Why Blogging can be one of the most powerful tools to promote your therapy or coaching business.

Why being a health or wellness blogger can help make you more of an influencer, and help promote your areas of expertise.

Blogging is one of the biggest marketing tools used by highly successful therapists, coaches, and healers around the world. Blogging is one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing for holistic businesses.


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7 Ways Blogging Helps Build Your Therapy Business

Blogging For Therapists, Healers and Coaches who want to reach a wider audience


1. Blogging is one of the greatest ways to build up deeper connection and trust with potential clients.  A simple effective way to build that know, like, and trust factor. A way to help your readers know more about you, your own journey, your level of expertise, and what makes you unique.

2. Blogging is a highly effective tool for increasing traffic to your website. Static websites need traffic, and blogging helps increase traffic and leads Blogging is a great way to include and maximize keywords your clients will search in the search engines for if you use an effective Blogging SEO strategy.

3. Blogging is a great tool to encourage engagement; readership, comments, and sharing on social media platforms.  Quality blogs are great content to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, and with the right pins on Pinterest. Effective content marketing should educate, inform, inspire, or entertain. Blogging can actually provide all four but even one or two of these elements in your blogging will help engage a bigger readership, attract more potential clients, and encourage more organic and free shares.

4. Use Blogging to build your email list. Blogs with lead magnets are a great way to grow your mailing list. Give your clients added value when they visit your site or social media page by providing valuable blogs that your ideal audience will find valuable. And Free lead magnets such as a free ebook, free tips, free video series, free hypnotherapy track encourage potential clients to hand over their email addresses.

5. Blogs with great content and powerful images that really capture readers’ attention are more likely to be shared and promoted virally. With proper analysis of insights on your social media platforms, you can begin to see what blogs your clients want and love.

6. Blogging is a great way to educate your clients about specific services or products you offer. Use it to educate your client about the benefits, share quotes from research studies, and explain the history of your modality.

7. Blogs can help boost your income. Some bloggers get paid to share their articles. I have on many occasions been offered payment to promote a guest blog usually for a large organization just because my sites are so well ranked on Google. Although this is a great way to make additional income this is something I rarely do on some of my sites because it’s important to me that all blogs on my sites align with my business values and fit into my niche. One way to encourage more comments and traffic to your blog is through Comment Luv which basically encourages other bloggers to comment and they can leave a link to their latest blog.



You Don’t Need To Be A Professional Blogger To Blog

Don’t worry if you aren’t the greatest writer, you don’t need to be an expert writer to blog. I have suffered from serious neurological challenges that have impacted my processing and writing skills at times. Sometimes weeks, months or years later when I look back at what I have written I cringe, I laugh, I sigh…hey but we’re all human and that’s what a blog is all about, sharing aspects of you.

This doesn’t affect the fact I still get many readers, comments, shares, and amazing publicity  Don’t let fear get in the way, blogging is a great way to get your business, your gifts, your expertise, and your creativity flowing.


Blogging In Business Is About Building Trust

If you are a therapist, healer, or coach your audience is more interested in your values, your integrity, your expertise, and your story. They don’t care if you are a professional writer or professional blogger but obviously, like anything, it helps if you learn how to blog effectively and learn how to use effective SEO to attract more organic traffic to your website.


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