Some Kind Word From Some Of My Inspirational Soul Clients

“Eileen brings magic and practical business advice. If you want to grow your spiritual business she is a must!! Karin Finegan, Spiritual Author & Teacher

” I had a 30 minute breakthrough call with Eileen and got more golden nuggets in half an hour than I did in 12 weeks coaching with a well known coach!! Came away with an action plan and clarity about where me and my business are now and where we are going. Huge thanks Eileen Burns you’re a super star mentor!” Fiona Kyle

“Eileen has been a true inspiration and guide during the challenging process of starting my yoga business. Her advice has been spot on and invaluable as I’ve navigated the first few months. Without Eileen’s expert knowledge I would have been lost. Thank you for everything!” Gillian Davies, Yoga by Gillian

“.. Eileen has given me a lot of food for thought on how to start up my business and how to go go about marketing myself. With many ideas and suggestions I’d not even considered.Eileen you are like a book of knowledge in your works and do really appreciate all the advice and information you gave me today. Really helpful and an inspiration. Wish I could have classroom based teaching and training with you. Thank you so kindly you have real compassion for wanting to help others reach their goals,dreams and ambitions. Very grateful to you Eileen for your time and input today. ” Trudy, Therapist

“Eileen has given me some of her expert coaching. When I went to Eileen for some help I was working mobile. Eileen worked with me giving me all the encouragement which led me to putting a wee holistic hut together..she put me on the right track from the beginning showing me lots of different ways to put it all together and by following her instruction I found myself putting things into the right perspective which has allowed me to have the privalage to have met a lot of lovely people along the way and I’m putting it all down to Eileen. This lady has become a very special person to me in fact I call her “my little angel from above” she Is a tremendous lady.” Elaine King, Reiki Master & Healer

“Before going to Eileen’s for a 1-2-1 online business coaching and advice day I had a Facebook page for my friends and their friends on Reiki Healing. As I am relatively new to being a Reiki Healer, I didn’t know what to do next to get things going. so I contacted Eileen, after reading Eileens Ebook on line to if she could help me. After attending my sessions I found it a very useful way to gain clarity in what I needed to build a more effective online presence to attract the right therapy clients. I found Eileens business knowledge and skills, of the holistic industry and online media helpful in supporting me to see areas where I needed to make changes and improvements. This course with Eileen has given me the confidence I need to carry on my journey in Reiki Healing….so I thank you very much Eileen, you are a wonderful and very talented lady and I am so proud to let people know that I have had the privilege to work with you and thank you for the support you are giving me….. NAMASTE x” Elaine King, Shining Light Holistic Therapies, Lanarkshire


  “I want to take this opportunity to highlight the help I’ve had from Eileen Burns. I invested in a new website with a company marketing themselves as the website provider for therapists. I sometimes found the support a little impatient, then this year the EU made it obligatory that vat be added to digital products and my web problems really began. Vat couldn’t be added to the cart. PayPal highlighted the problem, which had to be fixed by the website provider, and this wasn’t done. In total I was left without a useable cart for around 3 months and I thought it better to move on. I panicked and bought a website package only to realise it was not as advertised. Thankfully I got a refund and at that point turned to Eileen for advice.
Eileen advised me on companies to consider and also showed me how she had her websites organised with one of them. That showed me how to proceed and I made enquiries and got a new website up and running. The Vat on digital products remains a problem for sellers and again Eileen has given me the name of a number of companies that help you sell online.
Having been in business for a number of years, Eileen also has invaluable business knowledge. I had an .org.uk website and Eileen advised me that such URLs are really meant for charities or organisations in the hope I wouldn’t have any legal comeback. I again made enquires and yes that was so. While I was told “they don’t always come after you” by a domain provider I thought it better not to take the chance and changed the website name. Eileen not only assisted me to get a website presence but helped prevent another problem arising in the future.” Irene Smith,  Soulful Therapy



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