Online Learning Platform For Healers and Spiritual Teachers. This one-stop all-in-one online learning platform for spiritual entrepreneurs is low-cost and so versatile that it can evolve and grow with your spiritual business. The all-in-one course creation software is the perfect all-you-will-need online training platform, with all sorts of automated sales funnels, live webinars, email automation, and even an online community platform.

All of your business can be automated under the one-umbrella, lead magnets to live classes, including Zoom integration. Where you can sell spiritual ebooks, PDFs, video courses, classes, training, meditations, and audio.

This excellent Online Learning Platform For Coaches, Healers, and Conscious Creatives at3 the time of writing this blog has a no-setup cost option, ideal for small spiritual business start-ups.

As an online seller and course creator in the healing and holistic sector for over 20 years. I know how important it is to find the right automated online learning software for your spiritual business.

Most healers need an online learning hub that is low-cost and versatile to align with their spiritual business needs now and for the future of their business.

Online Learning Software For Healers, Spiritual Teachers
Online Learning Platform For Healers 3

Why I LOVE The New Zenler Online Learning Platform

Despite trying out a lot of online learning platforms, the New Zenler Online Learning Platform is my favourite and the one I moved most of my self-study courses and training programs to.

What I LOVE about New Zenler is that the New Zenler Team generally care about their clients. This company is constantly evolving and the New Zenler community is extremely helpful. They have their own free learning hub. And run a variety of courses to help you make the most out of this eLearning platform. They genuinely want you to succeed in your business.

The Importance Of A Positive Learning Experience For Your Clients And Students

As an online course creator, it is so important to make the learning experience as positive and smooth as you can for your students and clients.

You can use New Zenler to share a variety of types of media and learning, including audio, meditations, power points, recorded videos, live interactive sessions, or run live summits.

It is so important to provide a nice and easy learning experience for your clients and students. The New Zenler software and automation tools, make it far easier to convert your audience into clients and customers than many other sales funnel templates and processes.

The fact that you can design and brand the platform to your own needs. Helps increase the aesthetic value of your courses and programs.

I use this online e-learning platform for my Accredited Relaxation Therapists & Stress Management Training Courses as well as my Spiritual Marketing Club Membership.

How To Create An Online Course With NO Set-Up Fees Using New Zenler

How To Create An Online Course Free as a Spiritual Business

In this free recorded session, I share how you can create an online without any setup fees using the New Zenler Learning Management System.

A look into some of the amazing features of this platform. Please note since this training session New Zenler has had even more business growth and online learning features.