Do You Need A Business Tribe?

So What Is A Business Tribe? A Business  Tribe is a community or group of people who support your business.

build your business with a business tribeOriginally the word tribe was seen as a community of a distinct group of people who relied on their own resources to be self sufficient. They lived and worked as a family in co-operation, in the exchange of skills and resources to survive and thrive.

Building a Tribe has been a recent concept used to describe a community of people who support each other in interests, causes, spiritual and business goals. Tribes are fashionable at the moment for building effective facebook groups or memberships that contain groups of people with the same goals, directions, values and or ethics. I encourage and holistic business owners to focus on their soul tribe, which is usually made up of your soul audience and soul clients.

Building a business tribe,  can be a highly effective way for all members to grow their business.  A business tribe group is just like a business support group. They work if everyone comes to the group with the right intentions. When the group contains members with a mixture of skills and expertise. In a group like this you tend to get a wealth of expertise, resources and knowledge.

But building the right business tribe, can take a lot of time and energy. Especially for the the tribe leader /leaders or tribe founder/founders. But it  in the long term if each member comes from the same intentions,  is wholly invested in contribution, everyone can reap great rewards.

But the common problem like many things in life, there can often be members who take more than contribute. So it is important to set some business tribe rules. Every member of this tribe should be clear on what is excepted of them. It is also important that members do what they can without depleting their own resources. It is very much about balance, ying and yang, give and take.

How To Build Your Business Tribe

When I am helping healers and therapists with their business and marketing I stress how powerful soul clients are. If you plan to build your business by running online facebook groups I suggest focusing on your soul tribe, which is usually made up of your soul audience and soul clients.You will often get a far higher conversion in a group that is more your soul tribe that just your ideal audience. If you want to learn why Soul Clients are an easier way to grow your business. Sign up for my Free- What Is A Soul Client? Video Series

[Update Feb 2020] This content was originally published January 2017 it was updated and re-published by the Spiritual Marketing Club Feb 2020

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