How do you find your niche in your spiritual or holistic business? What does niching mean in business? And why is niching such an effective way to grow a healthy holistic or spiritual business especially online? Okay well let’s look closer at what a niche is in relation to business.

What is a Business Niche?

A business niche is products or services that appeal to, wanted or are relevant to a small section of people. To find your niche in your business you have to offer a product or service that people will invest in. Some examples are homeopathy for children , pain management for fibromyalgia sufferers, a nutritional program for diabetic pregnant women. Now if your offering online sessions or programs the more you niche down to an area that is exclusive but wanted well you have a better chance of success.

Why It Is So Important To Find Your Niche In Business?

The reality is, in business we need to offer products or services that your clients want, need, and will buy. And the reality is to run a successful business, you need to stand out from the crowd. When you offer something very unique or specific you will build up a reputation of being the go to person for that problem.

I would always rather go to someone who is specialising in one area because they are not trying to be jack of all trades. They are giving all their attention to that particular problem or clients.That is why it is so important to find your unique niche in business, not someone else’s niche. find your niche in your spiritual business, your coaching

How To Find Your Niche In A Saturated Industry

If you are providing a product or service in a saturated market, it is much harder to stand out from the crowd. It is much harder to sell. So many people are now moving towards careers in the coaching and healing industry because they think it appears like an easy career. When in reality it is a very saturated market. In many ways it appears more people are selling than buying. In-fact some research has demonstrated that the only thing keeping the current coaching industry afloat is the other coaches who buy coaches. I have seen a dramatic change in the healing and coaching industry over the last 30 years. So it is even more important than ever to find your niche, find any area that few people are serving or serving well.

Why Marketing Gets Easier When You Find Your Niche

The more you niche, the easier it is to shine. When you find your niche audience, you can start to truly understand your audience. It is then much easier to market to them, speak to the heart of their problems. Build that know, like and trust factor.

Niching really helped me business grow I had spentmany years studying stress management, meditation, self-help and holistic wellbeing. The main theme in my work became teaching anxiety and stress management, teaching relaxation therapy. One of the reasons I teach Accredited Relaxation Therapst Training for Therapists.

When You Find Your Niche Your Expertise Starts To Grow

I don’t know about you, but if I have a particular health or wellbeing problem. I want to go to an expert in that area. Or at the very least someone who specialises in helping people with that problem. The person that has made that particular problem their main focus and area of knowledge. And can demonstrate through their testimonials that they have solved and treated this problem effectively.

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When You Find Your Niche, Your True Niche

When a therapist, coach, or healer makes something their niche from the right place of intent. Especially from true spiritual guidance, they are beginning a very beautiful journey. Their dedication of service, of knowledge, and expertise is worth its weight in gold.

Finding Your Expert Niche

If we like it or not the health, wellbeing and spiritual industry is filled with as much unethical marketing as many industries. Everyday consumers are being bombarded with unrealistic and false promises. Most of us have been sold at one point a cure-all product or service. So have your potential clients or customers.

Choosing someone who specialises in a certain area tends to reduce any financial risk. We all want to be sold what it says it does on the packet so to speak. When a customer makes an investment especially a big investment e.g. long-term health and wellbeing program for a chronic illness. They are looking for as much of a guarantee as possible. They want to know your product or service is best suited for their needs. Choosing a niche your an expert in, increases the probability of higher customer satisfaction.

I now mostly invest in experts in my health, wellbeing, and in business. And I never just believe someone is an expert because they say so. Sadly being an expert in something is such a very overused term today. So I do my homework and find out how much expertise, knowledge they actually have especially with rare medical challenges I have. I look for evidence such as the sort of testimonials they have on social media. Sadly like many things in life I learned the hard way I spent tens of thousands of pounds over 30 years. On many therapies that promised me the world that now I understand we’re not the right treatment for my needs.

I have also invested thousands on business and marketing coaches who said more than their prayers. Too many who proclaimed to be experts in areas they had clearly very little knowledge or experience in. Believe me its not the ideal way to go about building a business.

When You Find Your Niche Your Marketing Gets Easier

When you find your niche, your area of specialty, your marketing message gets much clearer and laser-focused. It is much easier to connect with your niche audience when you really understand their very specific issues. You become the go-to person in that area, it is much easier to get referrals.

When You Find Your Niche Reduces Marketing Costs

Finding and focusing on your niche helps lower marketing and advertising costs. It can save you a lot of time, energy, and money to be visible. It is much clearer what you do. When you become an expert in one area, the less time and energy you waste on trying to be all things to all people. People are more likely to remember you when you are specialising in one area.

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Why You May Struggle To Find Your Niche

So why do so many healers, therapists and even coaches struggle to identify their niche?

  1. They don’t really know themself. I have met healers of 30 years who still can’t identify their greatest gifts never mind their greatest niche.
  2. You may have so many passions and interests that you have got lost on what and who you are best suited to serve,
  3. Sadly many coaching schools encourage their coaches to only focus on clients with a certain type of income bracket. For so many reasons this is so out of alignment. Especially when these types of clients are only a certain type of coach’s ideal match.
  4. Most therapists and healers are encouraged to train in a wide range of disciplines tools and techniques. But are rarely encouraged to really master these techniques or become an expert in one area. They often have so many tools and techniques that can be used on so many things they get lost in what the tools do, not what they’re best suited to offer. Or so over-identified by their technique or method they cannot see beyond that.
  5. Too many training schools oversell and imply their tools and techniques work for almost everything instead of focusing on what they are best or most useful for.
  6. Lack of awareness, discernment, and spiritual discernment can get us stuck in egoic fear or egoic power. So much so we can lose sight of our original why.
  7. The Wounded Healer can trigger deep distorted egoic beliefs that it is our role to help heal or fix almost every client or student you meet. When this is so not true.

How To Find Your Niche

Identifying your niche involves identifying a product or service that a certain client audience wants and will buy. The more unique that product or service is in many ways it can be more valuable and easier to distinguish in the market. For example, I used for over a year a clinic that specialises in treating complex cases of Late Stage Lyme Disease including Mercury Toxicity issues.

The main practitioner that I prefer has a very unique set of training and tools that is used to clinically assess and treat these complex issues. She trained with some of the top experts in this area around the world. And tends to get fantastic results for many clients who have invested tens of thousands of pounds years on therapies that have often done more harm than good. This is not just her niche but is her area of expertise. Because she has now decades of experience in treating such complex cases. This clinic has a long waiting list and has now trained up many assistants but they still cannot keep up with the demand for their services.

Finding Your Niche In Relation And Area Of Expertise

Identifying a niche as a healer, coach, or therapist is a bit different than most businesses. There is a lot more ethical considerations if you are a healer or therapist which involves identifying your present areas of expertise. Or by identifying areas that you would need to develop or learn to specialise in?

These are normally areas that you already have an interest in, some passion, purpose, and knowledge of? We cannot be an expert or healer to everyone and anyone it is not our job. Our role is to best serve and support those who are best suited and qualified to support.

Having spent thousands of pounds on therapists, healers, and products who were not the most qualified to support me. Left me at times without nothing to invest in those therapists and products that could. I also meet healers or therapists who actually say that I am their ideal client. When in reality they are so wrong, they haven’t really fully grasped what a true ideal client is. When others who are my ideal therapist are not doing the right things to demonstrate that they are in fact my perfect match.

Sadly lack of awareness, ego, or misunderstanding about business and marketing can prevent us from identifying our niche. Can stop us recognising our greatest areas of expertise but our true purpose. When we focus on what we are best gifted and skilled to offer things change. If there is any area you would like to niche in or become an expert in. It may mean you need to get more qualifications or expertise working with that type of client. It will probably need a plan of action on how to get from A to B or A to D or even A to Z but that’s okay. That is all part of the process. The key is identifying and find your niche, not someone else’s niche.

Find Your Own Niche

Too many of us have been encouraged to be a jack of all trades expert of none, me included. I spent years studying and working so hard to get so many qualifications, that I couldn’t see my greatest gifts.

But once I took the blinkers off and started to really identify my most natural and powerful things completely changed. That is why I encourage most coaches, healers, and therapists to get really clear on their greatest power, their greatest gifts. Even those with 10, 20, or 30 years of experience. The reason I created Identify Your Souls Gifts Course – a guided meditation and workbook designed to help you identify your most powerful gifts. A course designed to help you get more clearer on aspects of your life and soul purpose.

Finding your area of expertise in many ways calls for discernment. In spiritual work as a spiritual healer, teacher, guide, or coach it calls for spiritual discernment. The ability to completely trust and surrender to guidance from god. The willingness to often take the sometimes harder but most beautiful journey. To truly shine the blessed gifts you were given to share.

If you are ready to identify your niche, start making a healthier income helping your ideal clients and soul clients

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