Why Niching Helps You Attract Soul Clients And Live More Of Your Life And Purpose. Why niching helps you save time, energy, and money in your marketing and business.

You know niching is one of those things that many lightworkers can struggle with for a variety of reasons. One big reason is that many of the modalities that we are taught or use as healers imply that that modality will help anything or everything. This can set us up to unconsciously or consciously believe our role is to heal our help anyone or everyone.

But no matter if you think your modality or way of supporting a client can help anyone or everyone, no one is here to help everyone and anyone. We are all here with a unique purpose, unique gifts and our own unique clients and soul clients.

Why Niching Can Help Attract Soul Clients

So What Is Niching?

Niching in business and marketing is basically narrowing down the audience you are going to focus on serving and marketing to. You then get to use more specific target marketing that really speaks to that particular audience’s wants and needs.

Why Spiritual Marketing Is All About Niching

In many ways spiritual marketing is all about niching, because it is all about alignment. Spiritual Marketing helps you get out of your egoic head and connect with your heart, soul and purpose. Archetypal branding and marketing helps you use the power and beauty of your strongest archetype traits to connect with the clients and soul clients that will be attracted to your unique energy and soul essence.

Common Fears And Myths Around Niching

Some common fears and myths many spiritual entrepreneurs have around niching

Will Niching Not Lower The Amount Of Clients I Attract; I can understand why many people think this but actually if you choose the right niche and market the right way you will increase the amount of clients you attract because you will stand out to the audience you are perfect for.

Will Niching Not Stop Me From Doing All The Things You Want To Do; If you are like me and have your finger in more than one pie, niching in each of the areas of your work is very important. Because if you don’t niche it can be very difficult to set healthy boundaries about what you do and don’t offer in your business.

If I Niche Will This Not Limit My Ability To Attract New Opportunities? Niching never stops you attract new opportunities in-fact it can help other businesses or clients see more clearly your unique strengths and areas of expertise which make you stand out from the crowd visible enough to attract new opportunities.

I Don’t Want To Lose My Old Or Present Clients? Niching doesn’t stop you from still working with present or previous clients it just helps you create a clearer direction and helps you get more aligned with your offerings and set more healthy boundaries for a more healthy sustainable business.

Examples Of Niching To Attract Soul Clients

Ready To Attract Soul Clients

In my work and in my own personal journey I have been honoured to meet so many amazing healers, therapists, teachers and coaches. The most successful know their niche, know their greatest gifts.

One healer, I went to personally be Christopher Macklin who channels a very high acturian energy called takion energy that is intricate enough and safe enough to help those with Agent Orange, HIV, Lyme Disease, Morgellons. He uses his unique and specific gifts to make tremendous shifts in people’s lives where other healing modalities can sometimes interfere and lead to other complications.

Janine Rose Keall is a Psychic Artist who provides psychic and digital art of spiritual guides for lightworkers, intuitive’s. Some of my clients are essence practitioners who work with empaths. Others work with children some with autism or ADHD, some are kids yoga or meditation teachers

Many others work with people beginning their awakening or opening their intuitive gifts some teach reiki and other healing modalities but each and every one of them has their own niche.

Niching Is Easy When You Know Yourself And Your Gifts

The thing is niching gets so much easier when you know yourself, know your gifts, and know your perfect client. And the reality is when you choose the right niche, your clients and customers are much happier, you are much happier.

I know how many years I spent frustrated being sold product after product, treatment after treatment that was not right for me. Because the therapist or healer didn’t know their niche, didn’t know their gifts or areas of expertise.

Every spiritual entrepreneur wants their clients to be fully satisfied, for their clients to fully benefit from their service. The more you niche, the greater opportunity you have to really become the expert or specialise in an area that is needed.

As one of my friends mum’ says when she has to visit a doctor I don’t want the plumbers assistant when I can get the expert plumber. When she goes for any sort of help for health, she wants the best whenever she can.

Your clients deserve the best and so do you. Niching helps you align your business with the audience you are most suited to serve, it helps you stop attracting the wrong client or consumer that is not a perfect match for your products or business.

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