WordPress – Understanding the main differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com if you are a spiritual blogger or spiritual business owner. Why it’s important to know the differences when considering building a spiritual website or creating a spiritual blog through WordPress.

So What Is WordPress.Org?

WordPress is a content management system that was created to publish blogs. It was released in 2003 and since then has evolved and grown into being the most common website publisher, that offers many different plugins and add-on features such as an online membership, online shop, and mailing list. To use it you need to purchase web hosting space and your website domain.

So What is WordPress.Com?

WordPress.com is a web and blog hosting service although great for hobby bloggers it is not as versatile or popular as its .org version. It doesn’t offer extensive free plugins or 3rd party software that can help grow your blog or website easier. Many bloggers and small businesses get confused by both and choose this version when its more advanced counterpart is more suited to their blogging or business needs.

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WordPress.com For Spiritual Bloggers

If you want to create a spiritual blog as a hobby or are just testing the waters into blogging rather than making money then this might be okay for what you need.

Understanding WordPress.com and WordPress.org
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Benefits of WordPress.com

  1. There is a free option
  2. Easy to use
  3. Suitable for hobby bloggers

Disadvantages Of WordPress.com

  1. You don’t own your domain
  2. It does not let you run ads or earn revenue on your blog or website
  3. Doesn’t give free access to the thousands of plugins that will help you grow your spiritual business.
  4. Limited themes, designs, customisation
  5. Limited access to 3rd party web statistic plugins and tracking software
  6. You would need to move your content later if you wanted to change to the .org version.

WordPress.org For Spiritual Bloggers

WordPress.org is a great for Spiritual Businesses who blog, who want to increase their client reach through spiritual blogging or holistic blogging.

  1. It offers vast choice of WordPress plugins for free
  2. It offers a variety of free plugins that help you boost your search engine optimisation
  3. You have automatic access to a variety of plugins and optional add-ons that can help increase blog engagement
  4. You can collect emails or newsletter sign-ups through mailing list plugin features.
  5. There are a variety of online membership plugins or additional membership software.
  6. You can sell directly on your website or blog with plugins and 3rd party software.

Recommended Hosting Spaces For Your Blog And Website

Every business and blog has different requirements to hosting space and bandwidth, it will depend on how many websites you intend to host in your hosting space.

I have used a variety of different hosting spaces over the years. I have been with Inmotion Hosting to host my websites and blogs to run my 4 websites for which include blogs since 2012.

A company I have recommended for very small holistic or spiritual websites and blogs with low bandwith requirements who only plan to blog occassionally is NameCheap

Many people often go looking for just the cheapest hosting space, but please don’t automatically assume the cheapest hosting space is the best for your needs, there are quite a few things you shoul consider so you don’t end up having to move your blog or website elsewhere. You check out more information on choosing the right hosting below in our recommended blogs section.

Main Conclusion

The main conclusion is WordPress.com doesn’t look as professional and you don’t have the same control over it as you do with the more professional and advanced features of WordPress.or that is designed to help you grow your website, blog, and business with more ease in the long-term.

It can be tempting for some businesses to go for the .com version as there is a free version you can start with. But as a blogger for 20 years my advice is always try invest in the right tools that will help you grow your business in the smartest way. Sometimes free and cheap can cost your business more in the long run.

Building a business even a spiritual business involves investing in the right blogging tools and blogging strategies that are going to increase your blog reach, improve your blog conversion, help you understand and track your statistics.

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