That Know, Like, And Trust Factor

Blogging is a great way to share your expertise and knowledge by explaining exactly what your type of therapy or module does or doesn’t do. You can use such a blog to share the years of experience or training you have in that particular subject. And to discuss popular issues that clients come to you with, that you therapy or technique helps resolve.

Encourage Your Clients To Write Reviews Or Testimonials

Testimonial plugins are a great way to demonstrate the kind words of your clients. Another way to get testimonials is through Facebook reviews when a client tells you they are very happy with their results. You can casually mention you do have a review section on your Facebook page or website if they feel comfortable about sharing. Obviously,  depending on what you are offering it can be inappropriate to ask like clients for a review or testimonial. For example treating addiction, counselling, trauma…But sometimes even on these occasions some very happy clients will go and add a review without asking.

[This post was originally published January 2016 and was updated and re-published 27th May 2023]

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